The ugly little box with remote control is a Popcorn Hour A-200… which may mean not a thing to you. But it is so called Networked Media Tank. Oh, that also doesn’t explain it? :P

Well, this little box makes it possible for me to stream any kind of media that is stored on my network at home to my media/tv set. So with other words, if I have somewhere on song in MP3 format on my laptop? I can play it on media/tv set. Or if I have a video on my desktop, I can play it on my media/tv set….. and so on and so.

Currently I have a external HD of a terrabyte connected to my desktop. Over my network the Popcorn can access that drive and play movies that are stored there on my tv. Cool he?

But there is more to it. This little miracle box can also download things from the Internet (FTP, Torrents, Newsgroups and P2P). Currently I am doing that on the desktop which holds the external HD. So no hurry to find out how that works and configure it. Just a copy to the external HD and I can stream it.

Okay, I also have to say something negative about this black box… it’s documentation . It is more a leaflet then a manual. So many things you have to find out by trail and test… not the most handy way.

It took some time before the computers in my network could see the Popcorn Hour. Had to think very back to some IP/TCP basics… but also Dave broke his teeth on it :). But finally now that works.

Only issue I have left is that the sound is played over the TV set, instead over my media set. So the audio is not very good yet, but I am sure I will solve that also somehow :)

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Sorry Marion, but….

I have another signed CD and you know what that means… :P.

To be serious again. The CD called “OZMO6:2” is made by Blaxtar, who is my colleague Kevin. Although his line of music (Hip Hop/Rap) is not what I normally listen too, I must say that I am impressed. I like it. Specially the lyrics I am impressed by.

Besides that I like Blaxtar’s CD, it is of course just nice to know the person behind it all.

But it is a signed CD!

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This morning I waked with the sun shining through my bedroom-window on my bed. What a wonderful way to wake up! And after a week of not feeling too well, I really wanted to relax outside in the sunny weather.

After a shower and breakfast I grabbed my camera and jumped on my bicycle for a nice tour through the area of Heemskerk. There are so many new things for me to see. And especially I want to get to know the historical places and the nature areas of Heemskerk. I went in the direction of the dunes and the beach near Heemskerk.

Here I did run into the estate of Marquette. If I understood it well, the main building is a hotel nowadays. I really like the buildings on this estate. It is very well maintained and taken care of. If I can rely on the sources I checked the castle is from around 1250.

After looking around there for a while I turned again in the direction of the dunes. But as someone told me, you should have a special pass to be allowed in the dunes. I don’t have this pass, so the dunes were no option for today (I will order the pass today. I mean € 10,00 for a year is worth it).

After a very nice ride trough all kind of small roads and sand paths I reached the town of Castricum. If I remember well I should have family in Castricum, but without addresses and alike there was no use to go for that.

I was lucky. Today there was a spring fair in Castricum. So I decided to look a bit around there. It was nice, not too busy and not too quiet. Just good. I spotted so nice looking restaurants and places alike that I have to try out in the future.

Anyway, apart from some small snacks, I have sun glasses again (my old one got lost somehow during the moving).

It felt to have seen places that I had never seen before. And yes, there is still so much to see within the borders of our small country!

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In the Netherlands we have a number of newspapers that are spread around free of charge. One of these newspapers is the “Spits”, which is every morning available on many stations. I wasn’t aware that Marion could read this newspaper as well…


Some days ago someone complained that many people have so little historical knowledge of WOII. With all kind of weird constructions he tried to make clear the caused by extreme left winged political influences (while it is well known that right winged parties are behind WOII…. extreme ones, but still right ones). This most likely because the critics a certain Dutch right winged politician gets.

Something must have triggered Marion to respond these person remarks as I know it is nothing she would do normally.
But I agree with her…. when there are so many innocent casualties, things as left or right winged are not important anymore. Only people count then….

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Revenge of The Fallen…

by Rob on

Yesterday I watched the latest Transformer movie again… “The Revenge of The Fallen”. Watched it more often, but today on my new 40 Inch TV. What a joy this TV is. And now the speakers of my surround set are placed in better way audio is also so much better.

I know… I know… No deep going story. And I know… robots with feelings and emotions? More even…. an old robot that needs a walking stick?

But that all is not needed with this kind of movies. Just lean back and enjoy the special effects and laugh about the funny situations in the movie…. And then there is of course Megan Fox!!!!

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