The best Donner ever….

by Rob on

Not far away from where I stay throughout the week in Amsterdam, there is this Donner & Kebab restaurant, Believe me… they have the best donner I ever tasted. The meat they use is chicken or real calf meat. Although I am a big lover of chicken, in this case I always go for calf.
The meat is just perfectly done… the vegetables crispy… the garlic sauce just wonderful… the red sauce spicy, but without burning your throat… It is just wonderful…

And apart from that, the people there are friendly and have a good sense of humor.

Oh believe me, I had donner before…. even so bad that I have thrown it away after the first bite (Donner Express, Central Station Amsterdam).

But the donner they have this place makes it all good. When you are in Amsterdam and you are after some good donner. Go there… Kebab & Donner Center at the Zeilstraat 30.

It is awesome…

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As often said before, we have people from many countries of the world at the company where I work. People like to share something from their country or culture. Mostly these are little snacks or something like that.

So Elem brought little cookies that are used during the celebration of the Sugarfest. These were very tasteful, although they were very sweet,

Annacarla, who just returned from Italy, brought also something from her country. She brought cakes with the name “Baba”. She warned us that was a little alcohol in these cakes. What she didn’t tell was these cakes were drowned with pure rum!

Oh I am not complaining… these cakes tasted very well. But I also am sure that more then two of these cakes would turned out badly. Eating one of these cakes felt like drinking a glass of rum in one pull!

Here two links with some more information about the cakes:
Rum Baba (Wikipedia)
Rum Baba (Delicious Italy)

Some weekend soon I will try to make those at home :)

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“De Nachtegaal”

by Rob on

Yesterday Marion, Sanne and I had dinner together. We wanted to go to somewhere we never had been before, but we had a hard time to come up with something ( …which makes most likely something clear).

Then I remembered that Restaurant “De Nachtegaal” was open again. This restaurant that is located between Haaksbergen en Hengelo (close to the town of Beckum) has been closed for many years. I can remember of having being there with my parents when I was young boy.

Suddenly somewhere last year it was open again. And from that moment I already wanted to go there again….

So the three of us went there yesterday and a great time. It is a very nice looking place and the people are very kind. The food was very good. Although I have to say that a “Boeren tapas” (farmers tapas) still sounds a bit wierd to me. After all tapas is something Spanish.

But the best part was of course being there with people I care about. Talking about the months that are approaching. It will be all but a quiet time. Lots of things are about to happen. And many other things have to be taken care of. Talking about it helps a lot…

Had a very enjoyable time…

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Today I saw a movie as a reaction on the proposal of Geert Wilders for a head scarf tax (Muslims only of course). The movie shows exactly the idea of Wilders is beyond any form of reason and just discrimination of Muslims.


I removed the link the movie. This after Patrick warned me about the content that can be found on the rest of that website. He was right. Many other things on that website are way over the limit and I don’t want my blog to be related to such content in any way. So that is why I removed the link to the movie.

Thanks Patrick for the warning.

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Wilders lost it completely

by Rob on

Today the politician Geert Wilders told that he wanted a tax of 1000 euro’s per Muslima who wears a headscarf… And if course only against this kind head-wear that are worn by Muslims and not the head-wear that is common for Jews as example.

This man lost complete his touch of reality. He is so blinded by his hate for the Islam that is he started to declare this kind of nonsense. It is discrimination in its purest form against Muslims is general and women in more detail.
In the beginning Wilders claimed that he wanted to act on bad behaving and criminal Muslims only. His recent actions showed that he wants to act on ALL Muslims. And as said, that makes is discrimination.

I hope this kind of stupidity will fade him away and that the Dutch politics may find its rest again.

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So absolutely amazing…

by Rob on

A colleague of mine showed me the two YouTube-movies about Kseniya Simonova. It absolutely amazing what she does. I was filled with awe when I saw it for the first time.

Just lean back and enjoy….

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Hot for Words!!!

by Rob on

Some time ago I did run by confidence into a very funny site.

On the page a good looking woman explain the meaning of words. She does this on a YouTube-movie. People who visit her page can request words of which they want the explanation.
I really learned there some things. And apart from that it all is often done with a good sense of humor. It gave me some good laughs.

Here site can be found at Hot for Words. Below one of the latest movies…. Enjoy and have fun

BTW the “blondish” style in the movies are played by her. I saw once an interview with her and there it showed she was a very bright and intelligent woman.

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Art Zuid

by Rob on

Currently there is open air exhibition in Amsterdam, “The International Sculpture Route Amsterdam, Art Zuid”.

The sculptures were located at the Apollolaan and Minervastraat. The weather was very nice and it was very relaxing to walk there and make pictures of the many sculptures.

Okay, modern art is not my strongest point. I admit that right away. Maybe it is just me, but I must be able to recognize something… see what it is. And that is not because I have no imagination or something.
Sure, constructions with nice shapes and colors can also beautiful, but then for it is only about the shapes and colors. And not more then that… at least not for me.

Nevertheless I saw many things I liked. You could see the artist has been very busy with it.

But I have to admit that there were also some items I didn’t like at all. Some even so bad that I found taking a picture of it too much effort. But lets hold that to personal taste…

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Subscribe to comments….

by Rob on

Today I have added a new functionality to my weblog here.

You can now subscribe to a thread, which means that you will be notified by mail when there is a new comment added. When you go the comments part of a post, then you will see a checkbox that you can use to subscribe to the thread. You don’t need to be logged in to use this feature, but of course you have to enter a valid mail address (which will not be visible on the weblog). You will be notified for every new comment on the thread.

This is something I would love to see on every weblog. How often do you not comment on something and only be visiting the weblog again you can see if someone replied to your comment. Many replies on comments are lost this way and that is a pitty I think. So I was very happy with this functionality and I would like to urge other weblog/blog owners to add this kind of functionality to their weblog or blog as well.

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