Next Sunday Patrick and I will go to see the new Transformers movie in Amsterdam.

This morning I did read a critic on that movie and it was a very negative critic. But mostly when the “experts” write negative about a movie, the movie is great. I have seen this so often by now.

So most likely a great movie is awaiting us Sunday :)

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I saw a world change….

by Rob on

Last Saturday I was with Marion at the swimming pool in Haaksbergen. As normally it was very enjoyable.

When we were relaxing in the whirl pool I was listening to a song. I never heard the song before, neither I had an idea who the performing artist was. There was one line that caught my intention… “I have seen a world change”.

I realized that I indeed have seen a world changing over the last 25 year. When I mumbled something about that, Marion asked me what the heck I was talking about.

It must have been around 1982 when I got my first computer, a ZX 81. And now, June 2009, there is so much changed when we talk about computers and anything connected to it.

Many computers passed my hands is those years… Let me see, after the ZX 81 an Texas Instruments TI-99 came along. To be followed by a Comx 35/PC and an MSX home computer.
A XT 8606 with a CGA monitor was my first real PC. Followed up by a real 8Mhz AT with an EGA monitor (with 16 colors!!!). After that things went fast… a 386, a 386sx, a 486sx, a Pentium, a Pentium III… up to the Duo Core desktop and laptop that I have now.

Also I saw all kind of networks… twisted pair peer to peer networks, coax, token ring, cat based networks, fiber. All seen it, worked with all. And of when end of the 80’s the network of network came along: The Internet.

The Internet… a story apart! Who does remember things as SLIP, Gopher and DosLynx? Connecting with a 300bps modem to Amsterdam… my poor phone bill.
And nowadays it hard to imagine a world without the Internet. We use it for everything… to look up information, to book journey, to buy things, for banking… and many, many more things.

Lets have a look at the communication means that I had over the years. It all started with a 1200/75 modem (split baudrate!) for Videotext. This was replaced by a 300bps modem for visiting BBSes and for sending (echo) mail on the Fidonet. But 300bps was not that fast after some time, so a 56K modem was bought. ISDN with 128K channel (if I recall correct).
And the time of the broadwide networks arrived. First a cable connection of 4Mb. Followed by a switch to ASDL 4Mb, which was upgraded 8, 12 and 20mb now. And I am on fore eve of a fiber connection of 40mb up/down.

About the operations systems can the same story be told. Text-based CPM and MS DOS (from version 2.x up to 6.x), the first Windows versions that ran upon DOS, Windows 95, Windows 98, Windows Milenium (ugh), Windows XP and Windows Vista.
SCO Unix and all kind of Linux distributions. As we are close to network OS’es, lets not forget my beloved Novell Netware.

That Wordstar was nothing that would stayed might have been clear form the beginning. But how big the surprise was that Word Perfect was wiped out by MS Word?

I could write so many ore things about everything I saw come and go in this weird world called IT.

After some talking about this all with Marion, I pulled her close in the whirl pool and said it again: “I have seen a world change!”. And we both knew that I was right.

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Blake’s 7

by Rob on

Normally when I have to travel home from Hoofddorp naar Haaksbergen, I have to wait a bit on Schiphol to catch the train that will bring me directly to the city of Hengelo.
At Schiphol there is one shop where they sell the nicest movies on DvD. So I always take a look there. And this time I found something very nice there…. a DvD-box of the Blake’s 7 series.

Blake’s 7 was a SF series for TV made by the BBC. I always watched this series when I was young boy. I totally loved it.

And it is great fun to see it again. Sure, the special effects cannot be compared with movies as Star Wars. But the story-line is good… The actors are good… And that makes the series good.

“This is what the Wikipedia tells us about the series”

It is very nice to find DvD’s of series you watched closely when you were younger.

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Suske and Wiske

by Rob on

Ever since I was little kid I loved to read the comics of “Suske en Wiske”. But somehow I did “forget’ about them, maybe most likely because they were stored on the attic.
Some weeks ago I was in a bookstore and there I was a “Suske en Wiske” book. I bought it and now I am addicted to them again. I got all the books from the attic and have been reading many of them since then.

Right now I own 128 “Suske en Wiske” books and I have decided to try to get them all (currently there are 307 books of them available).

To prevent that I will buy duplicates, I downloaded a list with all the 307 books. This list I imported into MS Accees and altered the table so I could mark which books I have and which don’t. This list resides now beside my list of DvD’s I own on my mobile phone, so I have that list always with me.

Now, please excuse me… I have a “Suske en Wiske”-book to read :P

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by Rob on

Enjoying life is every possible way… that is what it is about for me.

There are so many reasons for sorrow, for sadness and other negative things in life, that one should go for every enjoyable moment in life.

So I had a wonderful morning. Maybe for others not something very special, but for me it was great.

As written here before I go swimming every Saturday morning. I like swimming and it is good for my condition.
This morning Marion went along with me (as so does every now and then).
It was nice to swim those tracks together. I think we did swim about 20 tracks together and that is much more then I do normally.
We relaxed a bit in one of the whirlpools. And specially the one we were was very nice. It was directly located at a huge window and sun shinning in through that window made it very very nice.
We also did spend some time in the sauna. It was Marion who really introduced me to sauna’s and I must say I am happy she did. I like it a lot and it is very healthy as well.
As last we did spend some in a herb bath. They say that these herb bath are very healthy, but what I really like about them is the higher temperature of the water. It makes you feels gloomy and sleepy. Very relaxing….

Maybe for other something like this would be nothing more as a morning at a swimming pool. For me it was more then that. For me it was one of these things that make life good.

And oh… btw kissing under water is fun :)

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by Rob on

Today we had the European elections… and for the first time I felt ashamed for my countrymen.

A hate spreading party as the PVV seems to be growing fast. I am so ashamed…. so ashamed….

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