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Last weekend Rob and I chatted through Skype.and the conversation turned to meat. Don’t be scared, this article will not be about vegetarianism. Not that anything is wrong with that, but Rob and I both can appreciate some good meat.
But having said that we both also care about the well being of the animals.

Rob told me that someone he knows very well (and sorry, I forgot the name of this lady) who gave him last year some meat from extreme good quality. Very clearly no bio-industry meat, but very well prepared meat and never has been frozen in before.
Believe me, every time you deep freeze meat it loses some of its quality. Often meat from a supermarket has been frozen before you buy it. There are even stories going around that meat in a supermarket can be 2 years old (beware, I said “stories”. I have no idea how true these are). All in all, for me, enough reason not to buy any meat at a supermarket.

For me it is very simple: Something that has been frozen, you never freeze again.

Anyway, Rob really loved this high quality meat that he got last year and he has been looking for a way to buy it for himself. He found one organisation, but you had to collect the meat yourself and only throughout the week during office hours, this was not doable for him.

But very recently he was pointed by someone to another organisation who sounded really good to him AND they deliver at home during two evenings in a week. This organisation is called “Koop een koe” (“Buy a cow”).

People buy a part of a selected cow. When the cow is “completely” sold, the animal will be slaughtered with as less stress as possible (which can be a lot less as in the common slaughterhouses).

These cows are kept in a friendly way. When possible they can walk outside. The sheds are modern, clean and with lots of space. A calf can stay for 8 or 9 months with their mother, which benefits the health of both.
No preventive antibiotics. No not needed medicines at all.
The meat is really pure 100% beef. There are no E-numbers, sugar, colourings or preservatives used.

Some people may not like the idea that you buy a cow that is still alive for its meat, but on the other side you know that this cow had a good life.

When the meat is delivered is it all ready to be placed in the freezer (labelled and all). But I would like to advise to pick one piece of the meat and enjoy for once the wonderful taste of meat that never has been frozen before… it is worth it.

The package meat is marked with an ear tag number, that is the cow’s ear tag, so the meat is always traceable.

The thing is that Rob told me very excited about this organisation, but privately I already often buy my meat through “”. Apart from the well being of the animals, the meat is of superb quality. And for me, with my background, that is also very important.

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Me and my big mouth…

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You know it when you say something you don’t really mean, out of fun… to make others laugh and have a good time. And suddenly it gets a slight bitter taste.

Many will know that Marion and I have a so called “LAT” relation (Living Apart Together). The weekends we are mostly together, but throughout the working days we are not. A good situation we both support and are very happy with.

More than 4 weeks Marion has been sleeping next to me. The nights before our vacation to Lesvos, during our vacation and the days after our vacation.
It felt good, also the “special” nights (don’t ask :P).

And all the time I was bragging about how nice it would be to have the bed for me alone again… No one to bump into, all the spaces, blablabla…

And now the vacation is done and all returns to normal.

Don’t get me wrong, I don’t want to change anything in the way Marion and I are living…. but the bed is suddenly very empty. Me and my big mouth….




(Source photo:

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Wonderful insults

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CurseWhile browsing the internet I ran into an awesome list of wonderful insults that people used in the past. I have to admit that I really like them.
And I am serious when I say that I am planning to memorize them and use them whenever the situation is right for it.


Gobermouch: This is an old Irish term for someone who likes to meddle in other people’s business.

Gnashnab: An 18th century northern English word, meaning someone who just complains all the time. Contemporary synonyms include nitpicker, moaner and grumbler.

Snoutband: Someone who always interrupts a conversation to correct or contradict the person speaking. Every social group has a snoutband, who thinks they know everything.

Stampcrab: Someone that’s clumsy and heavy of foot would be considered a stampcrab.

Scobblelotcher: Mental Floss notes this word is “probably derived from ‘scopperloit,’ an old English dialect word for a vacation or a break from work.” A scobberlotcher is someone who avoids hard work like it’s their job.

Whiffle-Whaffle: This is someone who wastes a lot of time.

Zooterkins: A 17th century variant of ‘zounds’ which was an expression of surprise or indignation.” It’s less of an insult and more of something to yell after someone has insulted you..

Zounderkite: This is a Victorian word meaning idiot.

Bedswerver: Shakespeare coined this one to describe an adulterer.

Fopdoodle: A fopdoodle is someone of little significance.

Klazomaniac: This would be a person WHO CAN ONLY SPEAK BY SHOUTING.

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BannerGreece is a country with many customs and manners. It can be quite confusing to a visitor of my country. Today I found by coincidence on a forum the below “cultural faux pas” that one can easily prevent in Greece. Read them with an open mind and a humorous spirit, but also realize there is very much truth in them.

Learn from these “Don’t do this is Greece” :-).


  1. Greeting someone with a hug, but not with two kisses on the cheeks. When we hug, we kiss, otherwise it’s weird. If you don’t want to be kissed, present your hand for a handshake (or initiate any other form of greeting), it’s quite allright.

  3. When dining with anyone but your closest friends, not offering to to pay the bill and not refusing the other’s offer of paying the bill at least once.

  5. Being in a hurry to leave after you have asked for the bill at a restaurant. You are basically telling them you are not enjoying yourself (ditto for next item).

  7. Refusing a treat, as a guest at either a private home or a restaurant. Regarded as mortal sin in Crete. We take hospitality very seriously.

  9. Going out for coffee and being in a hurry or leaving when you have had your coffee. Going for coffee means going to hang out and people expect you to have your schedule clear, unless you have warned them in advance that you have limited time.

  11. Not wanting to have a late supper or to stay out late (if you’re not obliged to wake up early in the morning). Life in Greece is at night. Eating out before 9 p.m. is early and up to 12 p.m. is not considered late. Night clubs get busy after 1 a.m.

  13. Arranging a meeting with friends and expecting everyone to show up on time. I have given up on that a long time ago.

  15. Being in Thessaloniki, Greece and referring to anything from Athens, Greece in a positive fashion. Huge city rivalry, but totally one-sided: the reverse is quite ok, unless you’re from Thessaloniki, in which case you may be considered a jack-ass, depending on how much you exaggerate.

  17. Asking for “Turkish coffee”*. We call it “Greek coffee”.

  19. Referring to Istanbul as “Istanbul”*. We always called it Constantinople. If you get drawn in an argument about this, do not bring up the homonymous song – it is considered lame. A Greek friend of yours may not personally feel the need to correct you, but will feel embarrassed if you do so in presence of others (ditto for the next two items).

  21. Referring to the Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia as simply “Macedonia”**. To us, Macedonia with no other qualifiers is the homonymous Greek province. In context of ancient history, it refers to the Macedonian Empire, in which case do not hint that it was anything else but Greek.

  23. Referring to the provinces of Macedonia and Crete as separate from Greece (and to their inhabitants as something other than Greeks). F.e. saying “I traveled to Greece and Crete”. Use qualifiers: “continental Greece” as opposed to Crete and “southern Greece” as opposed to Macedonia. The reason is that you may appear to not know or recognize that these are integral parts of Greece. It is ok to do so for Cyprus, but etiquette, specially in the presence of Greek-Cypriots, dictates to use “Grecians and Cypriots” instead of “Greeks and Cypriots”, since we consider us both to be Greeks.

  25. Assuming we are not on par with the standards of a European country, either in terms of hygiene, facilities or culture, without having prior evidence***. E.g. asking if you have to bring your own tp, or if there is any place in Athens you can use wifi, or if it is ok for women to wear jeans in public.

  27. Wearing socks and sandals. Wearing any kind of sandals away from the beach, if you’re male. They are the mark of the tourist. For women, having bad taste in shoes / wearing fake leather.

  29. Appearing to be frugal. It is better to appear broke.

  31. Preferring to cook with anything other than olive oil and not using olive oil at home (unless you’re cooking something oriental and the recipe calls for it). Using olive oil sparingly on a Greek salad. It’s good, it’s cheap, we’re used to it – so use it too.

  33. Hating the sun. Avoiding the sun is smart and everybody does this in the summer, but if you can bear the sun but simply don’t like it, you’re just not compatible with this country. Also if your Greek friends have to choose between either you or the sun, they will probably choose the sun (ditto for the next item).

  35. Not wanting to go to the beach because you can’t swim or you’re too self conscious or have better things to do.

  37. Asking young Greeks why they are still living with their parents. The most probable reason is because they can’t afford not to – not because they have some sort of Oedipus complex.

  39. Not being ready to go when a traffic light goes green. The other drivers will start honking immediately. Driving too slowly (with most drivers interpreting that as anything below the speed limit).

* Unless you are Turkish, in which case hospitality dictates us to be courteous and to acknowledge that this is how you were brought up and it is just as hard for you to swallow your national pride as it is for us.
** In case a citizen of that country is also present, we expect you to be diplomatic.
*** There are situations where we sadly are not on par with a European country, e.g. environmental protection, or civic responsibility, but this should be judged after witnessing them.


(Credit photo: Constantine Sarilekis)

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High heels

by Marion on

High heelsFor some reason Rob and I chatted about high heels. I really like high heels. I think they are very feminine, which is how I like to feel.

Wearing high heels can make me feel more confident (not that I really needs this, but it adds to it in a positive way). This is due to a number of reasons. For one, high heels enhance almost any outfit. Additionally, high heels can makes me look more assertive (as said to me by many persons as Sanne, Jennifer and last but not least my mother and Rob), which in turn makes me feel more confident. As mentioned above, heels draw favourable attention to a woman, her outfit, and personal style.

A benefit of high heels is that they make your legs look more attractive. Wearing high heels changes your posture and make your legs look longer and leaner. Not only do wearing high heels give the look of long and sexy legs, but they can also tone a woman’s leg muscles. Additionally, they improve the entire look of a woman’s body by improving how she carries herself when she stands and walks.

Most of the time I wear pumps. They are comfortable and look professional when at work. And according to Rob they are very sexy, one of the reasons he likes them so much.
I own have two sets of Stilettos, but I hardly ever wear them. I find them uncomfortable. Last time I did wear stilettos was last year Christmas. End of the evening I was happy I could take them off and complained to Rob about my tired feet. Although he loves the sight of them, he doesn’t want me to wear them only because he likes it. And yes, that was the reason for me wearing them (and every now and then I am still wearing them for that reason).
I do dislike wedges, with a passion even. I think they make a woman’s foot graceless and boorish, but that is me.

High heels

But are high heels really bad for your spine and muscles? Yes and no. If your ankles are weak and you have problems with your spine, don’t wear high heels, at least not too often.

Wearing high heels all day may lead to tired or painful feet. And there are some simple things one can do to prevent this.
Just before I leave for work I put my heels on. The time before leaving for work I walk bare feet or on my stockings.
At a desk I am always sitting with crossed legs, so one shoe doesn’t cause pressure (I have often that shoe “hanging on my toes”). I change feet regularly. When I am alone, I take them off (just put them next to my feet, so when someone comes in I can quickly slip into them.
I never wear heels when I am driving. Apart that driving while wearing high heels can be dangerous, it creates another rest point for your feet. I have for driving always a pair of flat shoes in my car.

And at the end of each day, spend a 5 minutes stretching your toes and muscles in your legs.

No don’t get me wrong, I hardly ever have painful feet by wearing high heels. But by simple things as I just mentioned I prevent it will happen at all.
Fashion that causes pain is just wrong. And in case of high heels it can often be prevented.

But lets not turn our head away, high heels, used in a bad way can cause serious problems with your feet, ankles, legs and spine. And when there is damage done, it is very often permanent.
So wear heels of a good quality. Learn to walk on heels. Give your feet the rest they need. And do not only and all day long walk on high heels.

Researchers discovered that wearing a high heel may make women less likely to develop arthritic changes in the knee joint in later life. Or as in my case, it prevents the arthrosis in my left hip becoming worse (because of the well trained muscles in my legs and hips)

Also it seems that walking all the time on flat shoes is also not healthy. There are more reasons for this, but very important is that flats without shock-absorbing heels put a lot of pleasure on your Heels.
Also flats can cause ingrown toenails and bone infections.

So basically it comes down to that you have take care of your feet, no matter if your wear heels or not.

Enjoy it!

High heels Marion
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The Playboy… Oh yes!

by Miranda on

Also for me my first article on Rob’s weblog! And before you think that I will only write about cooking and related subjects… Wrong! Surely I will not avoid the subject, but there is so much more in life that is some attention worth!

But now I want to have it about The Playboy! And that in a positive way…

Wait a minute! A woman positive about the Playboy? She must a lesbian! Okay, guilty as charged! But apart from that, I really like the magazine.

Sure there very nice photo’s of good looking ladies in there. Oh wait again, as a lesbian I have to look at short haired bad dressed girls. Nonsense. I also like to see cute sexy well dressed girls (although forget the well dressed part related to Playboy *TONGUE* ). And some of the ladies in The Playboy are pretty, cute and sexy. And some are not (and when not, they are mostly overdone).
An example? Carly Lauren, the playmate of this months edition of Playboy, is very cute (“Google” her *SMILE* ). Even Jennifer sighed softly when I showed her the photo’s of Carly. And for those who don’t know, Jennifer is my soul mate and love of my life.

So it is about the photo’s in Playboy? No, there is a lot more to it!

I know it is the standard smirking statement about Playboy: “But there are good articles and interviews in it”, but it is actually a correct statement. In this month edition there is a very interesting article about Afghanistan “Afghanistans laatste kans” (“Afghanistan’s last change”). Or the article about Tantra. And there is even a nice recipe for egg benedict in it (darn, now I mentioned cooking after all *WHISTLE* ).

And I know I am not the only woman who enjoys the Playboy. Apart from Jennifer, I know that Marion also reads the Playboy when she is at Rob’s place.

The time that magazines as the Playboy are only for men are long gone and that is a good thing!



(Credit photo: Miranda)

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Restaurant “Nieuwe Koningin”

by Rob on

Tonight Marion and I had dinner at restaurant “Nieuwe Koningin” in the city of Haarlem. It is not the first time we were here. Returning means that we really liked it there. And again we were not disappointed.

They say that the first impression is very important. You feel directly very welcome when you arrive. You are the appreciated guest and that is exactly how you feel there.

We both had the same main dish, sea bass with sweet potato cream, bacon and fennel.It was delicious. The taste was soft and had the fish a nice structure. Exactly how it should be.
Along with the sea bass we had French fries, a mixture of vegetables and rice.
We forgot the name of the wine, but it was perfect and went very well along with the fish.

As dessert we had chocolates served with coffee and a liqueur.

The relaxed and friendly atmosphere of the restaurant easily leads to some good conversations. Something I love to get lost in with Marion.

We will come here again, that for sure!

Website of restaurant “Nieuwe Koningin”

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