I treasure your friendship…

by Rob on

Thank you. I needed that today…

As we walk our path of life,
We meet people everyday.
Most are simply met by chance.
But, some are sent our way.

These become special friends
Whose bond we can’t explain;
The ones who understand us
And share our joy and pain.

Their love contains no boundaries.
So, even we are apart.
Their presence enhances us
With a warmth felt in the heart.

This love becomes a passageway,
When even the miles disappear.
These friends, when we are send our way,
Remain forever near.

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A very nice day

by Rob on

Yesterday I had to visit my dentist. Because my dentist lives in the town where I used to life, it takes a lot time to visit him (it is about 18 km from where I live know).I had planned when the weather would allow it would go there on my bicycle. During the night it had rain, but in the morning it was dry and the sky was almost free of clouds. So early in the morning I took off… and of course I took my camera along. First part of the trip it was still to dark to make any pictures.

I went on my bycicle from Haaksbergen to Beckum, to Delden and from there to Borne, where my dentist resides. On my way there I stayed on the main roads. And so I was nicely on time at my dentist. It was not too bad and before I really knew it was outside again.

On my way back I had all time for me. So right after the town of Borne I went into the forests of Twickel and there I did stay the longest time. The forest still wet from the rain during the night and now the sun trying to break through. It was great and I saw some beautiful sights.

A good day it was… very good!

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by Rob on

This morning in the train on the way to my work I was reading a newspaper. There I read that in Isreal the law was changed so that homosexuals can adopt children. This is my opinion a positive change and something that should be changed long ago. I am for equality for everyone.

In the same article I did read that some <censored> politician named Shlomo Benizr there claims now that the recent earthquake in Isreal was because of change of law. Some kind revenge or disaprovement of god or whatever.

This kind of things can make me so angry. I have homosexual and bi-sexual friends who are very close to me. To make it very clear to myself: This is about them… people I like and care about.

Why is it so difficult to respect people for what they are? I mean, I know people with whom lifestyle I certainly don’t agree (religion as example, I am a complete athiest) but that doesn’t mean I don’t respect them or don’t want them to follow their choisen lifestyle… as long they do they same towards others.

If a simple person as I can strive for such a look at life, why can other not? Specially not those that have make a example towards others as political and religous leaders?

Respect towards each other…. it is not difficult.

And please lets stay away from ridiculous statements that a certain nature phenomenon is a bad omen or warning of a god or what. That kind of things belonged to the Dark Ages and not to these times and a modern country.

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Breaking away from a moment

by Rob on

Yesterday after leaving work I got a SMS. My friend Patrick was asking if wanted to go to my favourite café “De Markt 2”. Not reading the SMS very well, I thought he was referring to next weekend, so I did send a “Of course!” back to him. When I did reread the SMS more closely again, I noticed the he meant yesterday evening. It was good anyway with me.

It is always good to be at “De Markt 2”. Even on a Wednesday evening when most other places are very quiet, there enough people there and the atmosphere is as always very nice.

Although Patrick and I have some things we think very differently about, there are also many things we have the same opinion on. This always lead to many interesting and funny convesations… specially when the subject comes down to computers and their users (we are both occupied in the IT branch).

Such a break from every days things is good and even very important. And it is not about drinking lots of alcohol or making it extreme late. It is about breaking away from the normal way of life for a moment and really relax.

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Feeling good

by Rob on

A few days ago I wrote about this sudden romantic mood I had…Well, it seems that this mood seems to linger on. Small things make me feel good… a smile of someone, a beautiful sky, a good piece of music, a small bird singing in a tree…I was never someone who blushed easily, but even that changed somehow. This weekend I ended up in a situation that made me blush deeply (no details here :P). Well, the result of my blushing was a nice hug. So he, I am not complaining :).

Life is so much more intens now. And that makes it very enjoyabe, deep going and more passionate. And some people around me noticed this and react very postive on this, which is even making feel beter then I already do.

To be honest, I like it very much how I feel now. It makes me feel even more alive as I already do. Emotions and feelings are things one should not hide. They make what you are.

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Oath of Secrecy

by Rob on

One small victory for privacy.

The Dutch High Court decided that a doctor may keep his Oath of Secrecy, even when his patient is involved with a crime. This because every person has right of health care, this is a basic human right. No one should be scared to stay away from a doctor because this doctor could call the police or alike.

I agree with this. 

Fred Teeven, member of the Dutch liberal political party VVD and old prosecuting attorney, thinks that doctor act kinda “silly” about the Oath of Secrecy. Of course, for most politicians and justice people privacy is something that makes their work harder and so unwanted. I bet he is against encryption as well (personal joke).

Lately I am very concerned when it comes down to the privacy of people. It is something to think about and even more to worry about.

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The Dutch government wants a database with the fingerprints of all Dutch citizen older then 6 year. Another blow in the face of privacy. Why not implant directly a rfid chip in each person, then they can check directly where someone has been and has done?

And even when this idea of the Dutch government is not allowed by the basic human rights, the greatest part of the Dutch government approves this idea.
Why they want this? It is good for fighting crime they say… and that is not proofed at all. Neither that such database will improve safety.

In 2007 The Netherlands got the Big Brother award because of the not caring citizen (“Why should I care? I have nothing to hide!”). Figures… we Dutch only care about our imagery saftey, that doesn’t exist… oh, and what is in our wallet is of course important.

Well, I do care about my privacy… and luckily I am not alone. It is about time this “Big Brother” government is stopped and fast!

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Romantic mood

by Rob on

Wierd. All of a sudden I am in a romantic mood… fuzzy and warm inside. It is a nice feeling…. And no, for those with wiseful thinking, I have not all of a sudden fallen in love. Just feeling nice and good….

The ripples in the chiming brooks
Touch my heart with a warm Déjà vu
Of someone’s soft marble hands,
The soignée of pretty fingers but sans

Listening to the rustling leaves
As the chill of December creeps
I can’t forget your lovely face
Lost myself in an endless maze

My cry in wilderness boomerangs to me
Crumpling all the things in a fraction wee
Whistling breeze ruffling through the grass
Imbibing my mind.. you are no worth a crass

With all the mock and scoff in the world
Keeping the head high ..nothing to be furled
Some distant calling makes my head rolling
Spinning me like tumultuous grueling

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by Rob on

I just read on a site that the EU wants to store the fingerprints of people from other countries travelling by plane.

I made a remark about this to my co-workers here at the company I work. They just couldn’t care or were even not bothered by it.
They couldn’t care less that your fingerprints is unique information that gives access to so many things that are very private things about your person that is stored in many resources all over the world, that are sadly more and more connected to each other.

They wave it all simply away with words as “I have nothing to hide…”. Basically they say, I have done nothing wrong, so I don’t need privacy. So foolish…

Sheep… fearing and following the mass. Out of everything they said it showed that they prefer (false) safety above privacy. As said by a famous person, people like this don’t deserve either and will loose both in the end.

The so called fight against terrorism seems to be the goal that should be reached by all means. Yet, the change that you will be involved in a (deadly) car accident is much bigger then being involved in an act of terrorism.

And no, I don’t say that terrorism shouldn’t be fought. It must, but not by all means and at any cost. Privacy of the person is something anyone should stay out as long there is no valid reason that would cause someone to loose the right on privacy (a serious crime as example).

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by Rob on

You know the feeling to be worried about someone you care about?

I have that right now. I am worried about someone of who I think she is taking too much load on her shoulders. Is getting lost in work. Who’s face only shows signs of being tired. Barely gives herself time to relax. Sure, work is important, but to a limit. I remember certain remarks she made about my health. I reflect them back now to her. Listen to what you said over then.

I know, I know… it is not up to me, but I am still worried.

(YOU!! Read this… I tried to tell you yesterday and I am not alone in this!!!)
Come and see us next weekend. You know where!

(ps. I disabled comments on this one… it is just to point something to someone out and nothing more then that)

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