Last Friday I had a day off and after doing some things I needed to do, I travelled towards the town of Oldenzaal. Once there I did meet up with Patrick and together we went to a concert in Atak.

To be honest, the act of the first band called Digidelica was a bit too much out of the way for me. But the main act of Front 242 was just great. I really enjoyed it. The music was good, the sound was good, the lightshow was good… it all just was good.
I really had a good time.

The next morning I went to see my mother. Maybe I should not say it, but I think her condition turned worse since the last time I have seen her. Maybe it is because I normally saw her almost every week, so changes were not noticed that easily. And now I haven’t seen her for a longer time and yes, in my opinion there is a big difference and sadly not for the good.
To be really honest, I have to say that it made me afraid…. Lets just hope I was wrong…

Weird how different emotions can follow up each other in just one weekend….

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Blue Screen of Death

by Rob on

Although it has been some time that I saw a Blue Screen of Death, but I have to say that I always hated those a lot.

For those that not aware of what a Blue Screen of Death is… This is blue error-screen of Microsoft Windows. It is a so called stop-error, meaning that a serious error occurred of which the system cannot recover and a restart of the computer is needed (and one can only hope that this will solve the problem).

As said, normally I dislike these Blue Screens of Death very much… but there are exceptions ;)

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A nice weekend

by Rob on

Yesterday Patrick came to Heemskerk. He haven’t seen my house since I moved in. Since then a lot changed on the decoration. So it was nice to show and brag a bit about it all.

I think he liked what I have done to the house. Well, I am very happy with it and that is of course what is most important.

Patrick helped me a lot by making a good UTP cable between my network that I have at home and the new Popcorn hour. Until now I always I had to roll a cable over the floor, which of course not very handy. Now the cable that Patrick made is permanent in place and hidden from sight. It makes it a lot easier to use the Popcorn hour in combination with my network.

We had dinner here at a Greece restaurant called Olympia. It was the first time I was there and I really have to say that I like it. Think I will be going there more often.

Later on the evening we were hanging around on my balcony and chatted a lot with my neighbour Johan. It was nice and we laughed a lot. The beer flowed richly…. and for once that is no problem at all.

All with all, another weekend very nicely spent :)

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Ellen ten Damme at Paradiso

by Rob on

This is funny! The third message in a row that is somehow related to Ellen ten Damme :).

It was for my first time at Paradiso and I have to admit that Paradiso is an awesome place for concerts like this. It reminds me at places as the old Metropool in Hengelo. Although I realize that Paradiso has a much more richer history as Metropool. And that in more then in one way.

Ellen ten Damme gave yesterday a performance in her clubtour “Durf jij” (which is Dutch for “Do you dare?” and what is the title of her latest CD).

Apart from the fact that Ellen is a very attractive woman, she is also a very talented artist with a great voice and who knows her way around with instruments as the violin, piano and the guitar.

The performance of Ellen was great…. alive, kicking and surprising. And let no one ever say that music in the Dutch language is boring. It is certainly not. I already knew that and yesterday it was shown again.

I always to take pictures at concerts, but sadly very often it is not allowed to take good photo-equipment as SLR-camera’s to such concerts. My small compact camera is just too weak to take good pictures is such bad light circumstances. Specially at this concert I would have loved to have my SLR camera with me. But nevertheless, I have some pictures to keep the memories of this awesome concert high.

And of course, as so often at concerts I have been, I bought a t-shirt. And no Marion, this shirt is not meant as nighty on your journeys (you still have my Google-shirt!).


of course…

as could be expected…

another signed CD!!!! I think that because this whole “Signed CD thingy” started with another concert of Ellen ten Damme, her signed CD’s count double! So Marion…????? :P

All with all, I had a great evening and I enjoyed myself very much. Paradiso will be a place I would love to go more often. And Ellen ten Damme? Always good :)

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Because Rob and I talked lately a lot about Ellen ten Damme, who is one of the artists he likes best, I downloaded through iTunes her latest album “Durf jij?” for my iPod. I already knew that Ellen ten Damme is indeed a very talented artist, but I really have to admit that I am impressed by this album.

But listening to it, I was pleasantly surprised by the lyrics of one song. The title song “Durf jij?” to be precise. It reminds me very much of the period that Rob and I had after that very special Christmas Eve. It was a period of uncertainty. Not really knowing what to do…

And I am so happy that Rob responded without any hesitation to my “Durf jij?”…. and see where it brought us!!!!

(Of course I didn’t ask Rob literally “Durf jij?”, but somehow was it where it came down to)

Durf jij

Als ik de dorst drink van het wachten
En de tijd slikt die je morst
Als ik de lange lege nachten leer begraven in mijn borst
Als ik de honger leer verbergen
Van jouw veel te verre mond
Als ik de dagen stil zag zweten
Die door zwijgen zijn verstoord

Durf jij, durf jij
me dan te zeggen dat je komt?
Durf jij, durf jij

Als ik door distels naar je toekruip
op een brandend pad van grind
Als ik door oerwoud naar je toesluip
Angstig rillend als een kind
Als ik rivieren overzwem
naar het land waar jij verblijft
Als ik de wilde zeeën tem
op een vlot dat amper drijft

Durf jij, durf jij
me dan te zeggen dat je blijft?
Durf jij, durf jij

Weer een lied is het oude liedje
Wat zal zijn is wat eerder bestond
Voel jouw brand in je hart dan geniet je
Maar de klok tikt
en alles is rond

En als je eindelijk zult proeven
wat je niet wist dat bestond
Als jij niets hoeft, dan te vertoeven
op de stilte van mijn mond
Als dorst en honger zijn gestild
niets dan voortaan nog bestaat
Als jij niet meer voor mij verschilt
Stilt de meer dat in de straat

Durf jij, durf jij
me dan te zeggen dat je gaat?
Durf jij, durf jij
me dan te zeggen dat je blijft?

Durf jij, durf jij
me dan te zeggen dat je komt?
Durf jij, durf jij
En de klok tikt
en alles is rond

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My balcony..

by Rob on

People who know me a bit, know that I like plants. And yes, in my new apartment there are already rather some plants. But also on my balcony I have already rather a nice collection of plants…

But new is that I have there some plants that are useful for cooking (another hobby of mine)…

So there is now a red pepper-plant. There red peppers are really good. I used yesterday one with the dinner I was making and it tasted really well. Nicely sharp, but not that sharp that it destroys your throat.

There is also a plant that we over here in The Netherlands call “Paprika’, but if I am informed well enough this plant is often called “Pepper” in English en Paprika when it is processed to powder. Very confusing….
Anyway the Paprika’s (or Pepper) on this plant need to mature a bit more.

An Strawberry-plant is already there as well, but this plant still has to bloom. So I may happy if there will be one strawberry there this year. But I am patient :).

The plan is also to raise some herbs that I use often in the kitchen. Herbs as parsley, thyme, dill and basil.

And all these useful plants are standing between very good looking plants and Fuchsia’s and Lupine. Hmm, I must have to get some Lavender as well. I love the smell of Lavender.

Who said that a balcony is useless and that you cannot do anything with it?

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Not such a good idea…. :p

by Rob on

It is a good idea when it is warm outside and you did forget to put some bottles of beer in the fridge to put some in the freezer. It is not a good idea to forget about them….. because after time they explode… literally!

Luckily for me they were laying in the lowest drawer which was almost empty, so no food that I have to throw away. A pity of the beer though…

Wait a minute…. what did I do when come home from work? Oh yes… I did put some bottles of beer in the freezer. But don’t you worry, they won’t get the change to explode :P

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