My body! My decision!

by Marion on

This morning I did read in a newspaper about a so called “Safe Life” organization. The kind of that thinks that abortion is murder, no matter what. Often this kind of organizations have a religious background.

Let me state first that I think that it is good that there is clear regulation about this subject.

But above all, it is my body. If I get pregnant, I can assure you that it will be removed. In my life there is no room for a child of my own. Oh yes, I hear already the remarks I heard so often about be greedy and selfish for not having children. But again, it is my body and it is my life.

Sure, everything is done to prevent that I become pregnant. But that is not the issue. It could happen with some very bad luck.

A fetus of 10 weeks is less “alive” or “fully living” as a rat or mouse, and those we exterminate without a wink of the eye.
At that stage it is nothing more as a pre-stage of a living human. Things just start to develop, but are far away from a feeling and thinking human.

If those “Safe Life” folks want to preserve life in all means for their own, it is okay with me. But I don’t want them to push their believings and opinions upon me.

Sorry about this little rant, but I always get irritated when people try to push their views upon me about matters that are really my own.

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Sax… a go go…

by Rob on

Yesterday a concert in Gronau again. The “Jazz fest” is still going on there.

The first band was Club des Belugas (featuring Brenda Boykin). They were good, but I guess just not my thing. Somehow they didn’t catch me…

But then the main act…. Candy Dulfer…

I just can say woow. What a performance! From the first note she and her band played, they grabbed my full attention… and not only mine.

The music was awesome… the instruments were in great balance… and the show was great to see. Really, this concert belongs to best I ever seen. And it felt like all the people in the hall were feeling the same and living along

And lets be honest, Candy Dulfer is a very attractive woman, a very nice sight for the eye.

One thing is for sure, when she is playing somewhere around where I am again, I will be going to enjoy her show again.

And last, but not least…. I have another signed CD again. A double CD even! Now there was something with signed CD’s…???

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21th Jazzfest Gronua

by Rob on

Yesterday we have been to Gronua to the Jazzfest that they have their every year. Last year we saw there Vaya Con Dios, which was really awesome. Yesterday there were two bands.

The first one was The Bahama Soul Club featuring Pat Appleton. They placed a extreme good show down and what a sound. And the voice of the singer, she was incredible! It was very catchy. I really enjoyed this.

The second band was Matt Bianco. At first I didn’t like what I heard. Vocals could not be hard, trumpet and saxophone were louder then the rest.
But after some songs this was corrected. And yes, I have to admit… they also had a great performance.

I was happy to have been there. I had a great evening… and I have new t-shirt!

Only thing I disliked that it was not allowed to make pictures at all. Even not with a compact camera or cell phone. I find that a bit ridicules, after all we come there for them… and we pay to be there. So let us at least make some pictures as remembrance.

Next week Candy Dulfer… now that is something I am really looking forward to!

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And another year gone…

by Rob on

Friday was my birthday and I reached the ago of 46…

My birthday was a quiet one, with just some of the people that are really close to me around. Basically birthdays don’t mean that much to me, but well that is me :P.

While it was a quite Birthday, it was at the same time a very enjoyable and intensive one.

From Marion I got a new phone, a Nokia E71. This phone can also access the Internet and receive/send mail. She knew I needed a new phone and as she away from home often, she wanted a better way to communicate. Of course when something really important comes up, then she will call me directly. But so often you want to tell the other something without calling.
As I disliked SMS on a normal phone (all the hush with the keys) I almost never used SMS, but this phone has a qwerty-keyboard and that makes it easier. And of there is the use of mail and MSN on it.

From Marion and Sanne together I got something special. They knew I always wanted to learn to handle a carriage with a horse in front of it. These two ladies arranged later this year a training for me to learn that. I am so happy with this.

Then there was third gift, but that is for now private and should not be shared!

Al with all a wonderful birthday! These are the birthdays I like!

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A game of Squah?

by Rob on

Hmmm… It seems I have some catching up to do on some very busy days behind me. Lets get to it and create some postings on what happened the last days!

Last Thursday we had from the company a “Squash” event. The event was organized by my colleague Tom, who is a vivid squash-player. It was good to see that so many people were interested to attend.

There was no competition, just a friendly open play. For those how needed it there were instructions by another colleague who is also very experienced in the game. There were 6 courts hired, so for everyone who wanted to play there was enough room.

After playing we shared some food and drinks together, which was a very nice and pleasant way to end the evening.

I have taken many pictures during this event, which was a new experience for me. This because the light of such a court are far from optimal and the targets (the players are moving very fast). So the picture were made with ISO of 800 and a diaphragm of 2.8.
Although I see some points of improvement, I am not dissatisfied at all. Below some examples. The link below the pictures leads to my photo-site. There will be more pictures, but it will take some time to process all the pictures I have taken.

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Grumpy people :)

by Rob on

This morning I was sitting in a bus towards the railroad station Amsterdam Zuid, to get there the train to travel home and celebrate my birthday. It seemed that for some reason a bus earlier was cancelled and did not ride its route.

People were loudly complaining that they had to wait a whole 20 minutes. Some were really annoyed about it. They should be happy that there is a bus every 20 minutes (well, there is actually 15 minutes between the buses on that route, but people always seems to need to exaggerate so much). On many places outside the big cities buses ride every 30 minutes or more.

Without very much effort I could find enough reasons why this bus didn’t appear. The could have been involved in a car accident, something might have been broken, the driver might have become ill or what you hear a lot lately, the passengers might have misbehaved badly. All very valid reasons.

I really don’t understand why people can be that grumpy and annoyed about little things like this. Life is stressful enough. No need to add to that by things that are really not worth it. Take things like this relaxed, that makes live so more enjoyable.

And oh, I have to be honest. There is a lot complaining about younger people, but in this matter I really have to say that how older the person was, the more they were annoyed by this.

Anyway… I am on my way home. And I am really curious what kind of surprise Marion and Sanne have for my birthday!

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A misty morning

by Rob on

This morning I did wake up early. It was around 6am and I was a bit thirsty. I didn’t want to wake up Marion, so I got very carefully out of bed to get some water.

On my way back to the bedroom I looked through the window outside and saw there was a rather thick mist outside.
Somehow I always liked mist. It gives the world a mysterious look.
I walked up to the window and looked outside at that mist covered world. Suddenly I felt two arms around me and Marion asked me if I did like “such a small world” as she did. Which I of course had to confirm.

While we stood there Marion suggested to go out and make a walk through this misty world. That was a great idea. So we got quickly dressed and I grabbed my camera…..

It was awesome…

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by Rob on

I just returned from shopping groceries. Normally I already dislike supermarkers…. but on a day as today, it is even worse. Today it is Eastern… and it seems the supermarket was packed full with people!

Sure, people have to do their shopping for one day more. After all Monday the shops will be closed, but one look at what they people bought showed that this was not for normal living. Their shopping-cars are filled complete with luxury food and stuff. It seems it could not be expensive enough…

Then their children… Now, don’t get me wrong, I don’t dislike children at all. But after the 5th time a kid rides a shopping car that is way too big for time against my ankles, I start to get a bit annoyed… And for me a child doesn’t have to be silent, but the way they act in the supermarket in way overdone. A play-yard is nothing compared with. And no of the parents seem to have the need to say something about it.

Then the parents theirselves… on the most weird places in the shop they need to have a chat with the people they know… Not a moment wondering if they may block the way for someone else. And if you ask friendly if they could move a bit, they react irritated.

Nay, this kind of shopping I don’t like at all. I am glad it is done for this weekend and that I am home again.

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Back to Borne…

by Rob on

Last Saturday Marion, Sanne and I traveled to the town of Borne. We were there to visit a performance in the open air theater in the hamlet Hertme, which is directly located next to Borne. But we made a small mistake there. The performance is not this month, but the next month. But being there, we decided to take a look around…

It was weird to be there again. Yes, to be there again… I lived for around 12 years in Borne. I had my first real job in Borne, so on a certain moment I moved to there. After around a year I met my ex and after some time we moved together. After many years this relation went wrong. Shit happens…

Anyway it felt good to walk there with Marion (and with Sanne of course too). Somehow it felt as I was able to close finally that part of my life and leave all the hurt behind. Don’t get me wrong, it wasn’t already for a very long time something that placed any weight on me. Now I have been there with Marion it is done with.

We did visit many places that I had memories of. From Hertme to Borne (or at least in that direction), there is lawn that leads by the farm where the horses that I used to have were on stable. I almost could smell the stables again….
From there we walked over some sandy paths and along the sides of a brook (sorry, Marion, that must not have been pleasant with your heels) where I walked often with the dogs

From there through a small forest back to Hertme where the car was parked. While we got back to the car I remembered that there it was I had an accident with Marley (one of the horses I used to have) which could have turned very wrong. I still have a scare from that event on my right leg.

In Borne we decided it was time for coffee and a small snack. A place I used to come rather often (“La Lambique”) was gone and the place didn’t look that inviting to me. Luckily another place where I came even more often was still there… “Het Steegje”.
I remember how I way back in time every Sunday morning went there for coffee and toasty’s.

Walking around town I noticed many things were still the same, but also a lot changed. Of course Marion couldn’t resist to buy a nice blouse she spotted (just kidding, it was indeed a very nice blouse)..

In the part of town where I used to live not much was changed. We walked my old house there and the one were I used to live with my ex. Maybe it is not fair to say after all this time and all that happened, but now it feels that moving together over then was not a good thing to do.

Marion said again, what she said before… that she had a feeling I let people walk over me. That there have been decisions have been pushed through, that never should have been made. But this is not the spot to go into those details.
But since then I have become stronger and learned a lot about live. I know that Marion can run easily over me, but I also know she never would do that.
Anyway, after that we walked around the pound that is close to there. Another area where I used to walk with the dogs and also an area that did not change a lot.

We decided to have dinner at the Mexican restaurant “Las Carretas” and it was as good as it was my memories. As it was Sanne’s turn to drive, Marion could enjoy some wine during dinner. I love it when she is a little tipsy. She always becomes then very cuddly :P.

Before going home we made a small walk through the part of town that is called “Old Borne”. Many old building can be found there and everything new is build in a fitting style. I always liked it there a lot.

Back home we three shared a good glass of Cognac before going to bed. It was an unexpected way the day and evening went, but it was a good day.

Strange… suddenly I realize that when referring to the past I always talk about me alone and not about my ex. Maybe that is already a clear sign. The past is gone and memories are replaced by better ones!

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