Facebook: Terms of use

by Rob on

Lately I hear a lot people say that they will quit Facebook after January 1 (this date has been delayed with one month) because of the modified terms of use. Indeed, an important thing to think a moment about.

I will quit Facebook? No, I won’t. Through Facebook, I found a lot of people from the past back (even way back to elementary school). Through Facebook, I keep in touch with the members of my family, some of which I had not seen before and this year I even met in person. This is very valuable to me.

Facebook is also an important source of information for me. Serious matters such as atheism. But also lighter things like the games I play and information of artists that I like (performances and releases of albums for example).

Well, I will change the way I’m using Facebook.

First, I will think more about what I will write on Facebook (Yes Marion, even more: P)

If Facebook wants to use a blurry 96dpi pictures of food that I prepared, then that is fine with me. The same goes for the screenshots of the games I play.

Pictures of persons I already placed rarely on Facebook. This mainly because something that happened to someone of “our group” with pictures that were posted on a forum.
Because of that I made a special place for our group on the Internet, far from Facebook (and very well protected), where subjects can be discussed that are more or less private. But not only serious matters are discussed there . We have a lot of fun, without having to worry about others. We also can share pictures there.

Pictures that are of value to me and which I want to put on Facebook, will be marked with a non-removable or hard to remove watermark (which makes the photo is unusable). At the same time, I will post a link (without preview_ to a site that does respect the rights to my photos.

So yes, I will continue to use Facebook, but I will be more careful and cautious with what I post.

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