The Rose

by Rob on

How did it happen that their lips came together?
How does it happen that birds sing,
that snow melts,
that the rose unfolds,
that the dawn whitens behind the stark shapes of trees
on the quivering summit of the hill?

A kiss, and all was said.

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Night of the Proms 2009

by Rob on

Last Wednesday I have been to the Night of the Proms in the Ahoy Rotterdam. This year it was extreme good again.

Personally for me the performance was the one of Sharon den Adel, but I realize that I am here maybe a bit prejudiced, because I really like the band Within Temptation of who she the singer is. All the special effects and the dancers took so much away from my attention that I just realized on very last moment that Sharon was already on the stage.
But I heard from more people that her performance was very good.

But there were more great artists as Orchestra on Maneuvers in the Dark, Roxette and Toots Thieleman. And as always II Novecentro was there as orchestra again.

I have a big respect for Marie Fredriksson, the singer of Roxette. She has been many years away from the stage because of very serious health problems. You could easily see that this all took a lot from her. The more it was great to see her there.

After the performance of Roxette Per Gessle, their guitarist, did throw his plectrum into the audience. I did feel it hit my arm, but before I could act it was already fallen to the ground. It was really too dark to see it laying on the ground. So after the concert I waited until the lights were on again. And I did find the plectrum. A very nice remembrance to this concert.

I really liked the extra special effects they had this year with fire and fireworks. There were moments I feared for my mustache :)

Looking forward for The Night of the Proms in Germany next December. Alan Parsons will be there among others!

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“Durf jij?”

by Rob on

Today I received the latest CD of Ellen ten Damme. This album which is titled “Durf jij?” (Do you dare?) will be announced tomorrow officially. But people who really like Ellen ten Damme and who are subscripted to her mailing list, got the opportunity to order the CD already with a nice discount and signed by Ellen herself. This my second CD signed by her.

This album is in Dutch and for me it is the first time I hear her sing Dutch. Although I know she isn’t limited to English only. I have heard her sing in German before.

I like this new album a lot. The style is a bit different then the other albums I have. But a change is good at times. The lyrics are direct as always. So no change there and I like that.

So another good album of Ellen ten Damme.

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At Mulligans again…

by Rob on

Yesterday some colleagues and I did get together at Mulligans again. Mulligans is an Irish pub right at the Amstel in the city of Amsterdam. I love to come there

As always we coming there to play some games. And as a colleague brought his children along, we first played a game of Uno, which was a complete new game for me.

After that we turned to Monopoly and that is of course always fun.

About both games we played there were some discussions about the rules. Even so much that the official rules had to be checked on it. And we discovered that people brought many of their own rules in these games.

Afterwards someone us had dinner at “Het Fornuis”. We have been there before, so we knew it was a very good there. And I must admit, the deer steak I had was marvelous.

So all a good evening with lots of laughter and some interesting conversations. And oh… Marion, I have new t-shirt that you cannot have ^_^ :P

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Bon voyage, Marion…

by Rob on

Today Sanne and I traveled with Marion along to the airport Schiphol, because at last the day had arrived that Marion would travel for her work to the USA. There she will get an special training in commercial and communication area’s and she will learn to use that what she learned by working some time for the company in the USA.

After having breakfast and showering we both added the last things to our luggage. Yes, me too, because I would stay in Amsterdam after we said goodbye at the airport. Not much use in traveling back to Haaksbergen, specially not because on Sunday I would have a team event with some people from the company I work for in Amsterdam.
The taxi arrived perfect in time. And after picking up Sanne, he brought us to the railroad station of Hengelo. We had decided that traveling by train in this case would be the best and most comfortable way to get at the airport.
The journey by train went fast and without any problems. We were before we knew it at the airport. Always when you don’t want it time goes very fast.

Anyway, we were way in time at the airport, so the three of us had lunch together at a sandwich bar. After that we made a walk over the airport and bought the last things Marion needed.
Because we still had enough time we went to the promenade deck and in a soft rain we determined which runway would be used by the plane Marion would travel with. After standing there some time we realized that the time had arrived for Marion to check in and with that getting out of our reach.
A last hug… a last kiss… some soft words… And I must admit that I was biting my lips hard when I saw her disappear. As we promised each other, no phone calls or SMS’s that would make it harder for anyone of us.

Sanne and I went back to drink coffee. Neither of us was really in the mood to say something, so it stayed silent. Then the time arrived that we knew that Marion’s plane would take off, so we went back to the promenade deck and there we watched the plane maneuver to the right runway and we saw it take off smoothly.

Somehow I think Sanne and I now both had the need to talk a bit. So we sat down again for another cup of coffee. And I think that was a good thing. After some time we both felt a bit better again. I brought Sanne back to the railroad station of Schiphol and waved her out on her way back home.

I went back to the shops of the airport and bought me a movie to watch tonight. I bought “X-Men Origins: Wolverine”, a new movie that I wanted to see anyway. I also bought a new 8Gb USB stick, because I lost my old one somewhere. After that I made me on my way to Amsterdam Old South where I normally stay throughout the week.

Marion, today was a day of many emotions, for all of us. And I saw the tear on your cheek when we said goodbye. I felt just the same and so did Sanne. Even with all these emotions, we want you to grab this great opportunity for you. You deserve this so much!!!!!!

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The Fellowship of The Ring

by Rob on

Yesterday evening we watched the movie The Fellowship of The Ring, the first of the three Lord of the Ring-movies. Sure, I have seen these movies before, but it is great to see them again. These movies are so great that watching them again is almost a must. The Lord of The Ring movies belong to my all time favorite movies.
It was said that was impossible to make movies of The Lord of The Ring-books. Well, that statement has been proven incorrect.

Comfortable lazy laying on the couch, both something nice to drink and some snacks. It was very nice. There is a big chance we will be watching the second movie tonight. It is nice way to spend some time together before Marion starts her journey.

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As grandmother would do it…

by Rob on

I think we all know these kind of grandmothers wisdom and solutions to all kind of daily problems. Most of the time they sound weird and are very doubtful to work, but not always…

As people may know I use to write a fountain pen (or ink pen as some people can them). This pen has belonged to my father and it is very dear possession to me.
Last week I was wearing this pen in the pocket of my shirt. Somehow the top of the pen got loose and caused a big ink stain in my shirt. I was about to throw away the shirt, when I got the idea to google if there is a way to remove such an inkt stain.

And I found something… Just put the part of the shirt with the stain overnight in a disk of milk. I tried it and it really works. This morning the ink stain was completely gone…
Unbelievable, but it seems very clear that all these simple solution from the past are not always nonsense…..

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An Autumn walk…

by Rob on

Yesterday, while Marion was at Sanne’s place, I made a nice long walk through Haaksbergen. The weather was windy, but the temperature was not uncomfortable at all.

Some people say that they have a favorite season. As I always claimed that I like spring the most, but then I realize the more that every season has its beauty. And the later really goes for autumn as well.
Autumn is the time when nature prepares for the winter and with that is gives a wonderful display of colors.

I know that for a lot of people autumn is a period that makes then more or less depressive. That is not for me the case. I see it an time of the years where you seek the warmth of the people around and share time with them.

Of course I had my camera along to shoot some pictures.

At the end of the afternoon I made my way to the center of Haaksbergen and had dinner at “De Markt 2”. I had “Fish and Chips” and the name is the same to the old English dish. I had the original “Fish and Chips once when I stayed years ago in the town of Beckbury, but I really have to say that I prefer this “Dutch interpretation” of it. Way less fat and very crispy.

Anyway I enjoyed this walk very much. It gave me a clear mind again.

On my way back home it started to rain softly, but to be honest I didn’t mind much about…. At times it feels good to walk in a soft rain when your mood is after it… and it of course always fun to see all those people run for shelter…

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