Goodmorning Starshine…

by Rob on

Yesterday I went rather early to bed because the very awesome, great but very busy weekend Marion and I had here in Amsterdam.

So as always when I go early to bed, I wake early up…. So even with my hurting stomach (I must have eaten something very bad the day before) I felt good. Sitting on the balcony that is next my room in Amsterdam I looked up and saw slowly how the morning arrived while the stars where playing brightfully in the sky…

“Good morning starshine
The earth says hello
You twinkle above us
We twinkle below”
One of the things I really liked about what Marion called “shared memories”… Memories I share with my mother and the others of my family and which I also share with Marion…
We talking here about things as the street where I was born, the Sarphatipark where my mother always took us for a walk….

But also memories that I only know by the words of mother and that are also now part of Marions memories… as the shop in the Kuiperstraat….

So yes, I feel good… nice emotions… so yes…. “Good morning starshine…”


(Credit photo’s: Rob)

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Grumpy people….

by Rob on

It always make me grin to see how grumpy people are in the morning in the train…. Must be bad to start your day with such a bad mood…

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My book list and DvD list

by Rob on

For some weeks now I am keeping a list of the books that I am reading.

The idea was to place any book there that I have been reading. Comics as “Suske and Wiske” included (so there will be a lot of their books be mentioned there, because I really like them and started to collect them again :) ).
But for some reason I didn’t like the layout I used. For instance, I added for each book a link to site with more information on that specific book. Not a good idea. Links come and go… and even in the short time I have this list a link was not working anymore.
So for some days I have playing around with it and what I have now I like:

  • A scanned picture of the cover (350 pixels in heigth)
  • Date I started to read it
  • The title of the book (and the original title when there is one)
  • Author(s), ISBN Number, year of printing, publishing company
  • Short description of the book

At first description may be short and based on what is written on the cover of book. After finishing the book I may extend the discription and add more information there as what I thought of the book.

Only thing I have to keep an eye on that when there are lots of books with cover-pictures the loading of the page may become slow. Then I will make some kind of archive for the older books or something like that. Time enough to think about that.

I like my book list and because of that I also created a list of DvD’s that I am watching :).

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Pink Floyd

by Rob on

Lately I am listen often to the music of Pink Floyd. Great music and I already know them since I was young boy. Most likely because my older brother owned many of their albums.

Nowadays I have most of their albums on my iPod (and laptop). I like to listen music when reading (in the train for instance or in the evening).

Albums I like most are “Wish you are here”, “Dark Side of The Moon”, “Animals”, “The Wall” and “Relics”.

I think there are not many bands that can compare themselves with Pink Floyd. A rich history from way back in 1964 (I was born in 1963) with many up and downs.

… So, so you think you can tell Heaven from Hell …

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A week in the fast lane…

by Rob on

This weeks was one of those weeks that went so fast and were so busy that there wasn’t nearly a moment  rest.

Nicest moments of the week?

Last Sunday I have been with Patrick to the new Transformers-movie (The Revenge of The Fallen). It was a great movie, no matter what some “experts” (yuck) may claim. It was a great to lean back and watch. What an action…  and what a great special effects… and what a very pretty Megan Fox :).

Another nice thing I was visiting the Tropical Museum in Amsterdam. From my mother I heard very nice stories about this museum and she was right, it is a very beautiful museum.
It is a place where you can learn a lot about the countries that were closely connected to the history of The Netherlands. With its many stories and many items this is a museum where hours pass by without noticing it.
I hope to go soon back there, but then with someone who can tell me more about all the things one can see there. And a change to redo many pictures (taking pictures is very hard there to do).

I have a feeling the rest of the month will be a little bit weird. It is the last month of current contract at the company I work now. This weekend I had to write an motivation why they should offer me a permanent contract. I did my best and we will see what happens….

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