A name from the past!

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Two days ago I was looking on Google for something about PgP (Pretty Good Privacy, an encryption program), when in one of the results a very familiar showed up.

It was the name of someone I knew long ago from ICN. ICN was a Fidonet-alike network (anyone still remembers Fidonet?) dedicated to roleplaying. It was great fun and I had an awesome time there. My main roleplay character was Dimrost (heck, the URL of this site :P)

So when looking at the name and mail-address on the search result I really wondered if this was the same person as I knew from the past. So I did send a small mail to this address.
Later that evening I received a mail back and with that mail it was confirmed it was indeed the same person.

Things are funny… he is an system administrator as I am and he has the same number of the same interests as I have, Anime as one of them.

Mails are exchanged between us and it is good to talk with my old friend again. See? I was always right…

The Evil Internet out there is a good thing ;-).

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Ough… that hurts…

by Rob on

Well, they say an accident resides in a small corner…

Some days ago I broke an beer glass on the ground. Well, as they say <bliep> happens. I thought I cleaned it all very well away. Seems not!

Normally inside the house I never wear shoes. So yesterday I walked through the room, when I suddenly felt a very bad pain in my feet… and some very nasty words left my mouth.
In stepped with my right feet into a rather big piece of glass. Luckily I was able to pull out that piece of glass very quickly. But ohh… my feet did bleed really badly. Blood came out in a big stream…

After some time I was able to stop the bleeding. But my feet hurts badly… and walking even hurts more.

Moral of this? Beer glasses are to drink beer from… not to step into ;-)

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Fish and Chips

by Rob on

Today I did visit my doctor again. He really starts to get convinced that my problems are caused by a bad virus. The good news is that I will cure from it. The bad news is that it may take a long time before it is really gone (there are no real medicines against virusses) .
So now we try take care of the other symptoms I have. Next Friday I will visit a doctor who is specialized in the throat and noise area. Maybe he can take way the awful feelings in my throat.

Back in Haaksbergen I had dinner at the Markt 2 again. Just yesterday I have seen a TV program about Fish and Chips. So when I noticed this on the menu I ordered this.
A long time ago I had Fish and Chips in England… Maybe that was the original Fish and Chips. But I have to say that I like the ones I had today a lot more. Not so fat and more tasteful. This way it was very yummie.

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Music was my first love…

by Rob on


Yesterday I have been with my friend Patrick to The Night of The Proms. This is a yearly festival where classic and modern music go hand in hand. Many famous names are connected to this happening.

Patrick and I arrived very nice on time in the city of Rotterdam. So we had first something to eat at “Brasserie Zuidplein”. The food was excellent and so where the people working there.

To get a good parking spot we went in time to the Ahoy (where it all took place). Well, we got a very good parking spot, because at the moment we arrived almost everything was still empty. After entering the building we had more then enough time to drink something and to chat a bit.

When the time that a event would start the halls started to fill up nicely. It was busy, but without being too busy. The atmosphere was directly good.

The orchestra was Il Noventa (directed by Robert Grolsot) and the choir Fine Fluer created the base for this event. And this was something they did greatly. It was very enjoyable to listen and to see them on the stage with this huge video-wall behind them.

Artists known all around the world performed together with the orchestra and the choir. So there where Kid Creole and The Coconuts, a name I already remember from way back.

The violist Roby Lakatos made one thing clear, the violin is not a boring instrument. Far from that. It was a pleasure to watch him play the violin.

Macy Gray gave away a wonderful act. What a voice this woman has….

The name of John Miles is close connected to The Night of the Proms. His “Music was my first love” is exactly about this is event is about…. Love for music, any kind of music. So true…

Our very own Dutch Di-rect made also their stand on this event and showed that even a small country can be big in some things.

And then Donna Summer… also I a name a know as long as I can remember. And believe, she still has a great voice. What a woman…. what a voice… what a performance….

And at last of course all performed at the wonderful event came on the stage and gave a great end to the evening…

This was an evening I will not forget easily. I had such a great time there, that the hours went by as minutes. And I learned one thing, making pictures of such an event is not easy at all ;-)

I can only say one thing… next year again!!!

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A familair face

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Yesterday I was waiting on the train at the station of Hengelo to take me to my work. As I turned around I looked at a very familiar face to me. There stood the father of my ex-partner.

It was nice to see him again. A bit older in the face, a bit more gray hair… but for the rest he was exactly the same as 3 years ago. It was a very nice seeing again. We chatted about all kind of things. Conversations with him were always interesting and fun.

He told me about the things he has been doing lately (as a journey to America). And I also heard some new things, mostly good things.

Maybe I understand him more in some things as I ever did before? Who knows….

Anyway, I promised when I am in Borne I will drop by for a cup of coffee… or something ;-) .

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by Rob on

Haaksbergen, town where I live again… yes, again! Although I was born in the city of Amsterdam, I really did grow up here in Haaksbergen.

I like this town a lot. It has many and many things to offer… Many shops for the most things you will need. Good places to have lunch or dinner or just to have a cup of coffee or a beer. A rich history of which still a lot is maintained. Beautiful nature around the town. And if that is not enough, the nice city of Enschede is close by. Who can ask for more?

Yes, I like living Haaksbergen. Now that doesn’t mean that I don’t like the other places where I have lived. Amsterdam is a wonderful city where I love to go… and Borne is also a very nice town. But yes… Haaksbergen has something special. Maybe it is just that I spend here the biggest part of my life. Who knows…

My goal is to stay here in Haaksbergen. Why leave if I feel so good here? Feeling comfortable where you live is very important!

Look here for a number of pictures of the town of Haaksbergen.

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Untrue people

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On my old weblog (now deleted) I already wrote once about this subject…

Today I was faced again with a person who is sneakily, talks about you behind your back… unless of course they need something of you, then you are best and the greatest. Until something happens that they don’t like… then you are subject of their rumours, twisted truth and lies again. And they will play their low and mean tricks on you again.
Someone said it once very correctly. This kind of people have so less faith is theirselves, that they will do anything to make themselves look better in the eyes of others. That others are hurted and may suffer by their behavior is not important to them.

Ohh, this kind of people I dislike so much. They make me angry and annoy me to no end.

Bah… had to get this off my back. Now I feel better again!!!! (And thank you to the person who told me yesterday evening that I am better as them *WINK* )

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I only belong to myself….

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Yesterday I have been with my friend Patrick (and his brother and partner) to a concert of Ellen ter Damme and her band. Now I did heard work of her before and I already liked it a lot…. but after yesterday I even like it a lot more.
Ellen is an awesome artist who not only sings very good, she also makes a great performance of her show. Great sense of humor and at times suddenly some lines that makes think… confronting even (as the title of this post).
Apart from singing, she also plays guitar, piano and the violin… maybe even more, but at least I saw her yesterday play those instruments. I liked the songs where not all in the same language. Dutch, German and English. In my opinion this gave a very nice effect to the show.
She is very straight in what she says and does. That is something I admire that in everyone.. artist or not.

After the show she signed CD’s, t-shirts and alike. Of course I bought a CD (see the pictures :P ). Today I bought and downloaded her other CD’s through iTunes.

Here you can find some more information about her (Dutch only, sorry).

And again… what a voice this woman has!!!

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I have to admit that I eat very regularly out of house. I just love good food… but that doesn’t mean it always has to be very expensive or a strange dish from even a stranger country.

So yesterday I ordered an omelet in lunchroom in Hengelo. A good omelet is something I really like. Well, what shall I say… The omelet I got served was not really bad… but it was also nothing special! Just two sandwiches dropped on a plate. Some cheese and meat on those. And top of those some baked eggs…

As said, not really bad… But last week I had an omelet at a restaurant here in my hometown. It was just 1 euro more expensive, but it was worth that. They used not normal bread, but so called “black” bread. The cheese and meat were of a superior quality. It contained more ingredients then a normally simple omelet… as mushrooms, unions and a lot more. The plate was nice decorated with the food. And that all for one 1 euro more….

The result? One place I will not go back again and another I love the see more of what they serve…

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“Natura Docet”

by Rob on

Today I visited the museum Natura Docet in the town of Denekamp. This museum is dedicated to the history of nature and is the oldest in its kind in The Netherlands. The museum was founded in 1911 by the local teacher Bernink. Already in 1921 he needed to move to another location because of the growing collection.

“Natura Docet” means “Nature teaches” and that is exactly what this museum is about.

The last time I visited this museum was in 1991. Since then a lot has changed. I talked a bit with one of the employees of the museum and they have big plans for the future.

The museum holds a huge collection of fossils, stones and minerals. I really like the way they show all these in these beautiful wooden displays. They give an attractive atmosphere to the rooms. Also that you touch many of the bigger items is something I like and something I have not seen that often.

Through boards full with pictures extra information is given about what can be seen in the museum. This is in my opinion one of the most important tasks of museums like this, to teach… and create understanding that the nature out there needs our help.
It was good to see that there were so many younger people there.

The museum also own a big collection of stuffed animals. Nowadays this collections doesn’t grow anymore (apart from every now and then a gift), because stuffed animals is not an modern way of displaying animals anymore. But what in the past is collected is still to see and I think that is good. It would be a waste to not show it anymore.

Same can be said for the collection of animals on aqua fortis. Maybe it is not what some people want to see, but this collection is truly unique.

I was nice to be at this museum again. And I learned things again, so this visit was also useful. I will keep an eye on their website to see if they may have an interesting exhibition in the near future, because then I surely will go there again.

I have some more pictures of my visit at Natura Docet.

(Credit photo’s: Rob)

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