So cold and wet…

by Marissa on

I really wonder what is wrong with the summer of this year, it is so cold and wet. Right now the sun trying to break through, but this morning it was raining. As it was yesterday.
And the temperature is also way too low for the time of the year.

Almost every week I go once or twice swimming. We have over a very nice indoor swimming pool, a real swimming paradise. There is tide bath, herb baths, sauna, solar stations, whirlpool and anything else you might want in a swimming pool.
It is not a real big distance to the swimming pool, so mostly I go there by bicycle.

Yesterday on my way home on my bicycle, it suddenly started to rain again and quite heavy. Before I reached my apartment all my clothes soaking wet. The wind was rather nasty. So I felt freezing cold.

At home I jumped right away under a warm shower. I always shower at home after swimming to was my hair properly, but this time I needed to get warm again. The shower help me to get on a normal temperature again.
But as said, this kind of rain and temperature is not normal for this time of year. So I hope we will have a nice after summer this year.

When I returned to my living room, I saw some photo’s I made during our vacation on Lesvos last year and I realized what I am missing so much… that nice warm sun shinning on my skin, bikini’s and shorts. Beaches and long drinks. Long walks along the hills. BBQ’s in the garden of Mel.
So yes, I don’t like cold weather. I don’t like rain and wind.
I am born for the sun!!!

So happy that we can go back to Lesvos next year. Maybe the area of Sigri or Skala Eressos will be nice according Mel. She will join us then there.

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A bad nose cold…

by Rob on

It is the time of year and the weather to get all kinds of colds. And yes, I am victim this year. I have a rather nasty nose cold.

A nose cold is always annoying. One nose channel really blocked is very annoying. But when both nose channels are completely blocked is becomes really nasty.
For me it means no sleeping (or very less sleeping). It means I have to breathe through my mouth, which leads to a dry mouth in minutes and that is enough to wake up again.

Two nights like that is enough to break you up. On advise of the local drug-store I bought something and it seems to help. My left nose channel is open again and it feels if the right one is opening up.

I already catched up some sleep this evening and that already made me feel a lot better. Lets hope I will sleep tonight also a bit better :).

And yes Marion, if it takes to long to heal, I will go and see a doctor :)

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