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An Autumn walk…

Monday, November 2nd, 2009

Yesterday, while Marion was at Sanne’s place, I made a nice long walk through Haaksbergen. The weather was windy, but the temperature was not uncomfortable at all.

Some people say that they have a favorite season. As I always claimed that I like spring the most, but then I realize the more that every season has its beauty. And the later really goes for autumn as well.
Autumn is the time when nature prepares for the winter and with that is gives a wonderful display of colors.

I know that for a lot of people autumn is a period that makes then more or less depressive. That is not for me the case. I see it an time of the years where you seek the warmth of the people around and share time with them.

Of course I had my camera along to shoot some pictures.

At the end of the afternoon I made my way to the center of Haaksbergen and had dinner at “De Markt 2”. I had “Fish and Chips” and the name is the same to the old English dish. I had the original “Fish and Chips once when I stayed years ago in the town of Beckbury, but I really have to say that I prefer this “Dutch interpretation” of it. Way less fat and very crispy.

Anyway I enjoyed this walk very much. It gave me a clear mind again.

On my way back home it started to rain softly, but to be honest I didn’t mind much about…. At times it feels good to walk in a soft rain when your mood is after it… and it of course always fun to see all those people run for shelter…

Evening at the Markt 2 again

Friday, January 4th, 2008

Yesterday my nephew Steven and his friend Marco were here. Together we visited my mother in the hospital. When returning to Haaksbergen we went to “De Markt 2” for something to eat. This time I tried the mixed-grill that my friend Patrick had last time I was there. And yes, it was delicious as always.

After dinner we stayed there some time and we did drink some more. Too bad there was no more bokbeer that I like so much. I hope they will get it again, but then the season for bokbeer is almost over. So well, maybe next autumn again

Fun moment was that we did sit at a table in the none smoking part, but Steven smokes… so every time he wanted to smoke he had to stay just outside the none smoking area… Now no one can complain about the service at “De Markt 2”, the waiter even did hold the ashtray for him…

Well, after all the bad things Marco said about our beloved Grolsch I got him finally drinking it… And no, not normal ones, but glasses of a half liter each…

It was a nice evening and I laughed a lot. It is fun to make jokes about the parts of the country where one lives (they come from the southern part of The Netherlands which is called “Limburg”). All was said in in a good sense of humor, so all was okay.
Later at home we talked for a long time (until around 4am) about many subjects that came to mind. This while enjoying a “kruidenbitter”.

Markt 2

Monday, December 24th, 2007

Yesterday I have been with my friend Patrick once again to my favorite place to be “De Markt 2”. We have been there before, but this time Patrick didn’t have to drive anymore. So he could enjoy some beers as well.

We first had there a good dinner. Delicious as always. Someone should remind that the next I eat there that I have to take a Mixed Grill :P.
After that enjoyed “some” bokbeers… Grolsch bokbeer is so good this year. It almost looks like it becomes better each year. We talked about many subjects. Laughed and joked around.
We enjoyed the view of the many young ladies there… sure, they are rather young compared to our ages. But there were some moments I wished I was 20 again and know what I know now :).
On a certain moment those bokbeers started to have their effect, so we switched around between coffee and cola… to end up with normal pilsener again (see picture above). When we asked for the bill we both had a “Ough”-reaction :P. But it was well worth is, it was a very nice evening.

Oh yes, this added to the things I will do soon:

26 januari: Concert The Golden Earing
2 februari: Concert The Nits

Yay :)