High heels

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High heelsFor some reason Rob and I chatted about high heels. I really like high heels. I think they are very feminine, which is how I like to feel.

Wearing high heels can make me feel more confident (not that I really needs this, but it adds to it in a positive way). This is due to a number of reasons. For one, high heels enhance almost any outfit. Additionally, high heels can makes me look more assertive (as said to me by many persons as Sanne, Jennifer and last but not least my mother and Rob), which in turn makes me feel more confident. As mentioned above, heels draw favourable attention to a woman, her outfit, and personal style.

A benefit of high heels is that they make your legs look more attractive. Wearing high heels changes your posture and make your legs look longer and leaner. Not only do wearing high heels give the look of long and sexy legs, but they can also tone a woman’s leg muscles. Additionally, they improve the entire look of a woman’s body by improving how she carries herself when she stands and walks.

Most of the time I wear pumps. They are comfortable and look professional when at work. And according to Rob they are very sexy, one of the reasons he likes them so much.
I own have two sets of Stilettos, but I hardly ever wear them. I find them uncomfortable. Last time I did wear stilettos was last year Christmas. End of the evening I was happy I could take them off and complained to Rob about my tired feet. Although he loves the sight of them, he doesn’t want me to wear them only because he likes it. And yes, that was the reason for me wearing them (and every now and then I am still wearing them for that reason).
I do dislike wedges, with a passion even. I think they make a woman’s foot graceless and boorish, but that is me.

High heels

But are high heels really bad for your spine and muscles? Yes and no. If your ankles are weak and you have problems with your spine, don’t wear high heels, at least not too often.

Wearing high heels all day may lead to tired or painful feet. And there are some simple things one can do to prevent this.
Just before I leave for work I put my heels on. The time before leaving for work I walk bare feet or on my stockings.
At a desk I am always sitting with crossed legs, so one shoe doesn’t cause pressure (I have often that shoe “hanging on my toes”). I change feet regularly. When I am alone, I take them off (just put them next to my feet, so when someone comes in I can quickly slip into them.
I never wear heels when I am driving. Apart that driving while wearing high heels can be dangerous, it creates another rest point for your feet. I have for driving always a pair of flat shoes in my car.

And at the end of each day, spend a 5 minutes stretching your toes and muscles in your legs.

No don’t get me wrong, I hardly ever have painful feet by wearing high heels. But by simple things as I just mentioned I prevent it will happen at all.
Fashion that causes pain is just wrong. And in case of high heels it can often be prevented.

But lets not turn our head away, high heels, used in a bad way can cause serious problems with your feet, ankles, legs and spine. And when there is damage done, it is very often permanent.
So wear heels of a good quality. Learn to walk on heels. Give your feet the rest they need. And do not only and all day long walk on high heels.

Researchers discovered that wearing a high heel may make women less likely to develop arthritic changes in the knee joint in later life. Or as in my case, it prevents the arthrosis in my left hip becoming worse (because of the well trained muscles in my legs and hips)

Also it seems that walking all the time on flat shoes is also not healthy. There are more reasons for this, but very important is that flats without shock-absorbing heels put a lot of pleasure on your Heels.
Also flats can cause ingrown toenails and bone infections.

So basically it comes down to that you have take care of your feet, no matter if your wear heels or not.

Enjoy it!

High heels Marion
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by Rob on

Out od order
As some may have noticed, my weblog has been for the last two days offline. Well, maybe offline is not completely correct. The site was running, but not in a proper way. Visitors only saw blanc pages.

So what happened? For a certain update I wanted (and needed) to do on the weblog a newer version of PHP was required. PHP (Hypertext Preprocessor) is the scripting/programming language that was used to create Word Press. And Word Press is the software package that I use for my weblog.
So I contacted the company that hosts my weblog what the best way would be to do this. They suggested to move the complete weblog to a new server in their data-center with the newest version of PHP and other software (as MySQL) installed. That sounded as a good plan.

My provider moved the site and mailed me that all the was done, but that it could take some hours for the site to be reachable again.

But sadly the site didn’t come available again. Well, it showed only blanc pages. It was Marissa who noticed it the first and sent a mail to me.

It turned out the a rather old plugin was not compatible with PHP v7.* and that caused any page to show as a blanc page.
Luckily this plugin that caused the problem was not an important plugin and could easily replaced by one that almost did the same.

The trick I used to solve it was renaming the plugin-directories (“askimet” to “askimet.old” as example. Renaming the directories will deactivated the plugins automatically. By renaming the directories one by one to the original name and reload the website in a browser will show fast which plugin caused the problem.

Anyway, all is working as normal again and now the weblog is running with PHP version 7.1.2 and MySQL version 5.7.17. And that was the goal I was after.

And oh, the new server that is running the website is really faster :-)

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About Ouzo & Vodka

by Rob on

Today two surprises concerning alcohol containing beverages, Ouzo & Vodka.

When Mel stayed here last week, she brought us some bottles of Ouzo from Greece (Plomari Ouzo, a very good one, made on Lesvos). One evening our mood was really after some Ouzo. So we opened one of the bottles, but at that moment we discovered that I didn’t really have proper glasses for Ouzo. We managed it with some long drink glasses, so that problem was solved.
But Mel promised that she would make sure that I would get some real Ouzo glasses.

I don’t know how Mel managed to do it, but today a package from Greece was delivered at my house….


And not only 4 wonderful Ouzo glasses were in the package, but also some delicious salami which I enjoyed last year at Mel’s house. She must have remembered how much I liked it.
This “Salado” (Salami) is a dry salami made of pork meat, pork fat, salt, garlic, whole round black pepper and seasonings that is put inside a natural intestine, slightly smoked by burning branches of aromatic herbs and let it mature naturally. This salado has it origin on the isle of Corfu.

And there was also a jar of honey. Greek honey belongs to the best honey of the world. This forest honey is a dark honey, has an intense flavor and comes from the pristine oak forests of Macedonia. It strongly antioxidant and is rich in minerals. Produced in July.

But that was not all. This morning, after being a week off, I found a bottle of vodka on my desk at my work….


This bottle was a gift of my colleague Katarzyna Puchalska. We (another colleague and I) helped her with something. That is why. Sadly she will be leaving us end of this month.

Lubelska is leading brand among Polish vodka-based flavoured liqueurs (they have is also a clear vodka). Lubelska Cytrynowka is made from purely natural ingredients. With a cloudy appearance, it has an intriguing flavour of freshly squeezed lemons.

Not a bad way to start a working week. And oh, before going to bed tonight I will enjoy some Ouzo in a real traditional Ouzo glass *SMILE*




(Credit photo’s: Rob)

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