Impossible girl…

by Rob on

Another step forward with my house…. my signed “Impossible Girl’ of Ellen ten Damme found its way to the way above my couch.

It took some more time as planned to get this poster on the wall. The wall behind it is extreme hard and you need a special drill for that wall. So I needed someone with such a drill. Well, lucky there was someone around :).

Anyway, I am very happy with the poster on the wall. Beside the fact that I think that Ellen ten Damme is an awesome artist, I got this poster on the same evening when Patrick made loudly his remark about the signed CD I bought for Marion (who was sick that evening) and give the words “signed CD” a special meaning forever :)

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About aftershave and perfums….

by Rob on

Yesterday a small parcel arrived by mail… as it was stamped outside The Netherlands, I was already pretty convinced that it was coming from Marion and I was right…

There was a sweet note in the parcel telling that I have now such a beautiful bathroom that there should be some quality aftershaves and related things there and that the parcel was the first step from her side to make it so. In the parcel was a bottle of “Joop”, a very exclusive aftershave…

This is indeed the most expensive and exclusive aftershave I ever had.

Pondering about this gift, I decided to start working on an idea I had some time back. In my bathroom there is already a spot with some make-up and alike of Marion. The make-up I bought some months ago on request of Marion when she discovered on the flight back to The Netherlands that she forgot all her make-up and alike in the Italian hotel she stayed. It all stayed at my place, which was handy when Marion stayed at my place. And of course it all moved along to my new house.

From the house of my parents I brought some very old perfume bottles along. Most of these bottles were empty and the one that still contained something, it didn’t smell really well anymore. But I liked these bottle really a lot because of their wonderful shapes…. specially the swan one.

Right now I am cleaning these bottles and after they are really clean, I will fill them with some of the perfums I know that Marion really likes… perfums as Pure White Linen, Dior Eau Svelte and Eau d’ Énergie (And yes Marion, I did take a good look at your makeup table…. or rather the picture I have of it :P)

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New roommates….

by Rob on

Since today I have two new roommates in my house…

This morning I have bought a couple of Zebrafinches… small happy birds.

When I was younger I used to have a big aviary with Zebra-finches (among other kind of birds). At that time I did breed them for competitions and I even won a number of prices with that.

But that is all long gone. Now I just wanted some happy sounds roommates bringing joy and life to the apartment :).

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Déjà vu

by Rob on

This morning I was walking all sleepy down the stairs of the building where I live to leave for work… Just before I was downstairs I saw a woman with her back towards me standing in front for the door out of the building….

I felt as thunder strike me from a cloudless sky…. The length of this woman in front of me… her figure… her hair… the way she was dressed up for work… the laptop-bag over her shoulder…
It looked so familiar. I was convinced Marion was standing there…

My heart jumped up, because it would really be something for Marion to come as a surprise. I wanted to run forward and take her in my arms… but on that moment the woman turned towards me and on the moment I saw her face, I knew it was not Marion…..

There were quit some physical resemblances. And indeed a pretty woman, but just not Marion…

Fooled by my own desire and emotions!!!!

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Dunes and Beach of Heemskerk

by Rob on

I am busy with my blog today…. Third entry of today already. But why not if I have something to tell?

Today I have done what I already wanted to do from the very first day since I am living in Heemskerk… and that is visiting the dunes and the beaches.

The weather was nice and there was nothing else important to do, so why not? I grabbed my camera, put on my rubber boots and jumped on my bicycle. And around 15 or 20 minutes later I reached the dunes….

It was rather some years ago that I have been at the sea. Which is kinda sad, because I really like the sea. I almost felt as a young exited boy when I walked up to the beach. It felt good and I think I will spend a lot of time in the dunes and at the beach. Specially when the weather really gets better.

I was happy that I had on my rubber boots, so I could walk near and through the shallow water without getting my feet wet. I had to grin about some folks who were walking on the beach with their pretty Sunday shoes. First that kind of shoes must be very uncomfortable on the beach and you could see that those people were scared to get their shoes and clothes dirty…. Well, if you don’t want that, then don’t go to the beach I would say!

After walking a bit around the beaches, my eyes saw something else that I’m really looking forward to….

…. Horseback riding on the beach. That is really something I would love to do. But as I promised, I will wait until Marion is back in The Netherlands. Because this is something she also really would enjoy to do. So we will do it together.

I really enjoyed the walk on the beach…. the wind playing around me… the light salted taste in my month… the looks over the sea to the horizon… the sea gulls flying around…

I think I will spend a lot of time around there!

Enjoy some more of the many pictures I took this afternoon…

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Paradiso: Ellen ten Damme

by Rob on

Yesterday I learned that Ellen ten Damme will soon perform in Paradiso. Anyone who even knows me a little bit, knows that I really like Ellen ten Damme. I think she is one of the best artists we have over here in The Netherlands.
As Paradiso is now I am living in Heemskerk in range of the places where I can go to concerts, I ordered straight away tickets for that concert.

It will be for me the first time to go to Paradiso, so that will be something great as well. I heard many stories about Paradiso…. I am curious how many were true.

And for those insiders that know me a bit…. Maybe there will be another signed CD!!!! *grins wicked*

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Mandala lamp

by Rob on

Yesterday I was visited by Gambheera. She is the person with who I rented for almost 1.5 years a room in Amsterdam, so I only in the weekends needed to travel to my home in Haaksbergen (I know people who travel each days 4 or 6 hours, something that would be way too much for me).

Gambheera brought the last things that were still left at the room in Amsterdam and of course she was curious after my new home. It was nice to hear that she liked the apartment as well.

But she brought me also a very nice gift….

A mandala lamp…. Gambheera makes these lamps herself and gives trainings in making them. And she knew that I liked this one with the eagles a lot.

Mandala comes from the Sanskrit word “circle” and symbolizes the never ending flow of life. A mandala is as a blueprint of the never ending cosmos. Mandala’s have their origin in Hinduism and Buddhism and displayed Gods and symbols. Mandala’s were (and still are) to aid by meditation.

As with many other things, Mandala’s have found their way to the so called Western world and are used these days in many ways, as the lamps that Gambheera makes.

This lamp will absolutely add to the atmosphere in my house…

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Home is where the heart is….

by Rob on

Finally I have internet in my new apartment, so I can work here on my blog again.

I have the apartment almost a week now. And after that week I am very happy with the result so far. Last Saturday when I moved in and we brought all my things here, it was al a big mess of boxes and bags. There were moments that I doubted that I would make it ever through that huge pile of things. But now a week later I can say the livingroom is free of boxes…. That doesn’t mean all is ready. The truth is far from that. There is still a lot of work to be done. But one can live now very well in the apartment.

In the living room still two luxury showcases need to be set up. I will try to do that tomorrow.
The pictures and posters also still need to find their way to the walls (and yes, for who ever doubted… the by Ellen ten Damme signed poster will have its place in the living room).
The apartment has cable-covers on all essential places, but many cables have to be placed in them (again). Not the nicest job, but it will give a great result.

Some people will know that I have “some books”. It took me 1.5 days to get all the books on their place. I only sorted them roughly (series by series, publisher by publisher and nothing more then that). But some books needed some cleaning from dust. Many of them have been in boxes for many years.

The bedroom is still a bit a mess. Still things there that needed to be stored away somewhere. But as I can sleep there, it is not the biggest hurry.

I really, really start to like this house a lot….

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