Peace of mind

by Rob on

When there are times when a lot is going on your life (good things and less good things), it is important to take some steps away from things… take a small break. I think everyone has her or his way of doing this.

I do this my several ways….

Most common is to grab my bicycle and camera…. go to some nature area and wander there around. Enjoy the silence of nature. Take pictures as weak attempt to capture a little of its beauty. I drain power of being out in nature. Some how I always feel better when I have been to such area. It makes me feel good.

Other times I just want to talk with someone. Say the things I want to say. Get it out of my heart. Just telling what is keeping me busy (no matter if it is good or bad thing) does help a lot. There is no need for advices… just being able to talk about it (and even when it nonsense what I say) helps.
Luckily I have good friends who are always there for me. That is so good to know.

Then there are times I just want to be away from things. Being alone somewhere I am not normally. Just sitting somewhere, reading a magazine… listening to music… watching people walking by.

Of course there are also time I just want a lot of people around me. Then I go to a place as the Markt 2. Have some beers and have a good time with some people I know…. (and no, not every time I go to the Markt 2 it is because I need to get away from the things that are keeping me busy).

Basically think, it is not important how you take distance from things that are keeping you busy, just that you do it… so you are not overrun by them.

Lucky are the people who have as me more ways of doing this!

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by Rob on

Today someone asked me where this sudden interest in photography I have lately is coming from.

Good question. I think it is something that did grow over the last 3 years. When a bit more then 3 years ago my ex and I did split up, I lost a lot photo’s and with that many direct links to memories I had.

One of the first things I bought when I was on my own again was a digital camera. A rather simple one, a compact Canon Powershot A85. But with this camera I could make already very nice pictures. This way I was able to “capture” those moments I wanted to remember again. No matter if it was a funny moment, a beautiful view or whatever.

Later on, I started a weblog/blog. It is a nice thing to add your own made pictures. From that moment I started to care more about the quality of the pictures. But it was clear I did not know a lot about photography at all. So I wandered a road of trying, trying again and trying even more. And every now and then I was able to make a nice picture. There was a certain person that really encouraged me to continue making pictures. Thank you for that!
Slowly, but surely I started to find my way around. Now, don’t misunderstand me… I am far from an experienced photographer. I am merely a beginner who seeks his way around.

With the SLR I recently got, it all took another step forward. Surely, my SLR is not a real professional SLR, but for making the first steps in this area it is a good one. And believe me there is so much more possible, so much more options… and yes, so much more questions.
There the reason I will follow a course SLR photography next month.

At this moment, photography is for me about to capture that one moment, that one view or that one event, freeze it, save it and have it there any time I want to view it. Isn’t that not a very powerfull thought? Capture that what the eye saw? Or even more, that what the eye didn’t see!

What is more, I can even share it with others… worldwide if wanted. The Flickr-community is a wonderful example of this.

It took a long time, but now I think I can say photography turned into a new hobby and passion of mine. And that is very nice

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Tired of the rain…

by Rob on

I am so tired of the rain…

Almost for the last 3 days it has been raining here…

Raining while doing shopping… raining while wandering… rain in the forest… rain at the beaches… rain while sitting inside looking out… raining while going to the Markt 2… rain while making photo’s… rain while going to buy a beer… raining while going to work… rain while coming home…

Normally I don’t dislike rain…. I can even enjoy a walk in sweet and soft rain. But this is more then enough…. I want dry weather and a clear sky… NOW!!!!!

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The need for fresh air…

by Rob on

You know the feeling that when you have been inside of your home all day long that you suddenly have this huge urge to go outside?

Well, I had this today. I was suddenly tired of being inside… I wanted to be outside, feel the wind in face. I didn’t mind the weather was not so nice.

I wandered from my house to town to do some small shoppings. It was raining a little… the wind was blowing hard through the trees. But I didn’t mind. Being outside made me feel better again… it always does.
That is one of the less nice things of my work. I like the line of work I am doing, but being all day inside is a less nice side of it. But well, no job can be perfect.

Hmm… well, it was not planned that these small shopping turned in to a “big” shopping. I came home with a new 70-300mm lens for my new SLR camera. It was very cheap, so I had to buy it (I saved about € 150,00, so that was worth it).

So now I am home again and I feel a lot better…. have been outside and enjoyed it… bought a new lens for my camera cheap… and now I have a hot cup of soup in front of me.

Life isn’t that bad at all :)

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Jealous? On me?

by Rob on

Yesterday late in the evening I had a talk with someone on MSN. After some talk about all kind of general things, he sudden told me that was kinda jealous on me…

Ups? What was that? Jealous on me? Why the heck would anyone be jealous on me?

Well, he told me. He had everything one could desire… a good job with a good income, a nice wife, 3 adorable kids, a nice house, 2 holidays at least every year…
But the thing he missed most was freedom… the freedom to do anything he wanted to do whenever he wanted. He mentioned some things… if I didn’t want to come home for dinner… who would care? Or when I wanted to sleep somewhere else… there was not someone I had to discus that with. Or if I wanted to go somewhere, I could do that any moment I wanted to…

Hmm. Sure, but I limited by things as well. For instance, I have my work that sets a clear line on things I can do or not. I have a nice income, but there are surely things I cannot do because they are too expensive…

But apart from that… yes, I have a great freedom to do things as I want them. And I want my life to be this way. No more caught up in a big net of duties and responsibilities. Being single in the way I am and experiences it is not bad at all. He, they name of my blog is with a reason “Life is there to live again”!!!

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Doctor Who?

by Rob on

Today I was in a local store to buy some wine-glasses. During a recent event some of the ones I had broke, so I needed some new ones.

I was looking around in the store, when suddenly my eye felt on it…. There it was just begging for my attention…. Doctor Who, The collector’s Editon, just for € 20,00… 5 DvD’s with the complete BBC serie of the ninth Dr. Who (Christopher Ecclestton and the cute Billy Pipper as his companion). I couldn’t resist, I just had to buy it…

I just watched 2 episodes of it. and it already worth every euro cent I paid for it. I always was a big Doctor Who fan…. Call me die hard and I will admit that I am :P

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Lady in Black

by Rob on

You hear people often say that the lyrics of a certain song means a lot to them. I can not agree more with that. It can even happen that a song you have known for many suddenly gets a special meaning. That happened for me with the song “Lady in Black” for Uriah Heep.


Lady in Black

She came to me one morning
One lonely Sunday morning
Her long hair flowing
In the midwinter wind
I know not how she found me
For in darkness I was walking
And destruction lay around me
From a fight I could not win

She asked me name my foe then
I said the need within some men
To fight and kill their brothers
Without thought of love or god
And I begged her give me horses
To trample down my enemies
So eager was my passion
To devour this waste of life

But she wouldn’t think of battle that
Reduces men to animals
So easy to begin
And yet impossible to end
For shes the mother of our men
Who counseled me so wisely then
I feared to walk alone again
And asked if she would stay

Oh lady lend your hand outright
And let me rest here at your side
Have faith and trust
In peace she said
And filled my heart with life
There is no strength in numbers
Have no such misconception
But when you need me
Be assured I wont be far away

Thus having spoke she turned away
And though I found no words to say
I stood and watched until I saw
Her black coat disappear
My labor is no easier
But now I know I’m not alone
I find new heart each time
I think upon that windy day
And if one day she comes to you
Drink deeply from her words so wise
Take courage from her
As your prize
And say hello from me

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by Rob on

You know what I get so tired of some times?

You are doing the things people expect you to do… More, you do more that someone can expect of you. Specially those dozens of little things you do that no one notice… More, that doesn’t need to be noticed.
And then when it comes down to things, people only see the negative things… the bad things. Listening to the wrong people, who haven’t the slightest idea what they are talking about…

So tired at times….

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Arrogant parking

by Rob on

Earlier I was walking towards the local snack bar to get something to drink, when I saw a car very arrogant parked. First I thought that this car was parked there to unload something quickly. So I continued my walk towards the snack bar. But when I returned it was still stand there. I walked home to fetch my camera… and yes, when I returned it was still there!!

Judge yourself…

As you can see, the car blocks completely the sidewalk, forcing someone who want to pass to walk over the street. But for people who have problems with walk or are even sitting in wheelchair it is even bigger problem.

Apart it is not allowed to block the sidewalk like this, it is even more arrogant to park a car like this….

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by Rob on

Okay, here a small rant about mountain bikers…

This morning I was walking in forest to make some pictures. This forest (Scholtehagen area) is access only allowed when you are walking.
So I was walking there, minding my own business when suddenly a group of mountain-bikers came into the forest from along the waterside of brook (where no one is allowed to go). They didn’t use the paths there, but ride straight through the forest… making a lot of noise as it seem that they wanted that everyone within a range of 5 kilometers wanted to hear them. They almost ride against someone else walking there, making loud comments that this person had to go to side so they pass…
Pardon me? THEY had no right to be there at all and the way they behaved was way out of line.

Now I know that there are enough mountain-bikers who listen to the rules and try not to be an inconvenience to anyone… but some… they should take away their bikes so they can later collect them from the police-office for a nice amount of money…

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