A nice steak…

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Today I was not in the mood to cook a big dinner. Lets just say I was lazy. But still I wanted to serve something nice to eat for us…

I baked some steaks medium done. That is the way both Marion and I like it. Some pepper, some salt and nothing more then that.

I had still some snow peas, chestnut mushrooms and red onion left. I baked this in a wok on high temperature with some oil. To this all a sauce made of oyster sauce, garlic, sugar and olive oil.

Some Basmati rice with fried mushrooms… and ready is a nice and simple dinner.

Tonight we will take it easy. Reading a bit, maybe watch a movie again. It is important to allow yourself to rest.

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by Rob on

People who know Marion, know that she always takes a “relax, rest and regain energy” holiday every year. And she really needs these holidays. So I will guide her tomorrow to airport where she will take a plane to Hawaii.
People often ask why I don’t go along with her. I have been once with her on such a holiday (not Hawaii, but to Greece). Although I understand that Marion really needs this, it is not my kind of holiday. And maybe even more important, I so want her to have this time for her own… even when I will miss her badly.

Marion asked me to make something nice for dinner. So we could enjoy it together. I did go for something I never made before… ostrich steak….

The ostrich steak I baked medium done. Learned some new things when talking to Miranda on the phone. Only salt the steak before baking. Pepper will burn during the baking. If you like pepper, add it after the baking. And never use a fork to turn the meat. Use something that doesn’t damage the meat.

A sauce made of very fine cut champignons, cut shallot, dry white wine, bouillon, tomato paste, moist sugar, parsley, tarragon, pepper, salt and a little butter was cast over the meat. Just a little, not too much!!!

As vegetables sugar snaps were added. Just boiled for 8 minutes with a little salt, so they keep their bite.

A mixture of normal champignons, chestnut champignons and shi-take mushrooms (cut in big pieces) where mixed with rice oil, garlic, salt, pepper,
The pommes parisiennes rested in a marinade of olive oil with garlic, union, paprika powder, tomato, pepper, salt and parsley
Both the mushrooms and pommes parisiennes were placed in big ovenproof dish. At a temperature 200 degrees Celsius the disk stayed for 20 minutes in the oven.

The dish was decorated with cooked chestnuts, dried plums and slices cucumber. Also a little apple purée was served on the dish.

The dinner was wonderful. I think it really tasted well and I know Marion also loved it. She told me more then once.

Marion is now taking a shower while I type this. I hope for a very nice and romantic rest of the night….

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Evert Boar steak

by Rob on

We had here a wonderful Christmas Eve. The first part with Marion’s parents and later on with three of us.
Marion just went to bed. She was still tired of the travelling and the time difference. And Sanne also went to bed.
And I am still here pondering a bit about the evening. We had a great time. I really enjoyed it.

Anyway, I promised to tell about the dinner I prepared. Marion really loves a good steak. Soooo…..

The steak I did go for was a Evert Boar steak, which is in my opinion even more gentle as a normal steak. The steak itself did get nothing more as a bit of salt and pepper. The steaks were medium done. I know that is way Marion likes it and I prefer it that way as well.

A nice sauce based on flour, corn meal, a meat fond, garlic, paprika, curry, pepper, parsley and laurel. This sauce was enriched with all kind rough sliced mushrooms.

There were mashed potato mashed with small pieces of almond and hazelnut. Also a beef based hash was added. Do I normally like larger piece of beef in my hash. Now I did go for very small pieces.

As extra mushrooms filled with sun-dried tomatoes, mozzarella, olive oil and some herbs as dill.

I am happy dat Marion really liked it. And so did Sanne and I. But tomorrow Marion has to work in the kitchen as well :)

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