I think it happened to everyone… Hobbies you had when you are young and which you loved to do, are forgotten when you are “grown up”. Seems to be part of life… But sometimes something happens that makes you think back and wonder why…

This happened for me when I found an advertisement from a company, where every now and then I buy something, in my mailbox. The price was the product looked good and the price was very nice. So before I really realized it I was on the website of the company to order the item.

When I was younger I used to draw and paint a lot. And no, it is not that I was very talented at it. I just enjoyed it a lot and it seemed that I made some nice thing. I can remember that there was this drawing of this mammoth where people were very enthusiastic about.

So when I saw this very nice case with all the basics that I would need to give my old hobby a new try and that for a more than acceptable price, I could do not much more than order it. It was delivered quickly as I am used of the company where I bought it.

BTW one more advantage of the Internet. Without the Internet I would never have seen this advertisement and I would have not been remembered in this way of my old hobby!

As said, the case contains all the basics… drawing pencils, some brushes, oil based paint, pastel chalks (also oil based), colored markers and such. And yes, I do realized that it is all not of supreme quality. But it is more than good enough to start with. When I really have fun with this all again and I do a lot, I can replace it bit by bit with better quality items.

It is just as with my photography hobby. In the beginning I was not sure if photography with a digital SLR camera would be really something for me. So I bought a more or less cheaper DSLR camera (Nikon D40). I learned a lot with that camera and found out that I loved this kind of camera’s. And now I own a DSLR that is described as professional camera (Nikon D300s). Okay, the replacement of the camera took a bit longer as planned, but that was caused by things as my move to Heemskerk and other important things I needed to spend money on.

As we talk about photography, such a case is fun to make detail pictures of :-).

Well, we will see where this all will lead to. Maybe I have lost completely the skills that I used to have. Maybe not :). And when it leads not to be actively drawing and painting again, it will be at least fun while trying it out again….

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Yesterday I started to reread the book “Orphans of the Sky”, written by Robert A. Heinlein (in Dutch called “Verdwaald tussen de sterren”, originally published in 1963). As one can see on the picture above it is an old book…

True. When I was a boy (around 11 or 12) I was member of the Public Library (“De Openbare Bibliotheek” as it is called in Dutch). My parents thought that this would be good for me and I think they had a point there. Around that time I was mostly interested in more technical books.
So every now and then the Library would sell of there old and damaged books for very cheap. I always loved to go there and look for technical books. On such an occasion I got a book called “Lost between stars”. I was convinced that this was some kind of technical book about spaceships….

How wrong I was. At home I started to read the book…. but what? It was a story. But for some reason I kept reading and story grabbed my completely… I was amazed to read about the generation-ship (a spaceship that would travel over many generations), the mutants and everything that happened.

With this book my love for Science Fiction started. Now, many years later, I have bookcases full with Science Fiction and Fantasy books. I have many DvD’s and BluRays of this genre…

And I still love it as much as the day long ago I started to read this book of Robert Heinlein…

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Yesterday evening Marion and I went rather early to bed. We cuddled a bit and felt very soon asleep. Some where around half past one I waked up again. Beside me I heard Marion ask with a soft voice if I was still asleep. I turned around and we talked a little with each other. Both of us were very awake. After some time I got out of bed to get something to drink. When I looked outside I saw this beautiful clear sky with the full moon shining brightly.

Being so awake as we were, I thought it maybe would be nice to make a walk. Marion thought that would be a good idea. So we got dressed and went for a wonderful walk through the park of Castle Assumburgh (which is not very far from where I am living). It is kinda special outside deep in the night, not a cloud to be seen and a very bright moon.
Of course thoughts of werewolves and creatures alike were there. I really can understand that people in the past were scared during such nights. All looked very mysterious in the light of the moon. Specially Castle Assumbrugh it self looked if vampires and ghosts were wandering around in its halls.

It was a nice walk. The temperature was nice, the atmosphere was great. All that leaded to very good moods with Marion and me. Back home we went back to bed and we felt some time later happily asleep.

Until some hours later….

Marion and I were deeply asleep, when suddenly a loud bang and the sound of fallen things, doors the seemed to be forced open, things rumbling over each other… Well, not a very nice way to wake up. Marion was sitting with a pale face in our bed and I jump straight out of bed.

Very quickly I noticed what happened…. In one of my wardrobes all my shirts, jeans and pants (and also some dresses, skirts and such of Marion) are hanging on clothes hangers. One of the holders that holds the metal pipe on which all the clothes hangers are placed broke. So all the clothes fall down, pulling things stored on the bottom of the wardrobe along with them, force the doors of the wardrobe open and roll all over the floor of the bedroom. Unbelievable how much noise this can make…

Marion wanted to sort all out directly, but I stopped her. I took all the clothes and dropped them on the couch in the living room. In my opinion that all could wait until the next morning… Getting enough sleep to rest is more important. And as far as I could see, it would be rather easy to repair…

But what a night again!!!

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Some time ago I read a poem about the Sea and Love. The poem really touched me somehow. But in time I almost forgot about it. But as I was working this weekend on a picture of the sea, this poem came back to mind. It was not easy to find again on the Internet. I missed the right keywords, but in the end I found it again.

As always, for you Marion…

The picture was made by Wijk aan Zee during a nice long walk Marion and I made there.

Our Sea of Love
(unknown writer)

I am floating now out into the real, the deep, a sea.
Oh the bliss, and I think about how it all came to be!

It was all a sea of many faces none quiet so enchanting,
until I spotted a face causing my poor heart to sing!

That moment I saw you I knew where I belonged on earth.
It was the place I was destined for even at birth!

Our eyes met, and we began that moment to travel together,
I leaned against you and felt the softness of the leather.

I knew there would never be another, no one like you,
We held tight as our hearts raced and love’s wind blew.

Our lips met in a kiss that has never stopped, not once,
We shared lots of times, flowers and many times lunches.

Now, in a sea of voices I know the one I long to hear,
Its the one that I can still feel breathing into my ear!

Its been some time ago Its true I know for sure,
But the voice, the face, slays me,there is no cure.

I love the sensation love brings to my spirit and heart,
Each time I feel love I know its all been a work of art.

Don’t wake me, if a dream, don’t recue me if I turn blue,
If I lost my life, I would keep on floating on its true!”

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Some time ago I posted an article about that I wanted to change the name of my blog. The name was a good one when I started in 2007 my blog. But a lot changed since. Most in a positive way. Time to reflect that in the name of my blog.

I thought a lot what the new name should be. Talked about it with friends. Heard many good ideas. But one I liked right away from the start… And yet, I thought more about it and yesterday, after talking about it with Marion again, I made the decision.

I renamed my blog to “Life is there to…”. The title of every post will start with “Live is there to…” and to that sentence I will add in a few words the subject of the blog. So titles as “Live is there to… go out for dinner” … “Life is there to… be angry at the government” … “Life is there to… don’t care for a moment” … and so on and on.

This idea came from my colleague Kristin. Thank you, Kristin :-)

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