How hypocritical can one become…

by Rob on

Just very recently a friend of mine wrote on his blog about religion and how he thought how fake this all is. And to be honest, I can only fully agree with him.

This morning I did read in a news paper that pope Benedictus stated that homosexuality is problem as big as that of the rain forests.
How does this person… this institution… even dare to judge about fellow humans? How does he even dare to judge about people I love and care about?
I don’t say everyone has to agree on the matter of homosexuality. But if you really care about people… if you really want to show understanding and compassion, then you will accept people as they are and not compare them a major disaster as the cutting of the rain forests.

This is so close to setting up to hatred. It is almost sounds as this pope allows and wants his “followers” to act agianst homosexual people. So much for this God of Love…

And if homosexuality, as the pope says, destroys Gods Work, then I don’t wanna be part of this Work. Sorry, there is the door… one way out.

If this pope really wants to act on a problem, that let him do something about the sexual abuse caused by his own priests… (and not by buying off quilt with a lot of money!). And all the result of that this church forces people into a very unnatural way of living. This church really should keep their mouth shut about people who live peaceful but only have a different way of living… Hypocritical is the least way to call such a church….

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Busy times….

by Rob on

Busy times are arriving…

Important business meeting begin next year. An internal training for new employees at the company I work… An course for Advanced C also in January.

Not even to speak from all the that are privately planned… some birthdays, a musical… most likely a visit to a zoo.
Then there will be also some “big work on my teeth””

But it is worth it… I like to work at the company in Hoofddorp. And private things are also going very well…

So yes, I am ready for the next year!

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End of The Year Party 2008

by Rob on

Last Friday we had the End of Year Party of the company I work for.

I really have to say, I have seen very nice parties of this kind over the years, but this one did beat them all.

For those that didn’t want to use own means of transportation we were taken we buses from Hoofddorp, where the company is located, tot the Jade Kade in Amsterdam. There the very luxury boat Ocean Diva Futura was waiting for us (just aside the Rainbow Warrior of Greenpeace…. Darn, I didn’t take a picture of that!).

The Limousine parked in front of the Ocean Future Diva gave the opportunity to make some very nice pictures.

When everyone was aboard the boat did take off to sail us around the IJ. The subject of the evening the Oscar Nominations. The atmosphere was right from the start good, The music played by a rather good band surely added to that.
One could drink whatever one wanted. And when I heard my colleague Mark order Cola Vieux I was thinking by myself that it was very long ago I had that, so I switched for the rest of the evening to that.
All evening very tasteful snacks were served around. Apart from the snacks there was also possible to get some very tasteful Asian food, which I really loved.

There were many ways to enjoy your time. One could gamble a bit by playing Black Jack and games alike. And the “hairdressers” to do a complete makeover and turn someone in a complete film personality.

People was dancing, chatting and having fun. I really enjoyed it, but yet there were so many faces unknown to me.
Not only the smokers were happy with the open deck where they could go to. I also enjoy the fresh air there and some of the great views to be seen there. Harbor areas by night are awesome

End of the evening Oscars were giving to a number of people is a diversity of categories… as the one looking most as film personality… the biggest flirt and so on .

One thing…. This year I was rather casual dressed (blazer on jeans), next year it will be more fitting to the event.

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As I already said in another post, I would tell about some things that happened but I didn’t post about because I was so busy.

One of these things happened two weeks ago.

As normal I was traveling on Sunday from home back to Amsterdam. The first part from Haaksbergen with the bus to Hengelo was no problem at all. But when I in Hengelo I wanted to buy a train-ticket to Amsterdam South, the machine didn’t accept my bankcard.
Surprised by this I took my bankcard to a normal ATM machine. I just wanted to check to see if that machine would accept my bankcard.
After entering my pincode on the ARM machine, my bankcard was “swallowed” (meaning that I didn’t get it back) and a message was displayed that my bankcard was taken in because of security reasons.

There I stood on the station. Of course I had no other means with me to buy a train ticket and all service counters were closed. There was nothing else I could do then go back to Haaksbergen without a clue why my bankcard was taken in. And I can assure that this is an very uncomfortable feeling.

Back in Haaksbergen in called my team leader to explain what happened and that I would stay Monday at home to work there and travel to Amsterdam as soon I could access my money.
And still no idea why this all happened, because in the weekend the call centers of the banks are closed.

Next morning was the first thing I did was calling the bank, because I really wanted to know what happened.
After some person who tried to convince me that entered 3 times the wrong pincode, I was transferred to someone with access to more information. Then I heard what really happened.
During the Saturday before that Sunday, I used my bankcard twice in Haaksbergen. Once to pay for something I bought and once to redraw some money from my bank account. One of those two machines was around that time illegally altered to copy the information from the magnetic strip of the card. To prevent that money is stolen from people bank accounts, the bank blocks all cards that are used on the machine. Of course that can bring people in very uncomfortable situations as happened to me, but I really can understand that they act this way.

I also have to say that the bank offered all there help so I can access my money and travel to my work as normal.
By now I have a new bankcard again. It is ugly orange. Luckily the bank offeres a way to design your own bank pass. Something that I will most certainly will do very soon.

And yes, really something that only can happen to me :)

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The Trick of the Eye

by Rob on

Some times life feels as a thunder storm rushing over and pulling me along. En no… that is not meant bad or negative, but sometimes it just feels as there is no time to rest and to breath. One thing just happened and the next is already on its way.
At the same time I realized that I haven’t had a real holiday yet this year. So I am very glad that the days between Christmas and changing of the year I am off work… and also Friday January 2nd I am off, so I am heading to some nice time off :)

Anyway, that I didn’t write here, doesn’t mean nothing happened. On the contrary…. lots of things happened. I will try to write about those things in the coming days.

Here we go…

About two weeks ago on Sunday I have been with Dave to the Royal Museum in Amsterdam. Dave wanted to go there to see The Skull of Damien Hirst.. Although not completely my thing, I was impressed.

The last time I have been to the Royal Museum it was allowed to make pictures as long you didn’t use a flashlight. So joyfully I started to make pictures, until one of the employees of the museum told me it was not allowed anymore.

Anyway, I did make some pictures there and one I really was surprised about…..

When you look at this picture, you may assume that this is a picture of sculpture… but it isn’t. It may look very much 3D, but we are here really talking about a 2D picture.
I was really amazed about it…. a true Trick of the Eye!!!!

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