Loudwater House

Many years ago I bought a vinyl long play record of Tony Hazzard. I was still going to school. So yes, really a long time ago.

First of all, I can imagine that specially younger people don’t know who Tony Hazzard is. Even in “The Gang” only Miranda and Jennifer knew right away who he was (Ladies, age shows :P).
Anyway Tonny Hazard is an English songwriter (born 13 October 1943, Liverpool). But when I mention that he wrote “Fox on the run” and “Ha! Ha! Said the clown” for Manfred Mann, then almost everyone knows these songs. But he also wrote for the Hollies, Andy Williams and others.

Loudwater House

Anyway, the Album I am referring has the beautiful name “Loudwater House”. I bought it at a store for second hand records in the city of Enschede. I don’t know why I bought this record, because at that time the name Tony Hazzard also meant nothing to me. I must have been 13 or 14 years old (the album was released in 1971).
Maybe it was the effort the precious owner took to protect the cover with transparent tape (which now has a more negative effect, but okay). Or maybe it was the very stylish and wonderful signature of the previous owner…

But what really made me buy the record was what I saw when took out the record to the check if it was not damaged…

Loudwater House

“Stone The Crows” was written with big characters on the paper over. Somehow these words made a big impression on me at that young age. I don’t know why. I had no idea what it really meant, but it felt as some kind of secret message.
Remember, at that time we didn’t have Google or Yahoo. Now I know that it can be an “exclamation of incredulity or annoyance”. Or that it can refer to the in 1969 formed British Blues-Rock band (I assume this is what it about).

At home I listened to the record I had bought. And right from the first moment I loved the music. And I still do! It is a kind of very relaxing rock. Good lyrics and a nice sense of humour.

But playing that record over the years so many times, did no good to the quality of the record. Specially my very old equipment was not that good and that did a lot of harm. So I started to look if there was an CD version available, but sadly I could not find anything. But to be really sure about this, I turned towards the person who would really know this, Tony Hazzard himself. So I sent him a message:

“Dear Tony,

I have a question for you 🙂.

A long time ago I have bought the vinyl long play record “Loudwater House”. I loved that album and I still do. But over the years playing that album so often the quality went really down.

So I wondered, is there ever a CD version published of that album? I have been looking around for it without any result, but that doesn’t mean anything. So I thought I ask you directly (cause who should know better as you 🙂 ).

Thank you for all those years that I have enjoyed your music.

Best regards,

To my own surprise that was within a few hours an reply:

“Thanks, Rob.

A double CD came out on Sanctuary Records in 2005 called ‘Go North – The Bronze Anthology’. It consisted of ‘Loudwater House’ plus ‘Was That Alright Then?’ plus various outtakes. Unfortunately the company closed, along with the stock which sometimes appears on eBay. In fact I had to buy a copy on eBay! It’s also available on download on iTunes and Amazon. You can also buy used (and sometimes new) vinyl copies on the internet. You can find my later work at www.tonyhazzard.com

Cheers, Tony.”

I was very happy with this fast reply.

So first thing I did was downloading the mentioned album from iTunes, so I have the music is good quality again. Next task will be looking for the CD on eBay or our own Dutch “Marktplaats”.

And oh, somewhere in the future “Loudwater House” will get a new meaning!


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