Ever since I’m living close to the sea, I wanted to make pictures of the sea and the beach during a heavy storm. But mostly when there is a storm, it also raining. My old camera (Nikon D40) could not stand any water. My new camera (Nikon D300s) is much more capable to handle rain, but still I don’t want to take any risk.
So when I got out of bed this morning (much later than I do normally), I heard the wind blowing hard outside my apartment. But there was almost no rain, so the plan to make pictures was there…

I checked the internet and saw that wind had a strength of 7 to 8 on the Beaufort scale (more on that later). Yeah, that is what I wanted, specially with almost no rain. I decided to go to the beach of Zandvoort aan Zee. The railroad station there is very close to the beach, so if the weather really would turn bad it would be easy to get home again.
A pity Marion was not here today, she would have loved to come along with me.

Trip with the train to Zandvoort aan Zee went without any problems…

Well, I got what I wanted. The wind was blowing extremely hard. On my iPhone I could read that on this moment the wind had a strength of 8 on the Beaufort scale. That means that wind was blowing with a speed of 17.2 to 20.7 meter per second. Walking was difficult. At times I really had to lean into the wind, which was pulling and pushing me to get me out of balance. But I took care that didn’t happen. I was not alone with this, many people around me had trouble with walking. And it may sound strange, but almost everyone was enjoying it very much. I know I was…

The wind made the sand almost act as a sand storm in a desert. The was scratching my face and hurting my eyes. There were moments I could not see anything anymore because of the tears in my eyes (I really had to turn away from the wind and clean my eyes from the sand). The sound of the wind and the sea was so loud that it was close to not possible to understand what someone else said. And yes, I still loved it very much!

The real big question is of course: Do I dare to go there again to make pictures with a storm that has the strength of 9 on the Beaufort scale (wind speed of 20.8 to 24.4 meters per second)????

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Some time I was browsing a bit around on the Internet. A bit bored I gave Google names of people I knew of way back and looked at the results. Most result were unclear and mostly not related to the people I once knew… But one name gave an unexpected result. The name I was looking for was Jan Wormgoor, a teacher of the school for agriculture I went to. Remember, more then 25 years back the people who started to work in IT were not IT educated… they “rolled” into the profession and education was done aside the job. And I was one of those people.
Anyway, I always liked respected Jan Wormgoor as teacher and as person.

Right on top of the results that Google returned that was this one line that grabbed right away my attention: “Achteraf, een mooie tijd… van meester Leppink to afdeling Landbouw” (“In the end, a good time… from teacher Leppink to agriculture school”. It turned about to be book about that Agriculture school in Eibergen where I went to. And why it showed up when I searched for the name Wormgoor? Well.. simple, he was one of the authors of the book!

Of course I wanted to have this book and I was capable to buy one in a very good state from a site for second hand books. And today the book arrived.

I really have to say, what a joy to look through this book. Of course it is very nice to read about the history of this. But as may be understandable my real interest was about the period I went to that school (1980). Great to have back the names of all those teachers that I forgot… meneer Salomons, meneer Van Damme, meneer ter Welle, juffrouw Onstenk, meneer Pos, juffrouw Markerink and more. All those name I forgot about and now I have them back (Well… I didn’t really forget juffrouw Markerink, she was very attractive *coughs* :P).

But also from the class I was in, I only could mostly remember the first names of the guys of my class over then (we had combined classes with other teaching directions of the school), but now I have all names completely again…. as I found this in the book (and it is nice to see your own name there as well):

And as I have a class picture of that class… lets see if I can really put the names to the faces:

Standing: Eric Olthof, Rudie ter Haar, Martin Weeink, Henk Scholten, Jan Groot Obbink, me (arrghhh… that hair and the colors of the clothes!!!!).
Kneeling: Richard Lankheet, Bennie Hofman, Christian Kemink, Jan Scholten, Gerard ter Huurne
Laying: Guus van Rijssel

Bingo… all faces have a complete name again!

I like all these memories. As the book tells us… In the end, it was a good time. And yes, even with the health problems I had at that time (after the appendix surgery).

My next goal? Try to get in contact with Jan Wormgoor…. or any other person of that time at that school…. Sonja and Rob (Koeslag)… you are the first. I hope a lot others may follow…

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Last Wednesday I have been to concert of Lucuna Coil. And I have to be honest, before I was asked to come along to this concert I never had heard of them.

But the funny thing was that Cor (a colleague of mine) invited me to this concert. And I was considering to accept that invitation, when Patrick also mentioned this concert. Well, that already made clear to me that this band was worth seeing and hearing. So Lacuna Coil is an Italian rock gothic band from Milan, formed in 1994. Formerly known as Sleep of Right and Ethereal.

So okay, I would go to the concert of Lacuna Coil.

The concert would be at the famous “De Melkweg” in the city of Amsterdam. Patrick and I went together to “De Melkweg” and there we met Cor and two of his friends. Patrick and I were a bit late, so we just saw the last part of the supporting act “This Is She”, which sound not bad at all.

But then Lacuna coil made their way to the stage…

And what a concert they gave. It was really awesome. The music very good. They interacted very well with the audience. What I really liked it that they also had an acoustic part in their show. And that is also a style of music they really know how to play.
It was real fun that in the last part of their performance they, because of Halloween, they were put make up to give them the looks of undeads. Very cool and fitting.

And lets be honest, Cristina Scabbia is a good looking woman. No doubt about that!

It has been some time, but I have new signed CD again…. which is nice for Marion (of was it for me? :P).

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