So wrong… *grins*

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Just some minutes ago I was checking my company-mail (yes, I can do that from home).

There was this one mail that grabbed my attention. It was from a Dutch company in the same city as the company I work. First it was an advertisement I didn’t ask for (I really dislike that). But there was something more… the subject line grabbed my eye. Very nicely was written there: “As on the webside”.

I blinked with my eyes, looked again and shaked my head. What these people really wanted to say was “As on the webSITE”.

This kind of mistakes are in my opinion so wrong… It shows the person who sent it has no understanding of the tools they use (Internet in this matter)… it shows of their company off as foolish and not caring…
Specially when you are contacting (potential) customers, you have to make sure everything looks well and that everything is correct. No mistakes allowed… specially not this kind of dumb mistakes.
And of course sending advertisements unasked to people is already a bad way (yes, that is spam too). But apart the dumb mistake in the subject, just sending a scanned brochure along is even more not done.

Conclusion: Just another company who heard the word “Internet” and thinks they can make fast money this way. Not… the only result will be that people will blacklist them (as I did).

And of course I couldn’t resist to send them a mail with my opinions about their advertisement….

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When your health is more or less good, you mostly don’t think to much about it. But when your health is giving you troubles, it suddenly turns into a very important issue.

Today I have been to my doctor to hear the result of examination of my bowels. Although it was not possible for them to examine all of them, they have found nothing serious. And this is good, because when you have in this way problems with your bowels, it may be not that positive.

Next step will be again my blood. The doctor wants to see my blood when I have a real bad fever attack. Maybe this will lead to an answer why I have these fever attacks, what causes these pains in my lungs, throat and respiratory tracts… why I sleep so bad…. I would be happy to feel better again.

But on the other side my life has changed in such a positive way that I will conquer this problems for sure.

Proof? I cannot give…. but years ago I would have freaked out by something like this. And now I go afterwards such an examination to my beloved Markt 2 and ponder about it all while enjoying a bokbeer and having a wonderful omelet with ham, cheese and more on “black” bread…

That is the way to handle problems… always from the positive side. Even when things are not all going exactly the way you want it, life is there to live…. count on that!

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Lately I had with some friends a number of conversations about old movies… like Saturdaynight Fever, Grease, Sgt Peppers Lonely Heart Club Band, Dungeons and Dragons (cartoon), the older Star Wars movies…

These talks brought back nice memories, so in the last period I have been collecting the DvD’s of these movies and it is great to watch them again (luckily many old movies and series are published on DvD).

Yesterday I watched Saturday Night Fever…. basically, a movie about nothing. But it was fun to see it again and to think how popular this movie was and that all people danced like that.

The days before I have watched the complete Dungeon & Dragons cartoon-serie (4 DvD’s). This serie I watched when younger and it is wonderful to have these DvD’s and to see them again… and finally to see the episodes that I have missed in the past.

My DvD collection is growing fast… and I have still so much to watch of it…

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Finally autumn is really here…. the days are becoming gray, the sky only shows dark clouds. Trees start to losing their leaves… and here and there mystic colors are shown…

Do I hate autumn. No, I don’t. Each session has its own beauty, although I have to admit that spring and summer are my favourites.

Hmmm… there is one less good side of autumn. As the days shortens and the weather is getting colder, one is less willing to go outside. It is so comfortable in the warm house, near the heating… That is to a certain point (at least for me). As today I suddenly had the need to be outside, taste the fresh air, smell the trees and plants…..

Things can be so good

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Tony Spinner

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Last Thursday evening I have been with my friend Patrick to a concert of Tony Spinner. I can understand that the name Tonny Spinner does not mean that much to you, but here you can read more about Tony Spinner and you will find out that his name is connected to the well known band Toto (although the music they play is different from that of Toto).

No, not a major big concert with 100.000 people watching them…. but in the back room of café with 40 people top there. Good music, good atmosphere… who wants more?
When I am honest with myself, I like this kind of concerts more then those big ones. There is a lot more communication between the artists and the people watching, they make jokes, you can talk with them during the breaks.
Nice add… I have now a signed CD of Tonny Spinners tour through Europe and Patrick a sign t-shirt (which he framed and hung on a wall in his house). This kind of things give a concert so much more value.
Another thing I noticed, only people older then 30 where there… but then again, the music Tonny plays belong to that generation.

All with all, a wonderful evening. Patrick and I agreed on the fact that we will look more to this kind of events. These kind of things make me realize that I life…..


(Credit Photo: Rob)

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Welcome to my new blog

by Rob on

Welcome to my new blog.

Yes, a new blog for me. This time not with a company, but complete under my own control. This means I registered my own domain-name (“dimrost.nl”) and I have an contract with a webhosting-company.
Also this time the Blog will be in English. Why? Because a number of my friends from other countries asked for this. On my old Blog they only could watch the pictures as the Dutch language was a problem for them. But please bare with me when grammar or spelling are not correct *grins*

Everything is new here, so there is lot to learn for me again, but that is no problem for me

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