The slight madness of cards…

by Rob on

Recently I have bought a metal case to keep all kind of cards that I carry around daily around with me. First this case protects the cards from damage (some cards are easily damaged). But what is maybe even more important is that this case makes the RFID readers (and equipment alike) cannot access the cards.

Then I realized how many cards I carry everyday around and I was surprised by that. These are the cards that I have always on me when I am not home:

» ATM/Bank card
» Dutch ID card
» A credit card
» A healthcare card
» A card of the Dutch rail company that I use to trave to my work
» OV Chipcard, an anonymous card for the public transport
» Access card “Noordhollands Duinreservaat” (Dune area)
» Airmiles card
» Ikea Family card
» Discount card of a Dutch drugstore
» Membercard of the Dutch Nikon Club

Sure, a number of these card not really needed to have them on you all the time. But that will simple mean for me that I will forgot to take them along when I would need them.

And as I talked about with Marion, she showed me that she has even more (as a business credit card, a gasoline card and several membership cards). And she assured me that there a lot of people out there with many more cards then she and I have together.

Here is the point to think about: All these card are somewhere and somehow registered into one or more databases. Some cards hold not that important information (as for example my Nikon Club card), but others contain very private and important information. ID cards, ATM cards en credit cards are a clear example of this. It is good to take care of these cards. As said, the metal case makes it impossible for RFID-readers and alike to access the data stored on the cards. And another nice thing of the metal case is that I keep it in the front pocket of my jeans and it is harder to steal something from those pockets as for example the pockets on the back.

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