“De Scepelenberg”

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Just outside the town of Heemskerk, in the western direction, there is an old monument. If you don’t know it is there, you may never notice it. I passed by there and never was aware it was there. And now I know it is there, I really wonder how I ever could have missed it.

On this articial land raise of about 2 meters in the past the Counts of Holland inaugurated as the Lords of Kennemerland, such as Albrecht van Beieren (1361) and Jan IV van Brabant (1418). For that reason this place is also known as “Huldtoneel” (which roughly translates as “Honor Stage”). By this inaugurated the people of Kennemerland accepted the new count as their lord.

It is also said that in the past on this location a jugde spoke his judgement about issues involving the citizen of Kennemerland.

Excavations alsp showed that in the far past this place was used for sacrificing. Many items where found, but sadly all are lost over time. At least there seems to be a very accurate list of what has been found there.

The Huldtoneel is completely surrounded by trees and hedges. The special thing here is that all the trees and shrubs are of native origin. We can see an ash, summer oak, elder, hawthorn, rowan, beech, holly, willow and blackthorn. The hedge to the street side is of hornbeam.

The monument has three sides and on these sides texts are displayed:

(Gifted by v. Engegeest and his wife MJ Deutz, Assendelft, established 1863)

(According history the Counts of Holland were established here als the Lords of Kennemerland)

(Wanderer, please respect this monument)

I have to admit that I really like to learn this kind of historical places and stories. It is one of the reasons why I became member of de “Historische Kring Heemskerk” (“Historical Circle Heemskerk”). And apart from all the wonder historical stories and facts I learn this way, I also get nice places to make photo’s. And it has to be said: Heemskerk has a very rich history!!!

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The wrong way to start the day…

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(This happened to me last Sunday, but I was not able to put it up here earlier because I had problems with my Internet connection).

This is the wrong way to start a day:

… With a sudden shock you wake up from a deep sleep. You look at your alarm clock and you realize that it is way too late. You jump (more or less) out of bed to take a shower and to shave.

Back in the bedroom you start to dress quickly, so you can leave a quickly as possible. At that moment a sleepy voice asks what all the fuzz is about. You tell that you are way too late for work.

As responce you get: “But it is Sunday!?!?”


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An old dilapidated house…

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Just outside Heemskerk there is an old dilapidated house. Seen it many times and have even consider to go for some pictures. Somehow never got to it.
Until some days ago a colleague photographer from Heemskerk told me that it might soon not reachable anymore. This because the town council was considering to sell it.

So this morning Marissa (a niece of Marion) and I went to this old abandoned house just outside the town of Heemskerk…

I knew nothing about this house… that is until I looked up the address of the house on the Internet: “Rijksstraatweg 217 Heemskerk”.

And now it gets really interesting. It turns out that this old house is a monument: Rijksstraatweg 217 was built around 1900 as a horticulturist home. The property is known as “De Vlotter”. The building is situated on the west side of the Rijksstraatweg and is on some distance from the road. It is surrounded by horticultural areas.

Most likely stood on this site, or in the immediate vicinity, the in 1869 demolished homestead “De Vlotter”. According to information from the “Historische Kring Heemskerk” is the horticulturist house built on the foundations of the former homestead.

Sadly the building is in very bad shape.

For more information (in Dutch): De Vlotter

The door at the backside was open, so I could enter it without any problems.

I looked at the stairs to the first floor of the house. The wood of the stairs was in such a bad condition that I decided not to go upstairs.

The house has electricity. There were even some light bulbs, but I didn’t dare to try one of the light switches. But the fact that the house has electricity means that it must be abandoned not that long ago.

Although abandoned?

Seems that the house has been used by someone to sleep there, which would explain that the door on the backside was open. Not my favourite place to spend a night, but then I do realize that not everyone is so fortunate to have a place to live.

Anyway, I am happy to have been there today and to make some pictures, because any time soon it may indeed not be allowed to go there anymore.

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And suddenly it was more then 2 months ago since my last post here on my blog. That didn’t happen since I have this blog. Sure there were times I posted a bit less as normal, but 2 months?

Did I forget about my blog or lost my interest for it? No, not at all. Life has just been very hectic lately.

First of all it was (is) very busy at my work. I am directly involved in a project to replace the current back office software, which is a huge thing to do. During all the pressure to deliver things, I am learning a new programming language. This language called “Ab Initio” is not alike any language I used in the 27 years that I am now coding as profession. Very interesting, but not an ideal combination with the current workload where delivering is important. Anyhow, we will get there :-).

Privately things are also very busy, but mostly in a very positive way. Spending a lot of time with and on Marion, which is of course always a pleasure to do.
And of course it is very important to be aware of the group of close friends around me and give them the attention they deserve. They are always there for me, in good times and in bad times. So the least I can do is return this to them.

And then suddenly two months have gone by without an article here on my blog while there was more than enough to write about.

Beware…. This will change….

(Credit photo: Focus)

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