Out on my bicycle…

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Even when the weather was not really nice today, I had a strong urge to go outside. Must have been all those hours we spend last week on Schiermonninkoog outside with walks and such…

So I took my bicycle and made my way outside of Heemskerk… against the wind at first (brave me!). It felt good to be outside. The wind playing around my head cleared up my head.
As it was just a ride to get some fresh air I left my camera at home, which was stupid of course. There were some nice views to make pictures of. Luckily I had my iPhone with me. Sure, the pictures of a iPhone cannot be compared with those of a SLR. But as I always say, better something than nothing!

I always try to get away from the busy roads. The more quiet and the less traffic, the better it is for me.

My attention is always caught by unexpected things in the landscape. So did this stone pole rising from the ground…

Luckily there was a plaque explaining all about this stone pole. The pole is called “De Stenen Paal”, which means literally The Stone Pole. After the dike breaches of 1717 (and until 1921) this pole showed the border to which “Hoogheemraadschap” (Water Board) was responsible for the maintenance of the dikes. In 1921 all the maintenance of these dikes were placed under the care of one Water Board (Hoogheemraadschap Noordhollands Kwartier te Alkmaar).

I just love this kind of bits of history!

During this trip I also found out where the museum of of air war is. I already heard and read a lot about it…

The museum is located in one of the fortresses that belongs to the Defence Line of Amsterdam. This museum is one of the places I still want to visit.

One day soon I will return to this area with my SLR to make some decent pictures :).

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Now on my iPhone….

by Rob on

Begin this week I was checking some websites about the iPhone, like I do that on regular base. I like to keep up to date about things like my iPhone. While reading some articles I noticed a very unexpected, but very nice announcement…. Wolfenstein 3D for the iPhone

And I must admit that this is pretty cool. Never thought I would be playing this game again.

For those that do not know: Wolfenstein 3D was one of the first 3D first shooters that became available for the big public and it was a big success. It was me the first introduction into this kind of games.

I know that here have been (and there are again) discussions about this game. I always say keep a reality and games apart. One has nothing to do with the other. And if you cannot do so, stay away from (computer-) games.

It was one of the 3D First Person Shooters that leaded to many famous games like Doom, Quake, Half Life and Duke Nukem (… now where did I hear that name before).

It all brings back memories….

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Suske & Wiske again

by Rob on

I have written before about the fact that I am collecting “Suske & Wiske” books. For that don’t know, “Suske & Wiske” are a comic series made in Belgium, but which are popular in many countries these days.

To be honest, since my move to Heemskerk I have not done much with my “Suske & Wiske” collection. But the bookshelf full with those red/orange comic books cannot be ignored forever :).

My problems was and is, that when I want to buy a new or second hand “Suske & Wiske”-book that I am not sure if I don’t have it already.
For that reason I bought a small database application for my old Nokia E71 phone. In that database I created a table with all the books of “Suske & Wiske” that I already had. So I could always check that list.
But every time there was new software available for the Nokia E71 the license of the database program was gone when the new Nokia software was installed. I had to contact the maker of the database program for a new license key. A real annoyance. So after time I stopped using the program.

But now I have my iPhone and I was convinced that there would be a nice database program for my new phone. And I was right, I found a nice one. “HanDBase” is called. It has many nice features as that it can communicate directly with MS Access, but I will not use that. I will use its own desktop front end.
There I can design the tables I want, fill them with the right information and synchronise it to my iPhone by Wifi. Works really great.

So I gathered somewhere from the Internet a list with all the “Suske & Wiske” albums that we released. I converted it to a text file and imported it to HanDBase desktop. To the new table I added a Yes/No field to indicated if I have that album or not. And I added a memo-field for remarks as some books I have are damaged or it are special promotion releases.

Forget the technical grab. Only thing that counts is that I can get new “Suske & Wiske” albums again without being afraid to buy albums that I already have.

Currently I have about 153 albums of the 316. So I have 50% of all released albums. My goal for this year to get at least 200 albums. Sure, some of the older albums might be hard to get… but anyway…. EBay and “Marktplaats”, here I come again :)

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My newest gadget… a iPhone 4!

by Rob on

Recently my 2 years contract for my mobile phone ended. Of course my mobile phone provider wants me to renew my contract for the next two years. So they offer you free mobile phones or the more expensive ones for a very reasonable price when you stay with them.

As I am rather happy with my current provider, I have no reason to move away to another one. Already for some time I wanted another smart phone. My Nokia E71 served me well, but it is time to move on… and this is the opportunity to do so.

So since today I have an iPhone 4…

I heard many good things about the iPhone and I really must admit, they are all true! As far as I can see now it is very stable and operating is rather easy (once you are used to the “digital keyboard”).

This iPhone has 32Gb extra storage for photographs, music, movies and such. When it comes to storage it never can be too big.

Of course it is capable doing a lot more as making phone calls only. It has full Internet-access. So things as mail and browsing are fully supported. The is nice GPS system based on Google maps on it. Of course there is camera in it…. And lots and lots more.

I hope this phone makes me happy again as I am with my iPod Classic 80gb. As far as I can see now, it will….

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