Just some flowers….

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People who have visited me, know that I have always flowers standing on the dinner table. Some say I do that for Marion, but that is just partly correct. Sure Marion loves flowers, but I also think that flower add to the warmth of room. And most flowers are wonderful to see. So I do this not only for Marion, but very clearly also for my self.

But these flowers always give a nice opportunity to play around with my camera. Specially of course with my macro-lens (Nikkor AF-S Micro 105mm 1:28G ED). Below a few examples…

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Lucifera… an old comic…

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When I was young boy, about the ago of 13 or something, the was a comic series called “Lucifera, the minnares van de duivel” (“Lucifera, the Devil’s lover”). I have been reading some episodes of that series at that age. I think because my older brother owned some of them, but I have to be honest, I am not sure about that really.

Lucifera is the main character of the same name, originally Italian comics series, which takes place during the early Middle Ages. Lucifera is Satan’s most beloved devil, who is sent to earth to stop the good work of Dr. Faust. But things are not going as well as she falls (temporary) in love with Dr. Faust.

The series was published in Italy from 1971 to 1980 containing 170 episode. In The Netherlands and Belgium there were 144 episodes published from 1972 to 1982. It was an joined venture of the publishers “Vrijbuiters” and “Schorpioen”.
For the time the comic was published it was quite explicit because of it sexual content, which goes from adultery, homosexuality and such more. But when I look at it now (in 2014) I would call it soft erotic. Funny how things can change over time.

Anyway, some months ago I saw an episode of Lucifera on a second hand market and as it was just one euro I bought. I must admit that it was very amusing to read it. I can understand the some (religious) people may find it somehow offensive because it is about the devil and because of the sexual content. But well, I am not :-).

Well, after reading that Lucifera commic that I bought at that second hand market, the collector waked up in me and I started to collect those comics with the goal to get the complete series. And it is good better and faster as I expected. I have already half of the series. Yesterday I managed to get some of the very first episodes and those are rather rare and hard to get.

Now I already hear people say “Ohhh… he is reading those naughty and dirty comic! What would Marion not say about that…”. Well, Marion will say nothing about, because she reads these comics herself with a big grin and finds them amusing as well.

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The lost birth announcement card

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Some time ago I wrote an article here on my blog about the birth announcement card that my parents made for me when I was born. I wrote how I thought that all these birth announcement cards were lost.

Well, thanks to my nephew Paul I own now one of my own birth announcement cards again. As he told me his mother, my aunt Gerda, cared a lot about family things and collected a huge amount of pictures, birth announcement card, wedding announcements and more like that. Yesterday at his place in Purmerend I saw many of those and I saw mostly only that was related to my family. There were even names I never heard before, but in some way they are related to me.

But anyway, in one the display cases in my living room there is now my own birth announcement card. I am very happy to have this card. The “rabbit” behind the card was made by a sister or aunt (I am not sure about that) of my mother when I was born. The damaged ear of the rabbit is to blame on a guinea pig I once owned ;-)

I also got something else from him, a remembrance card concerning the passing away of my grandfather. 1971… it sounds so long ago. No, it is long ago. But I still have memories of him.

I said it before and I will say it again: I am very glad to learn so much about our family through all the pictures I see and stories I hear. I really am!

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A New Year’s Resolution

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The party was wonderful, but sadly over again. And so now it is 2014… a whole new year ahead!

After a small breakfast Marissa, Jennifer, Miranda and Richard went on their way back home again. Of course they want to spend some time with the friends and relatives too. Great people as they are they made sure that we were not left behind with a big mess over here. So we can start to enjoy our January 1st.

So 2013 is gone and belongs now to the past. Was it a bad year? No, good and nice things happened. But there was one shadow in 2013, that specially had its influence on the second part of the year. And that was the accident I had end June and where I hurt my left foot badly.

In the beginning I had to move around with two crutches. That was for me a complete disaster. At that time I had to eat in the kitchen, because I was not able to bring the plate with food to the dinner table. Later on I learned some tricks to do things better, but it all was still very inconvenient. And real cooking was not possible. I have no problem with a microwave dinner every now and then, but not every day.
Things got a bit better when I could walk around with one crutch, but still it hindered me a lot in doing things as I wanted to do them.
What did hit me very hard was that, after making so much progress in the good direction, I slipped and fall on my way home from work and had to walk with two crutches again. To be honest, that big step back broke me emotionally and was very bad for my mood (and yes, I am very good at hiding that). Anyway, I got over that again as well.
Well, after all these months I am walking without crutches again and that feels good. My foot is still not fully recovered. Walking long distances is still a problem, but it is getting better and better again.

Thing was, that this all made me very immobile. It was hard to go to do things and go visit places. I have been only to 2 or 3 concerts in 2013. The places I have been to are very limited. And that I consider the big down of 2013 for me.

So I have for 2014 just one New Year’s Resolution: Go out and do fun things again. Go visit concerts. Make walks through forest, dunes and along beaches. Visit exhibitions and museums. Go to places worthwhile seeing…. and of course, making much more pictures again as I have done in 2013.

And with Marion at my side and having good friends as Sanne, Marissa, Richard, Patrick, Miranda, Jennifer and many more around me, 2014 must become a blast again :-)

For everyone: Make 2014 a good year and have a great time out there!!!!

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