Is The Bible 100% Accurate

by Sanne on

Is The Bible 100% Accurate? This pastor believes so. And I, as you may already have suspected, I don’t think that this is correct.

The video below is created by Alex J. O’Connor (or Cosmic Skeptic, which is the nickname he goes by. He is a science enthusiast, atheist and vlogger. I have seen this video already about a year ago. By pure coincidence, it popped up on my screen today. And while watching it, I realized that I still love it as the very first time I saw it.

I really like it how this young man makes his view on things clear. While being very respectful, he makes his opinions very clear. I admire people who are capable of doing this.

So just as Alex I don’t believe the bible is 100% accurate. Far from that even.

Enjoy the video. And if you don’t agree with what he says, which is completely acceptable, please show the same respect as he does.

In the YouTube video there are a number of links mentioned, please find them below:

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Written by: Sanne

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Very nice video, Sanne.

And the links to those sites with contradictions in bible are very useful. That is the kind of information you need in discussion with people who blindly believe the bible.


Even someone who believes, which I don’t as you know, should realize that a book so old is bound to have contradictions.


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