Look who is back! :-)

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It was 1987 when a new unique computer-game was published (the DOS version). Unique for two reasons… First of all, it played in the current time, something that was rather rare for the games of that time. The second was that main subject of the game was sex, even more rare for that time. Of course all very innocent that all we are used to nowadays.

I remember playing that game on my old 286 AT 8Mhz computer with 1Mb memory and a EGA display (the predecessor of VGA and which could display 16 different colors at the same time). It was fun to play.

Of course I am talking about the game “Leisure Suit Larry in the Land of the Lounge Lizards“. The game is about Larry Laffer, a 40 year old computer-nerd who is still a virgin. But at last Larry gets the feeling for love and starts to look for the woman of his dreams (or was he only looking for sex? We will never know :P).

And now, the game is published again to run on modern hardware: Leisure Suit Larry in the Land of the Lounge Lizards Reloaded…

It is good that they bring back these old games. A real trip down the memory lane.

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I had already some remarks from people that I hadn’t posted here and on my photo-site anything for some time. Well, the reason for this is that I was involved in an small incident…

So what happened? End of last month (so about 4 weeks ago) I went on a bicycle trip to make some pictures. My goal was a small town called Nauerna. In Nauerna is a nice old sluice to bring small ships and boats from higher to lower water (and the other way around). A nice location to map pictures.

So I arrived at Nauerna and just started to make pictures…

I was walking on a wall of about 90 centimeters wide. One side water, where I wisely kept distance from. On the other side grass on the same level as the wall.
So I made a few steps backwards to get a little more distance between the sluice and me, placing my left feet on the edge between the wall and the grass. Well, it looked as there was grass… below the spot where I placed my feet there was no ground under the grass, but a hole… and my feet slipped into that hole! Which of course resulted in me losing my balance.

The result my left feet very badly twisted on two spots (near the toes and the ankle). Very, very painful and making it impossible for me to walk normal.

Something I am a little bit proud on is that I managed during my fall down to turn my body around so I wouldn’t fall on my camera. My camera and lenses survived it all without any damage. And I am very happy about that.

Anyway, my feet was purple of all the extravasations. And it was very swollen and as said, extremely painful. I could not move around without crutches.
The first two weeks I couldn’t use my feet at all. But slowly it is getting better. I can already put some weight on my feet again and with the crutches I can even “walk” again and that was something I could not a week ago.
So yes, it is getting better, but it is taking time. But that seems to be very normal for such an injury.

Currently I am training my feet again so I will be able to use it as normal again, but I am advised not to overtake it. Easy does it, seems the motto for this.

I am very happy that a colleague who lives close by is willing to take me with his car to work, so I can work as normal again and I get out of my apartment. I really like my apartment, but I am not the person to sit all day inside. I like to go out and do things. And that is currently not something I can do :-(.

So there you have the reason why I didn’t post anything here on my blog for some time…. I couldn’t sit that long behind my desk and, maybe even more, my mood was not after it.

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