I am about to get ready to leave for Amsterdam. For the time I work in Hoofddorp I will be sleeping in Amsterdam.
Tomorrow will be my first day at the new company. I am looking forward to it. Such a first day will learn you a lot about the company and its people.
It is funny… C-programmer again. My C is still a bit rusty, but I think that is normal and that it just needs some time to get really used to it again. On advice I focused mainly on the pointers in C. Pointers are extremely important in C. For the rest I will take on what might be needed for the new job. Sure that may mean I have to do some studying in the evenings, but that is okay. For that reason I prepared on old (VERY old) noteboek with an older version of Suse Linux. On that I can try out everything I want.

After the first month I will buy myself a nice new laptop. Make it dual-boot to Windows and OpenSuse. Then I can do all I want… for my new job and privately.

I will be leaving in time today for Amsterdam. I want to take it easy today, so that I am on time in Amsterdam. After dropping my things at the place I will be sleeping, I will seek out a place to have dinner. Of course I will take my camera along and make pictures of the area where I will stay. At the same time I will keep an eye for an Internet café where I can read my mail, chat with my friends and work on my blog en photo-gallery.

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Transformers, the movie.

by Rob on

Somewhere last year I have been with my friend Patrick to the preview of “The Transformers, the movie”. It was a great movie to watch. Great special effects, tension and a good dose of humor. After seeing the movie Patrick and I agreed on the fact that this was a movie to have on DvD as well.

But somehow this all slipped my mind and life continued to go its own way. Until last weekend when I was with Marion on Schiermonninkoog! We were just looking around in some kind of touristic shop, mostly just being curious and not meaning to buy really something…
That is when my eye was caught by something… A small DvD-box with the title “Transformers”. I started to wonder… And yes, a fast look on the backside of the box confirmed that this was the movie…. and it was really cheap. Just €7.50.

This afternoon I have been watching the movie again and yes, I still think that it is a great movie which will be fun to watch every now and then.

And I just learned that in the summer of 2009 there will be a new Transformers movie… “The Revenge of The Fallen”! Something to look forward to!

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by Rob on

This weekend we have been to the isle of Schiermonnikoog. It was many years ago that I have been there for the last time, so it was very nice to be there again. It is such a wonderful isle.
Marion and I stayed there at the well known Van der Werff hotel, which is the oldest hotel on the isle as far as I know. I have to say it was very pleasant to stay there.

During the weekend we made long walks over the isle and enjoyed the many different terrains the isle has. And as the weather was very well, we even did swim in the sea.

This break was needed and more then welcome. It gave me a moment to breath before I will start at my new job and the challenge that will comes along with it!!!

One thing I know for sure…. we will be back there…. soon… for a longer stay!

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The last day is coming….

by Rob on

More then 8.5 years I did work for the same company, but tomorrow will be my last day there…. From August 1st I will be facing a new challenge as C and VB(A) programmer for a big international company in Hoofddorp (and no, not the company of uncle Bill from America :P).
I am looking forward to this new challenge and yet it is a weird feeling to leave all behind.

I saw good times and bad within this company. I saw many people come and go over the years. I saw the company change for better and worse. But after tomorrow I will leave it all behind and move towards a new future…. lets hope a good one!


(Credit photo: Rob)

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HAR is announced

by Rob on

In 2005 I have been to the “What The Hack” event near Boxtel… Yes, a hackers event. And before anyone gets strange thoughts, I am not hacker… at least not in the sense the media uses this word. For the media a hacker is someone who breaks into computer networks and does damage…. sure, there are people who do that. There are script kiddies who spread scripts that can do damage and there people who break into computer networks to do damage or for their own profit. But most hackers don’t…

Most hackers are people who have a strong desire to understand things to the deepest level. Nothing more then that, nothing less then that. It is about knowledge and nothing more as that.

Anyway, as said in 2005 I have been at the “What The Hack” event. It was great to be there, learned a lot. Had some great discussions. As people may know, privacy is an important item for me. Many of the discussions at WTH where about that subject and in the hackers community this concern about privacy lives very strongly.
Also I met some very great people. And that is it is about most for me, meeting interesting people.

And now for 2009 is announced… “Hacking at Random”. Big change I will be there!!

Hacking at Random

BTW these event are supported and managed by one of the biggest Internet Providers of The Netherlands… XS4ALL. One of the reasons I am a loyal customer of them :)

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by Rob on

Already from the moment that I did wake up I have an terrible headache. I hate headaches. There is not much you can do against them, but you are confronted all the time with it. Even painkillers don’t take it away completely away.With all the work I have currently to do, this headache is most unwelcome. On the other side I should call myself lucky. There was a time I had very often headaches, but that is luckily long ago. Now headaches are rare… especially bad headaches as I have today.

Hope that it soons goes away…

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A rainy day….

by Rob on

Yesterday it was a very rainy day…. and yet it was a good day.  I don’t dislike rain. But that I felt so good had other reasons.  All things are going so very well recently.I have now a room in Amsterdam for the nights when I am working there. It is a small, but very comfortable room. It has all that I need… a bed, a tv, a dvd-player. I was lucky to get this room… even when it is for the time that I need to look for something more permanent.

Made yesterday a long walk through Amsterdam (from “Oud Zuid” to the center of the city). Too bad I didn’t have my SLR with me. I saw so many great things to take pictures of, but well…. if all works out, I will have more then enough time for that.

Okay…. about ten days left for the new job!

(Credit photo: Rob)

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Relaxing again

by Rob on

After all the fuzz of the last period I get now the feeling things start to relax again. And that is good.

For those that I think it is important to, know now about Marion and me. And most people react in a very positive way. To be honest, I just had one negative reaction (“This kind of relations cannot work out. There is no fundation to it.” Blablablabla…).

This afternoon I did lay with Marion for the greatest part in her garden tanning… Yes, me! Tanning! But it was nice, just being together. Talking a bit. Cuddling a bit. And most of all… relaxing!

Slowly everything falls in its place again. I have time to post here again. I am taking photographs again and place them on Flickr again (somehow I felt the railroad picture that I made yesterday was somehow fitting for this posting).

I am very positive I have a room in Amsterdam to sleep. A nice guy is renting out the rooms in his house he doesn’t need. Not the cheapest I can get, but a friendly atmosphere… a garden… That kind of things are very important for me. Sleeping is important…. as is working…. but having a good time in the evenings is just as important.

Life is good….

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