Kuipersstraat in Amsterdam

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As written in another post of last week, I have been to the street where I was born… the Kuipersstraat in Amsterdam…

The Kuiperstraat is a side street of the very famous Van Wou-straat. And the area is called “De Pijp”.

The area is very typical for Amsterdam. Maybe I am wrong, but this is one of the area where life goes on 24 hours per day, 7 days per week.

Anyway, it was nice to see that the house where I was born was still in almost its original state, unlike many other buildings around there.
In the picture below one can see the house where I born. It is the darker building, above the shop on the third level.

And a closer look at the house itself. It was not a very big house. There was not even a bathroom (remember we are talking 45 years ago), but I assume that is changed by now.

A year or two ago I was visiting Amsterdam. While wandering through the city I passed the Amstel hotel (on the picture below, but I was passing it on the other side). Later my mother told me that I have been very close to the Kuipersstraat…. but I never realized how close! It is maybe a walk of 5 or 10 minutes at most!

And then there is of course the Amstel…. The river that gave the city of Amsterdam its name. It is kinda funny to know that I was born very close to that river!

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Software enigeer…

by Rob on

A month did fly by… and suddenly I realized yesterday that I did work already for a month for my new employer. This means I have passed my trail period and that my contract is expanded for 1 year (to become a permanent contract after that).

Needless to say that I am very happy with this. Apart from the fact of having a good job, it is also great to work together with such a nice bunch of people.

The work is interesting and challenging.  First of all, the area of online payments is very new to me and complete different as I ever thought. Lot to learn there, but as said, it is very interesting.
I was hired as C programmer, but as first I was placed on a important VBA project (VBA is another programming language I know). By now I have also done some work in C. My C is a bit rusty (as I told during the job interviews), but things are coming quickly back. And if needed or wanted I can get a C course.
Also I started to learn Uniface, which can be used as an interface for applications and is a kinda a programming language on it self. Something else I might do a course in.

Bah… enough of those technical things :P.

I said it to several people by now… concerning work is accepting this job one of the best things I have done for several years…

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Today at the company I was doing the things I am supposed to do, when I got a mail that the mail-server would be taken down. They had detected a virus, but the mail-servers would be up in 30 minutes again.
Uh? An active virus….  *coughs* Yeah yeah… I know, it can always happen… *coughs again*

So after 30 minutes I fired up Outlook…. and I got a nice message that Exchange-server Atlantis could not be found.  Hmmm. Not that wierd! People are already looking for ages for Atlantis…
Okay, bad jokes aside. It took most of the morning before mail was available again.  People complained… and with reason I think. But some persons (luckily not from my department) behaved like little children who were not allowed to play with their favourit toy.

Then suddenly the lights went out… My eyes turned directly to my computer screen, but by a small miracle the computer systems stayed on. Seems some important fuse did melt down… and it will not be repaired before monday. That gave some remarks from the people around me… of course I couldn’t resist as well and said that early Christmas parties would be nice.

Oh, I am enjoying it so much to be on the user side of it all… Evil me. Finally I can lean back and make comments as a real user… but at least I know what I am talking about :).

The BOFH? I am worse as him… I am an user with a BOFH set of mind!!! :P
(Nay… for today I behaved…)

(Editted out some grammar errors and added some text)

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The Dark Knight

by Rob on

Tonight I have been with some people of the company I work to the new Batman-movie “The Dark Knight”. And I really must say that it was worth it.
Apart of a great movie with awesome special effexts, the movie was in IMax… and that made it even more special (I believe that this was my first movie I saw in true IMax).

I like it a lot that this kind of things are done at this company. That people not only work together, but also do fun things together in the evenings. Another plus-side to this all.
As said, I am having a great time.

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And there I was born…

by Rob on

Today after work I left for the part of the city Amsterdam where I was born.  I had no memories of that place… only a name. After all, I was around 6 months old when my family moved from Amsterdam to Haaksbergen.

So today I walked into the Kuipersstraat and strange enough it looked just I as expected it would. I talked with my mother on the phone. She told me all she could remember and I made pictures of it (I will post next weekend some of those pictures here…. for now it is still impossible for me to upload pictures).

It is a weird feeling. Finally I can I have a real image to the place I was born. Sure, a lot did change over the last 45 years, but the house of my birth is still there! De Kuipersstraat 70III…

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Company BBQ

by Rob on

Yesterday we had at the company where I work now a BBQ. It was a very nice event and I was more then happy to have been there. The people were in a very good mood, so the atmosphere was very enjoyable. Pleasant conversations and laughter all around.

Such a BBQ is a great way to get to know people better and it is very nice to meet people outside the working environment. People are more relaxed and open for conversation.

I am not the only one at the company who is interested in photography. It seems a lot of the people are. One of them is my direct colleague Tom. A very nice and friendly person (all people at the department where I work are a great bunch :P). I can come along very well with him. And oh my… his photo equipment… a Nikon D300 and a great collection of lenses.

Not only the atmosphere was wonderful, so was the food and drinks. All was very well taken care off. And one thing I really liked was the idea that people did not baked their things themselves. This all was done by personnel of the catering service who were present there. So no hanging with a big group of people around a very hot BBQ with burned meat.

As said, it was a very enjoyable evening. And as far I could see every one had a wonderful time.

I think specially for people as Anitha (left on the picture below) and me who are very new at the company evenings like this are very important. It makes you feel at place and comfortable. And there is no way to get to know people better as in a relaxed and friendly atmosphere like there was yesterday at the BBQ.

Sadly I had to leave in time, so I could travel home to Haaksbergen… I have a very good reason these days to go home :).

Next Wednesday some of my colleagues and I will go to see the new Batman movie in Amsterdam. And we were told to think about a nice thing to do in September with the people of the department I work…

Did I already mention that starting to work for this company was one of the best decisions I made in the last years? It really is…

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Home again….

by Rob on

Home again… and it feels good.

Don’t get me wrong. I am not complaining. Things are going very well for me.
My new job is great. And so are many of the people at the new company. Days fly by and before I realize it another working day has gone by. The work is interesting and challenging… (and very nice rewarding as well :P).
The BBQ we had today was awesome (I will post about that tomorrow more).
The place where I spend the night is very good as well. The bed I sleep in good. The room nice and comfortable. And the lady who rents the room away is very kind.

But being home again is good. All is so familiar. This place is my little spot on the world. The garden… the livingroom… the kitchen… the bathroom… and also my bedroom where I will go in a little….

And the waking up may be even more enjoyable…

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Rob, thank you for making it possible for me to post here things too. As said, I will most likely do it not that often, but it is very nice that I can.
Below here I posted a lyric that contains some feelings and emotions that I feel very strongly. I wonder if you know the origin of the lyric.

Miss you,

The dark night sky separates us
to lay bare our hearts as they call out to each other.
Cast off your useless trappings.
Some things can only be seen
when you’ve lost everything.

Oh wind, I will stand and face you!
I will go to the sea of anguish,
though bonds cut my chest,
and the crushing waves are endless.

What does everyone seek by fighting?
Does spilled blood cause flowers to bloom?
Until the precious tomorrow is in my hands…
Until the day we meet…

I will go and head for the brilliance.
Embracing prayer to my heart,
I wander the seemingly dark future.

Oh wind, I am not afraid!
Love is the miracle I have found!
It’s my joy to believe in you.
The storm blows so we might realize our love

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Yesterday I have been with my friend Patrick to a concert in the city of Assen. The main act was Iron Maiden, but personally I was there more for one of the supporting acting: Within Temptation.

Raisen hand

We made it early there (and as a side note: In the town of Beilen there is fishshop that sells baked fish of a rare quality. Patrick said that the same goes for the herring he had). The weather was very nice, so the waiting for the beginning of the event was not too bad.

We were lucky here, an colleague from the company where I stopped working last month (also with the name Patrick) arrived very late. This was caused by busy traffic and traffic jams.

Lauren Harris

As said, Iron Maiden was the main act and as supporting acts there were Lauren Harris (daughter of the guitarist of Iron Maiden), Kamelot and Within Temptation.
I liked Lauren Harris (and not only because she is a good looking woman), but she has to fight up against her famous father and I am convinced that when the quality of the sound equipment was better fitted to her voice, all would have sounded a lot better.
Kamelot was a new name for me, but I do admit that this will be a name I will be keeping an eye on.
As said, I was there for Within Temptation. And no matter what Patrick says, I liked their performance a lot. Yes, even better as Iron Maiden!
But I do have to say, that the show Iron Maiden placed was a good one. But then again, they were the main act. I kinda liked it, but they are not just what I really like. But that is okay, to each their one taste.

Within Temptation

All with all a wonderful day again…. even when it took us ages to leave the parking-place in Assen again. The moon eclipse during the evening gave an extra effect to it all. I tried to make a picture of the eclipse, but with the simple compact camera I had with me that was doomed to fail. Sadly they mostly don’t allow better photo equipment as an SLR at such events.

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