The future is open….

by Rob on

In 2005 at my visit of the “What The Hack”-festival my friend Dave gave me a t-shirt. It was a t-shirt of the company O’Reilley. On the back of the shirt is written “The future is open”.
That sounds as a very philosophic saying, but it isn’t. It is simple a reference to Open Source software.

Well, today I was at Marion’s home to give her the CD of Ellen ten Damme (with signature!) that I bought at the concert yesterday for her.
After a while being there, she looked at the back of the shirt and said “The Future is open… that is really about you!” I felt how her fingers followed the letters of the words on my shirt. It was a funny feeling… funny, but nice.
She commented that she knew that line was about Open Source, because I told her so. But she found it fitting for me anyway.
Even in the short time that we became friends she saw me changing… for the better.
As I discussed with my friend Patrick yesterday. I don’t care what others think of me… not about who I am and what I do. Sure, I like it when people think positive about me. But when they think I am a fool, stupid, dumb… or whatever… it be so. Their problem, not mine…. As long I know I am doing the best I can, all is good. That means as long that doesn’t is conflicting with the one and only reason of life… living!!!
I pity the people who are living to work… I am working to live. There is a big difference there.
Now don’t get me wrong. Work is important, very important. And someone should do their best at the tasks giving to one. As long one does so, things should be good.

I know… I know… Many people are not capable to live that way. Their priorities are so different then mine. There is no better or worse… just differences. All is good as long there is respect for the other resides. Honest respect I mean here.

Live life in all its ways… enjoy and care.

So remember…. The Future is Open!!!!

Note: I will edit this posting tonight at home to make more clear what I meant :)

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Ellen ten Damme

by Rob on

Yesterday I visited an concert of Ellen ten Damme… and it was awesome. It is not the first time that I visited a concert of her.
Then other time was in the city of Oldenzaal in a theater and that made it for the public-side very static. It was great to enjoy the music and watch the performance. Nothing wrong with that….
But yesterday everything was so much alive. People danced and sang along with the music. Music in a very pure form!

This was exactly the reason why I bought tickets on the moment I heard that Ellen ten Damme would come to the Metropool in the city of Hengelo. The Metropool is not very big and that makes it special. Distance between artists and public is. There is more interaction. The moods and emotion go. And what I like most, for everyone… no matter age, gender or whatever.

To put it all in some words… great artist, great band, great public, great location, great beer. How could it be an unforgettable evening!

One of the things I got for myself from it is a poster signed by Ellen. But now I have to buy first a bigger frame to put the picture in.

To be honest, from the Dutch artist Ellen ten Damme is my favorite.

And Marion, your mail had the effect you wanted to :P.


(Credit photo: Rob)

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Vaya Con Dios

by Rob on

Yesterday I have been with my friend Patrick to a concert of Vaya Con Dios in Gronau, Germany.

First we had a dinner in the city of Enschede at “De Kater”. I had spareribs and they were as spareribs are meant to be. They were truly delicious.

After that we drove towards Gronua, which is not that far from Enschede. So it only took a little to get there.

First there was a performance of Karl Frierson, a German jazz-singer. A very good entertainer… great voice, great music and very good sense of humor. I enjoyed watching him. Most certainly I will look his music up on iTunes for my iPod.

But the main act was truly awesome…. Vaya Con Dios featuring Dani Klein. What a music, what a sound and what a voice that woman has. The musicians are truly masters on their instruments… each one of them.
The atmosphere was good and the music really pulled you in. Most people there enjoyed it, just as me, deeply…

Next time when they are around, I will be there too….

*Sings softly*
“What’s a woman when a man….”

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The terror of ringtones…

by Rob on

Some time ago I was having dinner with a friend. Our conversation was rather serious… and all of a sudden those cellphone ringing all the time started to annoy me. Some with a decent soft sound… others screaming loud with the most wierd and dumb ringtones…

It seems these days not possible anymore to get away from cellphones and their mostly annoying ringtones.

While talking to my friend I took my own cellphone and switched off the sound, so only the vibrating alarm was active. Since that day my cellphone has been on vibrate only. And I think it is good this way. Why should I annoyed someone else with the loud sounds of a ringtone because someone wants to reach me.

Funny that at least 3 persons followed my example. Seems more people are annoyed by this…

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Nikon User Club

by Rob on

Yesterday Nikon organized a club day for the Dutch Nikon User Club (of which I am since a little member). This event was held in “De Jaarbeurs” in the city of Utrecht.

At first I expected a day with lots of advertising about Nikon-products, but I was very wrong. It all turned out into some very interesting lectures about photography and photo-editing. Although I am not new to photo-editing, I learned a lot.

Specially the parts about color-profiles was interesting. To learn that sRGB (Standard RGB) is not that standard as Microsoft wants us to believe. And more, sRGB is not even the best at all. The color-range of Adobe RGB is much broader as sRGB. And of course that is what you want when you talk about photo-editing.
Sure, that means you have to be a bit careful with printing or publishing your pictures. But it is worth it.

Wasn’t I convinced about making pictures in RAW/NEF format, then I am now. Because there is so much “image” information stored in a RAW-file, you have many and many more possibilities when you need to enhance or correct a picture for what ever reason.

Lately I have a lot to do with companies that are related to graphics in some way. While listening suddenly I got a feeling that a lot of the people working at these companies have no idea about these advanced technics… something that (not directly) confrimed by one of the speakers.
The three speakers (Johan Kerver, Mearlant van Bremen and Roeland Koene) did a marvelous job and proofed they have a great sense of humor.
I bought a book about photo-editing written by Johan Kerver and he was so kind to place his signature in it.

Only this day was already my annual contribution for the user club worth!!!!

Afterwards I had a nice dinner based on curry and chicken at “De Tijd” (which is located in the shopping center that is connected to the central railroad station of the city of Utrecht).

A very good and nice day it was.

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About old trains….

by Rob on

It is wierd, people tend to go far away from home to see things. The farther away the better it seems to be. And yet, there are often so many nice things to see around the place where you life.

So I was yesterday doing my weekly shoppings when I noticed it was very busy around the local railroad station. This railroad is not in use anymore, but is a museum these days.
After informing what was going on, I found out that the museum had an open day.

So I went home and picked up my camera and had a look there.

Around 1884 this local raidroad (with stations and all that belongs to it) was found on an initiative of the textile industry that was very important in this part of the country). It was mainly used to transport coal to the big plants around this area. Because of the lower used speed it was cheaper to build these railroad then to use those of the Dutch Railroads.

The end of transport of coal and other wares was not luckily not the end of this local raid road (as happened to so many other Dutch local railroads). In 1967 the “Museum Buurt Spoor” (Local Raidroad Museum) was founded.

Not only they have a large collection of rolling material, they also tried to create an authentic historical atmosphere on the stations and around the tracks. In which they succeeded very well. Especially the station in the town of Haaksbergen is desire for the eye.

During the weekends during spring/summer and on special occasions their trains ride from Haaksbergen to Boekelo with a stop at Bad Boekelo. For a small payment you ride along. Something I suggest anyone to do once, because it is great fun to do.

As said it is very nice to ride in these historical trains, watching the beautiful landscapes of the local area go by, talking to the other people who travel along and the volunteers of the MBS (all dressed up in historical costumes).
One warning though… don’t wear bright and light colored clothes when coming here when the steam engine are rolling around, you clothing with surely get a new design… but then again, who cares about that? ;).

Funny detail for me was that on the station in Boekelo I ran into someone I knew from long ago. So on my way back I had nice company to chat with.

So… another well spend afternoon. I love these old trains… as many do. When I was younger I had miniature eclectic railroad. I loved to work on that, but this is the real thing. Real working and very good maintained. Many of it renovated by the volunteers of the MBS themselves. A great job…

… and there is still a lot to do for them…

But somehow I have a feeling they don’t mind that….. :)

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by Rob on

Some times people say things that cut deep… meant or not. Words are harsh weapons.

Yesterday someone made remarks about my bad eye. I know it is not the prettiest sight, but darn… I don’t think with my eyes. Neither my emotions and feelings are controlled by that eye. It just an eye that doesn’t work as well and positioned not that perfect. And it is compensated by another eye that is way better as normal.
Yes, I am not a fashion model or a bodybuilder… I am who and what I am. People should accept that.

No. Don’t worry… This of kind of things don’t get me down, but oh yes… they make me grumble. Some people….

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