When I was a young boy I already loved science fiction a lot. It must have been somewhere around 1979 that I watched the first season of the science fiction series “Blake’s 7”.

The series is set in a future age of interstellar travel and follows the exploits of a group of renegades and convicted criminals. Roj Blake, a political dissident who is arrested, tried and convicted on false charges, and then deported from Earth to a prison planet. He and two fellow prisoners, treated as expendable, are sent to board and investigate an abandoned alien spacecraft. They get the ship working, commandeer it, rescue two more prisoners, and are joined by an alien guerrilla with telepathic abilities.

I’m happy that I have seen all 4 seasons now, but I have to the first season was the best in my opinion. Blake, who was the main character of the series, disappears somewhere in season 2 to only be back at the very last episode of season 4. Only Vila and Avon appear in all the four seasons.
Season 3 and 4 are disappointing. They stay in the shadows of the first seasons… sadly.

But as said, I loved watch all seasons. It took me back to the days that I as a boy was bound to the TV when Blake’s 7 was one…

Point of interest: It seems that SyFy-channel is working on a remake of Blake’s 7… now I am curious… very curious… :-)

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Some weeks ago Patrick contacted me and told me that he wanted to go concert of Moya Brennan. She and Cormac De Barra would perform in Paradiso. And well, Paradiso is not that far away from where I live.
The name Brennan sounded familiar to me, but I could not place it. When Patrick mentioned names as Enya and Clannad my interest was wakened. He was convinced that I would love it. I think Patrick kinda knows what kind of music I like, so I trusted him

Patrick arrived last Sunday in the end of the afternoon. Always good to see my old pal again. I have been bragging about the spare ribs we have over here, so I to proof my claim I ordered yesterday spare ribs for us. And he had to admit that these spare ribs are pretty good.
Our plan was to go by train to Amsterdam, but when we checked the website of the railroad company, it turned out that they were working on the railroads and that we had to face delays while travelling with the train. So Patrick suggested to go by car. Normally you would not thinking of going by car to a city as Amsterdam. But Patrick told me about these special parking places outside the center of Amsterdam where you can parked you car 24 hours for € 8,00 and have free travelling by public transport into the city itself. Great stuff which might be handy for Marion and me when go to Amsterdam and are not sure we will catch the last train back to Heemskerk.

Moya Brennan, born Máire Ní Bhraonáin, also known as Máire Brennan (born 4 August 1952), is an Irish folk singer, songwriter, harpist, and philanthropist. She began performing professionally in 1970 when her family formed the band Clannad, and is now widely considered as the “First Lady of Celtic Music”.

Cormac de Barra is a harpist, singer and television presenter. They (and the others of the band of course) play some wonderful music where two harps have a very important role. The kind of music they play is Irish folk music, which I really like.

I hear often people claim that they love to listen to the France language. Well, I don’t. But then again, I just love to listen to people talking or singing in the Irish language. And even I cannot understand a single word of it, it just sounds wonderful. One just can hear how rich and full of history this language is.

While listening to the music, I wondered more than once where that bass guitar was hidden. By carefully watching I learned that a bass guitar can learn something of a harp. What a bass sound a harp can make.

Very nice where the explanations that were given about the songs, often told in way one had to laugh about it. I really liked that. Also you could the way they exchanged smiles, laughs and jokes that they were really having fun with what they were doing. Something that adds to the quality of the performance.

Afterwards there was the opportunity to have CD’s and such signed. Apart from that having a signed CD is nice, I always like the contact you can have with the artist you like (hence you wouldn’t want to have a CD with her/his music). Moya and Cormac took their time to talk a bit with people. Really nice.
As I really liked the music and the performance, I bought 3 CD’s of them (including their latest CD “Afinnity”) and they were so kind to sign all 3 of them.

And oh Marion, these are 3 signed CD’s…. *grins evilly*

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I really did forget about this…

Before Marion left for her yearly break to Hawaii, we had a nice Sunday evening together in Amsterdam. First we had dinner at a very good steakhouse of who I sadly the name forgot. But the main attraction of the evening was a performance of “Faun”, which was in “De Melkweg”.

“Faun” is a German pagan folk band, Faun incorporate medieval instruments and themes along with a contemporary electronic musical sheen, founded in 2002 in Munich. Marion really likes their music and it of because of her that I got to know this band. And I really have to to say that also can enjoy their music very much.

Their performance was really awesome. And it was great to see how much Marion enjoyed their performance. Marion normally doesn’t go along that often to concerts, but this was one she really didn’t want to miss. And I was happy that we could do this together before she left for 3 weeks.

As Marion owns already some of their albums, I bought an older one… and had it signed :P

After the concert we made a nice long walk through Amsterdam, before we went back to Heemskerk. Back home we did spend some time together, until we had to go to bed. After Marion needed some sleep before she left for Hawaii….

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This morning I was looking for some papers that I needed and among the things I went through I found this old booklet….

The booklet belongs to an old savings account that my parents opened for me after I was born. I really am happy that I found it and will store it now on a more proper location (maybe in one of the display cases that I have in my living room).

The saving account was opened in May (I was born in April of that year).
It is nice to see how the account was opened in Amsterdam and later moved to Haaksbergen. Also it is nice to have the exact address again of our first house in Haaksbergen. I knew it was the “Rembrandtstraat”, but I could not recall the house number. Now I know it is “172”.

The building we lived over then doesn’t exist anymore. It was thorn down several years ago. All that I have of it is a postcard with a picture of it. This unlike the house in Amsterdam where I was born. It is still there. Not very long ago I have been there to make some pictures.

The opening transaction was for 2.50 guilders. Nowadays that is not much, but 50 year ago it was really worth something.
There are just some transactions on it. I can remember that my father told me, that it was moved to a another account with more profit. Still I wonder if I can redeem the 1.50 guilders that are still on it… with almost 50 years of interest of course!

(Well, I don’t think I can :). And most likely it will mean that I have to return the booklet and that is something I don’t want).

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