This they promised never to do…

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They promised us over and over again never to use the Dutch security number (“SOFI Number”) to connect all kind of databases together.

What did they do? They renamed the “SOFI Number” it to “BSN Number” and do with that what they said they never would do.

Today I needed to have some x-rays made. At the counter of the poli I was told that I needed a new medical card for the hospital. So okay I handed over my card for the insurance company. They also needed my ID card or passport. I was like “WTF?????”.

On the new medical card my BSN Number (better known as SOFI number) is registered. With other words, my complete medical history is now connected to all the other databases that are accessible that use the BSN Number….


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Schiphol and me

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Airport Schiphol… I never knew that an airport and I could become such “friends”. Of course for a young boy an airport with those big planes is something very special. But even now, while I am way over the age of 40, Schiphol has a special meaning to me, maybe even more then ever before!

I mean, how often did I not walk around Schiphol… did shoppings or had dinner there while waiting for the train to take me home.

Nowadays when I go on my bicycle to my work (and back after my work) I see so much of Schiphol. Specially by all these new routes I am trying.

But most of all, how often by now did I not bring Marion to Schiphol when she had to travel for her work again… or waited for her arrive there again…
Yes, a big guy as me did shred a tear there every now and then…

Yes, Schiphol has become a place of good stuff and honest emotions to me…. and to be honest, still the young boy in me can be so amazed watching a plane take off…

And not only for me Schiphol has a special meaning, even for my good friend Patrick…. where he heard his evangelist preach (Sorry Patrick. I couldn’t resist :P)

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Scholtehagen park

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This morning we made a nice walk through the Scholtehagen Park.

Although this park is not very big, it is rather old. In 1902 it was given by W.H. Jordaan to the people of the town of Haaksbergen (H.W. Jordaan was one of the big textile barons of Twente).
Nowadays there is a large area for recreation around the park. There is for instance a tropical bath, tennis courts, fields for soccer and hockey.

But still I like this little park. It has been there as long as I can remember and over the many years I have been there, although maybe not with such wonderful company as today :).

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Looking for a new theme again…

by Rob on

Although I like the theme I am currently using a lot (and yes, I like dark colors… and those have nothing to do with sadness or evil things) Patrick is right…. This theme is messing up with line feeds and that is something I really don’t want.

So you may see for the coming time different themes active until I find one again that I really like. This may mean that the layout of my weblog is not optimal at times… Solly!


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Silent Wittness…

by Rob on

I used to have this one on my old weblog, but it is still a good one… :)
(Found it while looking for something else on my computer)

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by Rob on

Yesterday I came home to Haaksbergen again after a week of working in Hoofddorp again. The weeks flies by there, which means for me that I am having a good time there.

Marion and I went for some shopping to town. While walking there I realized that maybe in some months I will be not living here anymore, because I have moved to any place around Hoofddorp. When that time arrives I am pretty sure I will miss this town. It is a very nice town and I lived here the biggest part of my life.
I will miss the familiar streets and shops… the people I know and all the other the friendly people… the woods and the forests… and so many other things.

After our walking around town, we sat for something to drink at “De Markt 2”. There another place that I will miss very strongly. For so many years this place has been my main hangout. Had many good conversations there…. laughed and sang along with life music… enjoyed the good food they serve. Yes, I did spend many hours there…

I will miss “De Markt 2” and all the other nice things of Haaksbergen a lot at times. But yet the decisions that have been made around my job in Hoofddorp are good ones! But it is very good reason to find a place to live that I really love close to the place that I work!!!

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Code is Poetry – ZX81 Basic

by Rob on

Yesterday when I was traveling back to Amsterdam I suddenly a very nice idea for a series of articles here on my weblog.

As many know I am a software engineer (or a programmer as they called that in the past :P). In the more then the 20 years I am coding I have seen many programming languages. It should be fun for me to take a look back at them all and maybe it is also nice for those who have an interest in this area. So every now and then I will give one of the languages I have worked or am working with some special attention.

I will start with a review of ZX 81 Basic. The ZX 81 was one of the first home computers that came out in the early 1980’s. It had a build in Basic version.

Basic (Beginners All-purpose Symbolic Instruction Code) was not really meant to develop in, but it was meant to learn programming. Most Basic-versions were interpreter language, which meant on execution of the program the original source was translated to system instruction (commands that a computer can understand and execute).

ZX 81 Basic was a very minimal version of Basic. The instruction set is very limited.

Interesting was though that while you where enter code, ZX 81 Basic completed the instruction for you. So when you entered an “I’ it knew when you meant just an “I” or you needed the “if” instruction and display the complete instruction on the screen. It did this pretty good.

ZX81 Basic did not have any really graphic functions. After all it was complete black/white and the only way to do anything with plotting small blocks on the screen.

Below a typical example of piece of ZX81 Basic code. Looking at it, I would have done some thing different, but as said…. “Code is Poetry” , so it is all up to the coder :

1000 REM recursive subroutine
1010 IF x>8 OR x<1 OR y>8 OR y<1 THEN RETURN
1020 IF b$(s,1)<>a$(y,x) THEN RETURN
1030 IF SCREEN$ (20-y*2,2+x*3)<>” ” THEN RETURN
1040 PRINT AT 20-y*2,1+x*3; PAPER 5+((y+x)=INT ((y+x)/2)*2);(” ” AND s<10); s
1050 IF s=64 THEN PRINT AT 21,8;”SOLVED IN “;m; ” MOVES” : STOP
1060 LET s=s+1: LET b$(s)=”23456789″: LET m=m+1
1070 LET x=x+x2: LET y=y+y1: GO SUB 1000: LET y=y-y1: LET x=x-x2
1080 LET x=x+x2: LET y=y-y1: GO SUB 1000: LET y=y+y1: LET x=x-x2
1090 LET x=x+x1: LET y=y+y2: GO SUB 1000: LET y=y-y2: LET x=x-x1
1100 LET x=x+x1: LET y=y-y2: GO SUB 1000: LET y=y+y2: LET x=x-x1
1110 LET x=x-x1: LET y=y+y2: GO SUB 1000: LET y=y-y2: LET x=x+x1
1120 LET x=x-x1: LET y=y-y2: GO SUB 1000: LET y=y+y2: LET x=x+x1
1130 LET x=x-x2: LET y=y+y1: GO SUB 1000: LET y=y-y1: LET x=x+x2
1140 LET x=x-x2: LET y=y-y1: GO SUB 1000: LET y=y+y1: LET x=x+x2
1150 IF b$(s)>=”0″ THEN LET b$(s)=b$(s,2 TO ): GO TO 1070
1155 LET s=s-1 : REM obsolete backtracking path
1160 PRINT AT 20-y*2,1+x*3; PAPER 8;” ”

Edit:  Somehow the code example was messed up. There were some codes in there that were translated as HTML, which it should not. It looks now a lot better I have to say.

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Google Maps

by Rob on

I managed to integrate Google Maps with the wonderful plugin WP Geo into my weblog. I really think it is pretty awesome.

For now I can add one marker per post. But as far as I understand it is in development to add more markers per post, which would be really nice for post with pictures of different places. I would love this also for my list of cafés and restaurants. So I just have to patient for that.

The markers get now as label the title of the post where it is placed in. Defining your own labels would be very nice. I believe this is something that is also in development.

The widget only shows when there are posts with markers on the current page of posts. And it only shows the markers that are on the current page. It would be nice if all markers would be shown, but I don’t see this as a real big problem. All markers may give after some time of adding new markers a big and messy total of markers.

Over time I will be adding markers to older posts :).

It like this all very much!!!!

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Something nice to watch….

by Rob on

Most people who read here will know that I am not really the marriage-kind of man… but this evening Sanne did send me a YouTube-movie… and yes, if marriage is about something then it is about this!!!!

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by Rob on

I just added an album for good looking graffiti to my photo-site. There are now some pictures already, but over time more will be added. Just follow the link below. Enjoy!

[The URL that was used here is not valid anymore]

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