Life is on the move….

by Rob on

I realize that I didn’t write here for some weeks… nor did I uploaded any pictures to my Flickr-site. But life has been very hectic to say the least… and what is the nicest of it, all for the good of it :).

As first Marion and I started to tell that we are not just friends anymore. There more between us… a lot more. It all started Christmas eve last year…. butttt that is another story.
We will be taking it very easy and allow time to let us grow together. Because the both of us have been single for the longest time (Mar even a lot longer then I), we both are extremely used to our freedom and independently. We both are convinced if we move too fast things were turn bad.
So no moving together, not even to mention marriage. For now we keep our own lives and share the pleasant things. We love it as it goes now, so we are not in a hurry at all.

*coughs* This will lead to that I will be “helped” one of the next weeks. I mean, Marion is 42 and never had a baby before. It could be dangerous for her to get pregnant now.
And imagine if we would have a child now, when she or he would be 20… we would be 62 and 65. That is no good for child.
But of course the main reason is, we both don’t want children. They fit not into our ways of living. That doesn’t mean we dislike children…. not at all. We both love children…. but just not us as parents :P.

Then something else happened… I got a new job. Unexpected and very fast. I will become a programmer again… or a software engineer as my contracts says. I will be working most in the language called C and a little bit in VB(A). It is a big international company I will be working for. But what I have seen of it, a very good company to work for. And they offer the nicest things :).

So there you have the reasons I had to concentrate on other things. I will better my life again and give blog and my photo’s the attention again they deserve (allthough it may take some time to bring all back to the level it was).

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Special cars….

by Rob on

Normally I don’t care too much about cars. I really do have no interest in them…. For me they are “tools” to bring you from A to B. I know many people will disagree with me on the subject of cars as cars are for many people very important… and not only for transportation.
But I do have to say I like cars with something special… as Patrick’s Volkswagen Beetle… or Marions Audi A4… or the car in the picture above that I saw yesterday…

Edit: Funny… I just saw Patrick has an entry about cars on his weblog as well :P

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Beautiful, but deadly

by Rob on

Today I made a very nice picture of a “bird of prey”. While making that picture some thoughts wandered my mind…

When a human kills it mostly out of greed, hate, revenge or some other very negative emotion. Or maybe it is at times worse when the reasons behind killing are religion, politics or profit. Specially in our “western” world death is something that is not accepted. Even more, many are deeply scared for it. Which is weird because some of the mayor religions death is nothing more then a step into a better life.In nature it is all so much more simpler. One kill to survive… for food, to escape danger, to protect offspring… there reasons as that are rare. In nature death is part of everydays life. Accepted and normal…

Once again we humans are the weaker ones…. (and yet with the power to destroy all).


(Credit photo’s: Rob)

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