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As almost everybody knows, last year Marion and I have been to the Greek island Lesbos for our holiday. The Greek people themselves call the island Lésvos and who am I to argue with them.

It was a most wonderful stay we had on Lésvos and I have to admit that both of us have fallen in love with this island. Which is a bit weird as this was our second visit to Lésvos and our first holiday there was nice, but didn’t make the same deep impression as our vacation last year. Of course our friend Sanne had a very simple explanation for this: “When Marion and you visited Lésvos for the first time you were just together. You only had eyes for each other and you haven’t seen the island at all!”. Which is for me an acceptable explanation *BIGSMILE* .

But because of those wonderful 12 days on Lésvos last year, we have decided to go back there. But this time we will make even something more special of it. This year not only Marion and I will travel to Lésvos, but our best friends will join us.
First of all Sanne will come along. She is a long time friend of Marion. They went together to school and ever since they are friends, always being there for each other when needed.
Marissa and her boyfriend Richard will join us. Marissa is Marion’s niece (daughter of her father youngest brother). Apart from being my “gamers friend”, Marissa and I always can discus the most interesting subjects. We share many opinions. Richard is a good guy, friendly and a very clear view of the world. He has a very enjoyable “dry humour”.
Miranda and Jennifer were originally friends of Sanne, but over time they grew into friends of all of us. Both of them very nice and bright people. And it is good to have folks around who have knowledge about food (Miranda) and plants (Jennifer). But most of all are they just great company.

For Marissa it will be a special holiday. It will be her first real holiday together with Richard. It is the first time she will be flying. And she never has been so far away from The Netherlands. And, as she says herself, it will be a trip with the people who are dear to her.
Apart from the fact that Richard is a nice guy, his skill to handle boats is very welcome.

Apart from that, Mel, our friend who lives on Lésvos, will be for 10 days of our holiday our guide. Which is awesome. Mel is born and grown up on Lésvos. She has a very deep going interest in the history of the island and knows very much about the island. During our stay last year Marion and I thought we already saw a lot from the island, but Mel made us realize we saw nothing at all yet. Hence we want to go back.

For our stay we will be renting 4 apartments (one for Marissa and Richard, one for Jennifer and Miranda, one for Sanne and one for Marion an myself). The apartments are built in a Greek style, but have all the modern comfort one could need. There is a swimming pool and a restaurant. So it is good place to spend some evenings together (and have a dive into the swimming pool whenever you want to). But mostly we will be during the day away from the apartments.

Of course we are already discussing which places we want to visit and what kind of things we want to do. And there are many things to see and visit. The Temple of Aphrodite, the abandoned town of Klapados and the waterfall that is near to that, the watermill of Petra and many other things.
But there is one thing that is already planned and arranged: Our visit to the island of Georgios, just in front of the coast of Petra. The island is uninhabited and the only human made building there is a small chapel. We will stay there one day and have a BBQ there. And… we will spend one night there on the island and sleep under the open sky, if the weather allows that of course. But chance that weather will be very bad around that time of the year is very small.

And even when at this moment this holiday still a bit as 6 months away from us, I am looking very much forward to this holiday with these great folks!

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