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“Sickness comes on horseback, but goes away on foot”

Get better dear… and I will try the same!!!

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Finally it is done :)

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Finally after almost then a year working on it, I have my own photo-site online. Well, the first little bit of it :). There were many reasons why it took so long… my new job, just having less time, problems with the web-software, certain private matters and some more things.

But here it is… I proudly present….

[The URL that was used here is not valid anymore]

Ermmm… yes, I know… there are just some pictures there yet. But from here on I can add as many pictures as I want… old ones, new ones, whatever.

And no, I am not all finished with it…. the used theme may change… the layout may change…. but the beginning is there!!!! Woootttt…. :)

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A Journey of Terror…

by Rob on

Mostly I am rather satisfied with the Dutch public transportation (bus, train and so on), but there are days…

Last Friday I did not feel very well. A cold as can be seen by the many people at the moment. So at the end of the day (we had an important meeting at the company) I was glad to go home.

From Hoofddorp with a train to Schiphol. Nothing wrong so far. At Schiphol I would take a train that would bring me directly to Hengelo, which is close to ideal for me. But here the terror started, the heating of the train was broken. So it was very cold in the train. For a healthy person this is already not nice, for someone feeling bad as me it was very awful. To be honest, I think it was not very responsible of the train company to have this train running. It could have been a disaster for sick and old people, not even to mention little children. I started to feel more lousy with the minute.

At the city of Apeldoorn it was announced that at Almelo there was a problem and people for the direction of Hengelo/Enschede should travel over Zutphen. The train to Zutphen would be standing to next platform where the train would arrive.
This was wrong…. on the moment we arrived another train was standing there. This train brought us back to Amersfoort, a city we just passed.
In Amersfoort again, there was not real warm place. And I was so freezing cold that I couldn’t stop shivering. I felt very very bad and here I had to wait another 30 minutes for the next train.
A little luck happened here, the problem at Almelo was solved so the train could go directly to Hengelo. And of course in at last in Hengelo, the bus to Haaksbergen just left, so another 20 minutes I had to wait.

When I arrived home after 4.5 hours travelling, I felt very sick. Most of the weekend I have spend in bed and luckily I start to recover a bit now. If possible, I have to travel back tomorrow. Next week there are some important things planned.

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