Snow the first time…

by Rob on

I am sitting in the train that brings me back to Amsterdam for a new working week. Outside it is dark, but in the light of lantarns and car-lights one can see that it snowing outside… First time of the year. Sure it is still wet snow, but yet it is snow… and even when it is little, it is stays on the ground…

Someone is going to be so happy :)

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Night of the Proms 2008

by Rob on

Hmmm… It has been some time since I posted here on my blog. Well, a lot happened the last month and many things changed. But still it is good to pick up the pieces and continue to do what I always liked to do, as writing here on my weblog.

Last Wednesday I have been with Patrick to the Night of the Proms. For me it is the second time and just as the first time I loved it. As last year it was in the Ahoy in Rotterdam.

Patrick and I arrived really way in time in Rotterdam. So we had time to walk a bit around. We had dinner in the same restaurant as last year (Brasserie Zuidplein). Maybe it is just me… I won’t say the food was bad, but I had better memories of it from last year…. But as said, maybe it was just me.

Poor Patrick, as he had to drive he could not drink any alcohol… which I did of course instead of him ;-).

The Night of the Proms was awesome again. The wonderful orchestra Il Novecento leaded by Robert Groslot. As wonderful was the performance of the ballerina Katchiri Feys.

Apart from this…. the artists were just great and a complete knock-out… The Simple Minds… Live (and those that know me, know how much there hit “Dolphins Cry” mean to me…. even more after that evening)…. Sinéad O’Connor (what a voice!!!)…. Midge Ure (from Ultravox…. remember their hit “Vienna”…. Erik Messie (from “Toontje Lager”… a youth hero for me)… and least, but not last The Harlem Gospel Choir….

Specially I want to mention the two starting artists Aleiksey Igudesman and Richard Hyung-Ki. Their returning contribution to The Night of Proms was great. Their sense of humor was overwhelming. They made me laugh until I had tears from laughter running down my cheeks. And anyone who there will grin at the words “And now Mozart….”

Sad thing is that one is not allowed to bring a real good photo-camera (as a DSLR) to an event like this. So the pictures I made are done with my pocket-camera under bad circumstances….

Anyway…. Some pictures here…

Il Novecento…


Sinéad O’Conner…

Midge Ure (Ultravox)….

Simple Minds…

Erik Messie (“Toontje Lager”)…

Igudesman & Joo…. a good laugh and yet great artists…

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These stairs are dangerous…

by Rob on

Mostly you don’t think of it, but a stairs can be very dangerous. I found this out last Sunday…

I was helping my mother to bring some things for her upstairs. She was already upstairs, when I came up with my hands full (nothing breakable or extreme heavy, just unhandy to hold). From one of the rooms upstairs my mother suddenly moved in front of me. I was completely surprised by that.
I needed to move away from my mother, because if I would move against her she would fall or worse, I would fall on her. Those who know my mother know that this most likely would be very bad for her with her fragile body. So there was only one direction I could move… and that was backwards. But well, there was the stairs… with a lot of noise I felt down the stairs.

From the falling itself I only had some painful spots and some bruises. But something else went a bit wrong…
My mother is not able to use stairs anymore, so on the stairs is a lift placed so she can go upstairs and downstairs. For this a big metal rail is place on the stairs, where the chair is guided by.
While I felt down the stairs one of my feet became locked under this rail and twisted my leg badly. Luckily nothing is broken, but standing on it and walking is very painful.

But thinking about it makes me realize that I have been extreme lucky, this could have turned easily very bad.

Sad is that I cannot travel to Amsterdam/Hoofddorp for my work. But here on the other side some luck again too. I can do all my work from home (over the Internet). So no need for a sick leave (yeah!), but I have to miss the company of my colleagues (yes, as said many times before, working at the new company is a pleasure).
But on the other side, somehow I manage to do a lot more work here at home, specially with the setup of my two computers here at home. One with everything installed to do most work local (nothing can beat working local on a pc in speed), the other logged into the company network (for mail, looking up things, making additional changes caused by what I do the other computer).
This all is good for the project I am working on.

Okay, end of this break and back to work. Even when working at home you need a break every now and then :).

ps. Maybe tonight I will add a picture of the stairs.

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