I already heard people talk about this new style of Suske & Wiske album. A more adult style… and with adult is here not meant erotic, but a more of adult drawing style… more violence and blood. And Suske & Wiske look both also more mature.

I have been looking for this new Suske & Wiske album, but it turned out to be so different that I have been overlooking it all the time while it was right there all the time. Today I saw it by pure coincidence and of course I bought it right away.

The story plays in the near future of 2047 and Suske & Wisje end up on the island of Amoras…. but the island has changed, but not in a better way…

I can understand that people may have “problems” with the new style, but I have to admit that I kinda like it. But yes, it is not meant for little children. Blood and violence all over… the female characters (Wiske included) are real women now…. a lot use of strong language going around. As said, not for little children.

And even though I like this new style of Suske & Wiske, I hope they also continue publishing in the old style… But yes, looking forward to the next album in this new style.

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Well, finally I have it: My new Nikkor AF-S 70-300mm zoom lens and so far I like it a lot.

300mm is very nice, but remember that my D300s is a crop camera, which means that you can multiply your focal length with 1.5. So this means that this lens will act as a 105mm-450mm lens. Now, that is pretty cool. If you want to know the how and why of a crop camera, please read this article about the crop factor. This article explains it better than I can do and as many will known, I am dead lazy :-).

Using this lens with my tele converter 2x, it would be it all to 210mm-900mm… but then I think you will need a lot of light and even with the VR (Vibration Control) of this lens, it will be impossible to make pictures without tripod. A nice challenge, maybe even impracticable, but still I will play with it for sure.

As already said, this lens has “Vibrator Control” which makes possible to make pictures on 300mm without tripod. I own a zoom lens alike without VR, it was extremely hard to make sharp pictures on 300mm withpit tripod. Possible, but very hard. I have just a few pictures made this way I consider good (my “famous” lion picture is own of those).

As I was asked by “the ladies” (Sanne, Marissa and Marion) to make some portraits of them, I asked around what be a good lens for this. Of course I can use my Nikkor 105 macro for this. But I was told that the Nikkor 50mm would be very nice for this. This is (just as the 105mm macro) a lens with a fixed focal length (a so called “prime lens”). When I looked at the price of this lens, I was happily surprised. Specially second hand (the 70-300 is bought new) the prices are very acceptable. So this morning I also ordered a second hand Nikkor AF 50mm 1.8.

So what next? Oh, enough to dream about. But first thing I would like to have a “wide angle” lens. A nice lens suggested was the Nikkor 12-24mm. But new bought this is a more expensive lens, but I saw some nice second hand prices. I don’t mind to buy this kind of things second hand. Until now I have very good experiences with that.

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Although my birthday was already 2 weeks ago, finally my birthday from Marion arrived today…

It is a photobook about the Dutch artist Ellen ten Damme called “Obsessie” (which translate from Dutch to “Obsession”). The photo’s are made by Danny Ellinger.

For 2 years Ellen allowed Danny Ellinger to follow her and make photo’s of her… 24 hours per day, 7 days per week. From dressing room to bed room, from car to trapeze. This all resulted in a very special photo book.
To be honest, having someone 24 hours per day around me with everything I do, would drive me crazy. But as I understand, it was not easy for them as well.

The book comes in a special box to store the book in a safe manner. Also a CD is added with 3 songs of Ellen. One of the songs is “Fotograaf” (“Photographer”), which she (partly, if I remembered well) recited at “Spoken” (February this year).

I really like this photo-book and it will fit very nicely to my collection of photo-books. But of course, as birthday present from Marion, and being about an artist that I really admire, will make this book even more special.

Just as with other photo-books I own, I learned things from this book and got new ideas photographs that I might make one day. Only that makes it worth having this book. Being a gift from Marion and the beautiful pictures in it, make it something to be very happy about!

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