An small experiment…

by Rob on

When you have a hobby then mostly you will be looking to get the most out of that hobby. Well, I do have two hobbies. Hmmm, that is not true. I have many hobbies, but I had an idea to do something nice with two of my hobbies, combined that is. These hobbies are plants and photography.

When I was younger (and still living at my parents house), I had a terrarium for carnivorous plants. I placed a lot of effort into that terrarium and managed rather well to grow these fragile plants. But as time passing by things change and interests change.

So some days I was thinking about something nice to make pictures of something special. And there I had suddenly to think about carnivorous plants. But is the wrong period of the year to buy them, as I suddenly realised that you can grow them all year long. So I browsed the Internet and already very quickly I found a web shop selling a package with everything you need to grow this kind of plants, some seeds included.

In this package there is all you need, including pots and compost (special compost for carnivorous plants that is).

There are seeds of to species included. The first one is the famous Venus Fly-Trap (Dionaea muscipula) and the second one is the Pitcher Plant (Sarraceniaceae family). But in these seeds are also my worry. I have no idea how old these seeds are, what their origin is and how they were stored. I should have thought of that before I bought them. We will see what will happen. If these seeds don’t germ, I will get new ones (from a more specialized store).

The idea is of course to grow these plants and from the moment they are visible to make at least one picture every day. So in the end there is time line of pictures that show the complete growth. And of course my macro-lens will be very handy for these pictures.

Well, the stage is set… and now I have to be patient!

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