Me and my big mouth…

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You know it when you say something you don’t really mean, out of fun… to make others laugh and have a good time. And suddenly it gets a slight bitter taste.

Many will know that Marion and I have a so called “LAT” relation (Living Apart Together). The weekends we are mostly together, but throughout the working days we are not. A good situation we both support and are very happy with.

More than 4 weeks Marion has been sleeping next to me. The nights before our vacation to Lesvos, during our vacation and the days after our vacation.
It felt good, also the “special” nights (don’t ask :P).

And all the time I was bragging about how nice it would be to have the bed for me alone again… No one to bump into, all the spaces, blablabla…

And now the vacation is done and all returns to normal.

Don’t get me wrong, I don’t want to change anything in the way Marion and I are living…. but the bed is suddenly very empty. Me and my big mouth….




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Ups… oh my… the horror :P

by Rob on

Well, last night something happened that really can only happen to me :)

Somewhere during the week I had Marion on the phone. She was abroad again and she told me that she would come home during the night from Thursday to Friday.
I thought that was very nice information and so I asked my team leader if I could have off from work on Friday so I could travel home on Thursday evening and surprise Marion.

So said, so done. I travelled home Thursday after work. Managed to arrange a nice bottle of wine (a good Muscadet!) and some nice snacks. So we could have a nice time together after Marion arrived at her house.
It was still early in the evening and I knew that she would arrive after 4 am. As I was tired, I decided to take a nap in her bed. I switched the alarm clock to 3:30…. and there I made a small mistake. My own alarm clock is 24 hour based, while Mar’s clock is 12 hour based. So you have to put it very specific on AM or PM… and I managed it somehow to put it on PM.

So I took a nap in Mar’s bed and somehow I must have slipped into a deep sleep. I was still asleep when Marion came home (the alarm clock did not wake me because it was on PM). She didn’t notice I was at her house… or even in her bed. So did her things around her house and came finally to bed. Somehow, don’t ask me how, she didn’t notice I was asleep there…. until she slipped into her bed and bumped into me… With a load scream she jumped out of her bed again as she did not recognize that fast it was me who was asleep there. Well… asleep? Her scream waked me up and made me jump high against the ceiling.

After gazing for a little at each other we started to realize that nothing was wrong. And suddenly we both had to laugh, because it must have been a very stupid scene…

It didn’t took long before we found out what really caused this “horror scene” (the stupid alarm clock on PM instead of AM).  It was a worth a good laugh and some comforting.
And the wine tasted good, so tasted the snacks… and was nice to be together again, one day earlier then expected.

So end good… all “very” good!!

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