Today I was talking with someone about all kind of topics and suddenly, as thunder on a clear day, there was that question again: “When are Marion and you moving together? Or even get married? You two are so long together by now…”

People who know us a little will know the answer… we won’t.

We both are very happy with the way our lives are going. So why would we change anything with the risk that things my turns sour?
So why should we? Because people expect you to move together after a certain time? Or even worse, because society expects it? No, both very wrong reasons.

As many will know Marion has been married and it was a very bad marriage. So bad that she is literally allergic to the word “marriage”. And even if it would give a big tax advantage, this is not open for discussion.

And I myself been also for a long time in an relation that in the end turned out not to be succesful. Some things just happen, so putting really nowhere the blame.

After the period with both became single again, we rebuilt our freedom and independency. We re-started our lives again. Not looking for a relation again. And I think I can say were both happy. Things were good. So we both were completely off guard when we met the first time…. and well, things happened :-).

Anyway, after being some time together and feeling wonderful about that, we found both out that we didn’t want to give up our freedom and independency again. We needed a safe-spot in our lives. I know that some people will say that in that case we are not meant for each other. I think that by now we have proven that we really are meant for each other.

So we decided for a LAT (Living Apart Together) relation. And that is really working awesome for us. We both bought a house (Marion has her bungalow already a long time and I bought my apartment after I got my permanent contract for my job in Hoofddorp).
So we have always our own place with our won stuff and where we can do whatever we like, which is important to us. And yet we are most weekends together. I even believe that the way are living has strengthened our relation and made it more solid.

And lets be honest, when you need an official paper to proof you really love each other, then there is something very wrong…

So if you even wonder if Marion and I will move together or even get married…. No need to ask, you have the answer now! :-).

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