Already for some time Marion and I had planned to have a nice walk along one of the beaches here again, but because of all kind of reasons it just didn’t happen.

So this morning the sun was shinning and we saw our chance today. We decided to go the beach of Zandvoort. The train almost takes you directly to the beach. We often go for our trips with the train to avoid parking problems. And for us it makes the travelling much more relaxing when Marion has not the concentrate on the driving (and we know that many people don’t agree with us on this, but so what? :-) ).

When we arrived at Zandvoort the sun had disappeared and made place for a soft rain. But that was okay. The temperature was nice and the wind was not too bad. We walked for a while along the boulevard.

Sadly the soft raining turned into a more harsh rain and we decided to find some cover. As we both already were a bit hungry we looked for a place to have dinner. We found a restaurant called “Boomerang” where they served mainly Australian food and that made us interested. Marion decided for an ostrich steak and I went for a mixed grill of kangaroo, ostrich and crocodile. I had kangaroo and ostrich before, but it was the first time I had crocodile meat. It really was nice tasting.
The food was very good. The people of the restaurant were friendly and helpful. But there was something in way the restaurant was decorated and the atmosphere we both didn’t like. But apart from that it was all very good.

After our dinner we continued our walk along the boulevard and the beach. The rain stopped and even the sun started to shine again.

The last time I walked on the beach my foot, that I injured last year, gave me rather some problems in the loss sand of some parts of the beach. That went this time already a lot better. Still an uncomfortable feeling, but there is clearly progress and that is important.

It was a very nice afternoon and it was good to have seen the sea again.

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