The changing of the seasons…

by Rob on

The changing of the seasons are always a nice moment…. especially for me when we are moving towards the warmer seasons again. Spring is such season I always long for… The first early flowers, the singing birds, the days become longer…

But today I saw another sign of the changing of the seasons…

The Grolsch Autumn “Bokbier” is getting harder to get and their Spring “bokbier” is becoming available :P.

Of course this is just making fun, but I had to grin when I did notice it…

Spring is now really here :)

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About pixels and so

by Rob on

I have always been a lover of online games, specially when they are fantasy based.

The game that I play currently the most is Everquest II, which is a very lovely game. With good graphics and excellent content. Before Everquest II have seen other games as Lineage II, City of Villians, Starwars Gallaxies, Guildwars… Some better as the other. That for various reasons. Content, community, lore and graphics to mentions some things I find important in this kind of games.

This all started in March 2001.

Over then was a series of standalone games called Ultima. Standalone means here that you don’t need the Internet and that you are only real person controlling a character in the game, all the others are managed by the computer. I loved these games.
With one of the CD’s there was an advertisement for an MMORP-version the game. I got curious and I ordered this “MMORP” version. I learned that that MMORP stands for Massively Multiplayer Online Roleplaying Game… which is quite a mouth full.

The name of the game was Ultima Online. I installed the game and I was lost… Ever since then I loved to play this kind of games. The first character I created was Dimrost (he is on the picture above). And now you know where www.dimrost.nl comes from :).

Since 2001 a lot changed. Many new games came around. Specially on the matter of graphics a lot changed. Ultima Online has very simple graphics compared with newer games as Lineage II or Everquest II, but originally these graphcis were even more simple. Ultima Online knows 3 clients to play the game with. A 2D client and a 3D client (but not 3D as in newer games). With the 2D client you can play the game on older computers without any problem.

Why all this talk about Ultima Online? For some unclear reason I had a longing for the good times I had in that game. And as the game is still there, I reactivated the game and I am exploring the old worlds again… So many good memories…

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Tomb Raider

by Rob on

Yesterday I was with my nephew and his friend walking through town. They wanted to take a look at the multimedia department of a local store. I was browsing through all the titles and most didn’t mean a thing to me… Until I picked up a game that made me smile…. Tomb Raider!

Tomb Raider was one of the very first 3D games I played (together with Doom, Wolvenstein and Delta Force). Of course over then Lara Croft was nothing more then a few pixels and now she is a good looking character.

The title I had in my hand (“Tomb Raider Anniversary”) was on a discount of just € 7.00 so I bought it together with a “Tomb Raider Legend”, which was on € 2.00!

I hope I will catch the International train from Berlin when I am traveling back to Amsterdam today… because that means there will be good tables and electricity in the train… so I can play Tomb Raider :)

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by Rob on

Somehow I hope this will be my last posting about the church for some while…

Anyway, today I received the confirmation that I am no longer part of the Catholic church. So from now on I can write on any form that asks about my religion… none.

Small side remark, the bureau that did send the letter should have placed a new toner in the their laser printer :P

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by Rob on

I cannot help it… another posting about churches! Again I feel strengthened in my decision to step away from everything that has to do with a church.

This time it is the Dutch Reformed church that proves that they don’t belong in this age anymore.

This Church in the city of Groningen have officially announced that living together without being married is a sin! People who persist in this sin, shall not be allowed to take part of the Communion (or however they call this in the Reformed Church).
People who currently are living together can only marry for the church if they really show remorse.
This church has even a commission “Discipline and Tolerance”. And people that are living together can expect pressure from the church to stop their sinful way of living.

As I already said, not of this time anymore… I have done well yesterday with stepping away from it.

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And suddenly after years…

by Rob on

And suddenly after years you realize something is not there. Let me explain…

Today I wanted write about the dental treatment I got yesterday. As funny note I wanted to add the lyrics of a song by the group Grupo Sportivo. Many many years ago my brother gave me a LP of them. There was a song on it about a dentist. As I could not found the lyrics on the Internet, so I browsed through my old LP’s…. but it was not there. And to be honest, I am missing more of my old LP’s.
Grease (I know, I know… I was young!), my LP’s of Pat Benetar (really sad that they are gone) and some others of which I am not completely sure anymore…

And oh yes, I know where they are. There is only one place where they can be… I don’t want to think this way, but somewhere in the back of my mind I am wondering what more is gone…


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This time the Catholic Church went too far…

Yesterday I did read the news that in Brazil that a 9 year old girl got pregnant of a twin after being raped by her stepfather. For more then one reason this girl got an abortion. One of the most important reasons is that the body of a 9 year old girl is not ready to carry and deliver a baby, not even to mention a twin.

The archbishop of Brazil accused the mother of the girl of murder and addressed a lawyer to charge her.

I mean, this is so unbelievable wrong. Now the Catholic Churched proved that they don’t belong to this age. I will not even try to to express my anger about this situation.

Well, one thing will change. Because of they way my parents raised me, I am still official “Catholic”, although I don’t believe at all. After today I don’t want my name to be connected with this church of unreal fanatics anymore. So this weekend I will write the needed letters to have myself being removed from the Catholic church.

This web-site gives some information about leaving a church: Leaving the Catholic Church (site is in Dutch only).

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An nice evening with colleagues

by Rob on

We had this already some time planned, going with some of us to Wagamama (a noodle and rice restaurant at the WTC in Amsterdam South). And today was finally the day we did it.

While Tom finished off his last work for the day Anitha and I went for a game of pinball in the companies canteen (and here for a certain person the proof that we have a pinball machine in the canteen :P. After lunch we often play a game of pinball.)

Together we went with Tom’s car to Amsterdam. He parked his car in Amstelveen near the place where Anitha lives. From there we went by tram to the restaurant (this way we saved a lot on parking costs).

At the restaurant we did meet up with Anitha’s husband.

This was great fun. The food was very good again and the atmosphere was wonderful. There was a lot to laugh about and that is exactly the way I like it. It is nice to see your colleagues also outside of work. People are more relaxed and more open in opinion. And as this was also very nice to get to know Anitha’s husband a bit better.

And eh, aren’t they a nice couple?

Sadly one person couldn’t make it because he was ill at home. So anytime soon we will be doing something as this again. Maybe some more people would like to come along :)

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A Bat Out of Hell

by Rob on

Tonight on my way back to Amsterdam, I was listen music on my iPod. And there I was listening to a song from long ago… “A Bat Out of Hell” from Meatload. Suddenly some lines of that stroke me so hard….

“If I gotta be damned you know I wanna be damned.
Gotta be damned you know I wanna be damned.
Dancing through the night with you.”

“But when the day is done and the sun goes down,
and the moonlights shining through,
Then like a sinner before the gates of heaven,
I’ll come crawling on back to you.

Yes, no matter what…  I’ll come crawling on back to you!

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