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flu griep
I heard that Rob was down with the flu. I talked with him a little on the phone. He is really feeling awful…. fever, headaches, hurting lungs, body aches and very tired.
It seems to be going around at his work and not only there.

Flu, is such a common disease, but what is it really? According to Wikipedia:
“Influenza, commonly known as “the flu”, is an infectious disease caused by an influenza virus. Symptoms can be mild to severe. The most common symptoms include: a high fever, runny nose, sore throat, muscle pains, headache, coughing, and feeling tired. These symptoms typically begin two days after exposure to the virus and most last less than a week. The cough, however, may last for more than two weeks.”

Okay, that we know now (if we didn’t already). This is not to going to be an scientific post, but more some facts and handy things to know.

So it caused by a virus. A virus cannot be destroyed like a bacteria. For the virus that causes the common flu this means just sit it out and take care of yourself (or have someone taking care of you *HEART* ).

Flu Is contagious. Most healthy adults may be able to infect other people beginning 1 day before symptoms develop and up to 5 to 7 days after becoming sick. Children may pass the virus for longer than 7 days. Symptoms start 1 to 4 days after the virus enters the body. That means that you may be able to pass on the flu to someone else before you know you are sick, as well as while you are sick. Some people can be infected with the flu virus but have no symptoms. During this time, those persons may still spread the virus to others.

While the flu viruses can be detected year-round, flu viruses are most common during the fall and winter. The exact timing and duration of flu seasons can vary, but influenza activity often begins to increase in October. Most of the time flu activity peaks between December and February, although activity can last as late as May.

For an healthy person the flu is not a real threat, as long it is taken care of in a proper way.
This is different for older people, children and persons with a weak health. These are the people that need special treatment. Also they should apply for an anti-flu shot, something that for someone a good health is not needed.

There are many suggestions going around to help to feel better: Breathe aromatic steam (eucalyptus oil), warm showers, drink a lot of liquids, rinse the noise with salty water, warm (chicken-) soup, spice up your meal and many more. It is to your personal experience if these will work or not.

And most of all I hope that Rob recovers fast and go back to his normal way of life.




(Credit Photo: Public Domain, see Dreamtime )

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Blame it on the moon

by Marion on

Our guests have left again. It was a wonderful weekend.

Rob and I were just talking a bit and somehow the conversation ended up at the time Rob and I discovered our mutual feelings. And I have to be honest, at first I was not ready for those feelings. I was doing fine on my own. Had my life on the road again. Could handle the world with ease again. And falling in love was the last thing I wanted.

Well, I already knew Rob for some time and we even became friends. And then that Christmas Eve things, as Katie Melua sings so beautiful, things were gone too far to call it an halt (and keep your mind out of the gutter… or not *grin*).

Now I am so happy this al happened and I am glad to be able to call Rob my partner in crime and love.

But in the beginning things were confusing and those feelings are so well expressed in this song. Reason why I love this song.

Look the video on YouTube if you want to hear it :-)

“Gonna blame it on the moon,
Didn’t want to fall in love again so soon.
I was fine, feeling strong,
Didn’t want to fall in love with anyone.

Now that it’s gone too far to call for a halt,
I’ll blame it on the moon
‘Cause it’s not my fault;
I didn’t think that this would happen so soon
So I’ll blame it on the moon.

I was happy to be free
Didn’t think I’d give myself so easily.

Guilty feelings in the night
As I wonder is it wrong to feel so right.

Now that it’s gone too far to call for a halt,
I’ll blame it on the moon
‘Cause it’s not my fault;
I didn’t think that this would happen so soon
So I’ll blame it on the moon.

Gonna blame it on the moon,
Didn’t want to fall in love again so soon.

I was fine, feeling strong,
Didn’t want to fall in love with anyone.

Now that it’s gone too far to call for a halt,
I’ll blame it on the moon
‘Cause it’s not my fault;
I didn’t think that this would happen so soon
So I’ll blame it on the moon”

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Bloemen 26 November 2016
Also this weekend bought a wonderful bouquet flowers again. It is amazing how every weekend there is a nice bouquet on his dinner table again.

This is so far a nice weekend. Sanne, Marissa and Richard are visiting us. Jennifer and Miranda also wanted to come, but Jennifer should still keep rest with her knee. And even while Jennifer protested, Miranda decided not to travel. And we think that is a good decision. As soon Jennifer is all up again, we will plan a new weekend together.

Tonight we will go out for dinner with the whole bunch. The plans for tomorrow are still unclear




(Credit photo: Marion)

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A Fellowship of Friends

by Rob on

Fellowship, Life is better with friends
It seems that everyone agrees and “A Fellowship of Friends” will be the new name of the blog. Kudos to Mel and Marissa. Well done!

A nice step forward in the new structure of this weblog with multiple authors.

The “About Us”-page of The Fellowship of Friends.

With this please the request to the authors to complete their part on the “About us”-page. People visiting our weblog should have an idea who we are. And please keep maintaining the information on the “About us”-page. Often after such information is written down, people tend to forget about it. Lets not do that :-).

Search Engine Optimization

The coming time I will also focus on SEO… Search Engine Optimization. I have been reading into that lately and there is a lot more that then I thought. It not only about meta-data and such, but also about how the weblog (in our case) is set up and is used. Very surprising, but also very interesting.

For those interested: Last night I made the first change.
By default WordPress links to its post by post number. Every post has a unique number and be directly referenced by that number (like “https://www.dimrost.nl/WordPress/?p=123”). That is very nice, but those numbers mean nothing to us humans.
Now we can configure WordPress that it will work with more meaningful links like “https://www.dimrost.nl/WordPress/health/running-through-the-moor/”. So this post belongs to the category “health” and the name of the post is “Running through the moor”. This is something we can understand.
But there is more to it: Search engines like Google can also read these links with the category and the name of the post. And that will make the site shows up in more the search results of people.

I had so my concerns to do, because this links (or perma links as they are officially called) are the very base of the weblog. Luckily it all went very smoothly (and of course I made first a backup for doing it).

This was step one, there is more to come…

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Vitamin C – the hoax

by Miranda on

Yesterday I was at a drug store to buy a small present for Jennifer, when I heard the cashier tell someone that she had to take lots of vitamin C, because that will heal her cold. That statement is not correct. But when you believe the advertisements on TV and in the magazines you have indeed to take (lots of) vitamin C when you have a cold.

They want us to believe that vitamin C can cure the common cold, which is absolutely not correct.
Whenever they put “vitamin C” on the front of their product they are able to sell more because a lot of consumers are convinced that vitamin C will cure their cold. Don’t trust the big written ext on the label. The small text (the ingredients) is where they have to very precise.

Yes, if you are low on vitamin C, then taking it would be recommended, but in countries as The Netherlands this mostly not a real problem any more. Taking lots of extra vitamins should only be done when a doctor advises it. The best way to get your vitamins is through food.

A cold virus cannot be cured. Drinking, sleeping and decent food can help your body fight it off faster.

There many incorrect stories around food and health, but this one always comes around again. After what I heard yesterday in that drug store and by reading something about it on the web I thought it was a good idea to give it some attention.




(Credit photo: Public Domain, see Public Domain Pictures)

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Lesvos and Erdogan

by Marissa on

Ottoman Empire Lesvos

Yesterday evening Mel (our friend from Lesvos), Marion, Sanne, Rob and I had a very long chat on Skype.

On a certain moment the conversation ended up with Turkey and its president Recep Tayyip Erdogan.
Mel told us that there always has been a certain of distrust between the Turkish people and the people of Lesvos, which is not strange if you know that Turkey occupied Lesvos for around 400 years.

The last period Mel said she felt that things were relaxing a bit more. Quite some Turkish people were visiting Lesvos to discover their part of the history on the island. After all many of them have not only a place in history on Lesvos, but many also have family on Lesvos.
This was of course a good change. And many of the Turkish guests were very friendly and happy to be on Lesvos to learn about the past of their land and family.

But the current president of Turkey is causing unrest among the Greek people. He stated now more than once that he wants to reinstate the Ottoman Empire and that the islands in the eastern part of the Aegean Sea belong to Turkey. Lesvos is one of those islands!
With 400 years occupation by Turkey in their history, it is very understandable that this makes the people of Lesvos feel very uncomfortable.

This statement of Erdogan is nonsense. So yes, Turkey occupied (read carefully: OCCUPIED, not owned) Lesvos for 400 year. But which country owned Lesvos before that many, many more years than those 400 years? Yes, there is indeed just one country that can say that Lesvos belongs to it and that is Greece and Greece only.
And logically the Greece government made all ready very clear that Turkey will not even get a centimetre of those islands. And right so!

Now Mel (and we with her) don’t think that Edrogan will be so stupid to really try to get these island, because then they will not only find the Greek army at their doors, but the NATO with them.

Anyway, it shows a lot of arrogance to make this kind of statements, but that is something we are used to by now from Erdogan.

“Gevaarlijk mannetje, die Erdogan”, said Sanne in true Dutch (which means “Dangerous fellow, that Erdogan”).

Funny thing is that er already religious conspiracy stories going around that this all has to do with the predicted “End Time”. Yeah sure…



(Credit map: TES Lessons)

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Weblog 666 :-)

by Rob on

This morning I noticed by coincidence that there were exactly 666 articles posted on my web-log. And that is a reason enough for a new article!

Since 2007 666 articles and 1295 comments. Not bad at all, I would say. Specially when you consider that there have been times of low activity here on my web-log. There even have been times that I was thinking about to shut it down. Now, when I look what is going on here on my weblog, I am very happy I never did this.

23995 Spam comments captured by Akismet and my spam queue is empty. That is good news.
An old article was targeted by a spam attack from China. Akismet handled basically everything very good and stopped any spam message of becoming visible. But the spam queue filled up with all the messages.
When I noticed this the solution was simple. It was an old message, so no problem to have it moved to “no comments allowed”. That stopped the spam attack, as it was not possible to add new comments any more (spam attacks are mostly automated processes and even more likely no one ever noticed that it was not possible more to add new comments to that article.
The 23995 messages in the spam queue was something else. Removing them one by one was no solution. So I wrote a “delete SQL-query” and removed those directly from the database table (after making a backup of the database table of course :-P).

The changes I made recently to the weblog are good. I love how enthusiastic “the group” reacts. I have seen some very interesting and fun articles. I really really like it.

I still have to solve the issue with number of comments per article. Doing it manually is temporary an solution, but there needs to be a permanent fix.

And as last: Now we write here as a group, I want a new name for the weblog. The current one was fitting when I wrote here alone, but now it is not any more. Any suggestions?

Oh yes… and of course 666 is the number of the beast. Wanna have some fun? Google religious explanations about 666. Never read so much unscientific and vague stories…



(Credit WordPress screen shot: Rob)

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I think everyone had those moments that you want to do something, but you just don’t get the time for it to do it…

It has been extremely busy at work and privately is not much different for me. Don’t get me wrong, I am not complaining. But there was this one thing I really wanted to have a try at….

Recently a colleague of mine offered me the opportunity to get hold of meat (beef) of a rare quality. Let me explain…

Every time meat gets frozen to below 0 degrees, the quality of the meat reduces.
For meat in the supermarket this mostly happened already 2 times (some times even more than that). Then there is a big chance it gets frozen for the third at your home (and don’t underestimate what happens during the transport with the meat from the supermarket to your home).
Meat from a good butcher gets at least once frozen. Much better than with a supermarket, but still.

Now the beef my colleague gave me was never been frozen before… and that is something really rare. Due the amount of the beef and the lack of time, I had to freeze it. But wow, beef that only has been frozen once!

Today I had finally really time to spend in the kitchen.

So today early in the morning I took a package with two pieces entrecôte from the freezer. So it has all day to thaw and adjust to the temperature in the kitchen.
On advice of Miranda I only used some salt and pepper (“Allow this meat to show its natural quality”, she said). On high fire (or electronic heat :-) ) two minutes on one side, two minutes on the other side. Some minutes on low heat. And finally letting it rest for 5 minutes under aluminium foil.

The result? Some extreme delicious beef! I had very good entrecôte before, but the entrecôte I had today belongs to the very best. Normally entrecôte is already very tasteful, after all it belongs to the best meat of a cow. But this was way superior!

So proven for me is: We need freezing of meat (among other food) to keep it longer usable, but it affects really the quality!

Next weekend the beef steaks? *SMILE*

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by Rob on

Some people noticed that I haven’t posted anything for some time on Facebook. And that is correct, I basically stopped using Facebook. Main reason for this that Facebook becomes more and more a privacy thread. If not by Facebook self, then it is by people with bad intentions.

For the second time now in the circle of people that I know someone is a victim of identity theft.
The first time it was more or less innocent (if identity theft can be innocent at all).
Now the second time it is not so harmless and most likely it will have financial consequences for the person involved.

Apart from that, Facebook is storing more and more private information of people. It is really becoming an privacy threat. And if the security of Facebook was optimal, but sadly it is not. And making an account secure is so difficult that it is hard to do for people who are not computer-minded (and not secure accounts can become a threat for those that do have things secured properly).

So I cleared out my friend list on Facebook for the most of it. If you still on it, you are lucky. It means I have regularly face to face contact with you or you are important to me for some other reason.
For the rest deleted and changed the settings for those who can send me friend request.
The people that are still on my friend list are there because I think it is important for them to be able to reach me. That is all to it.
You are not on my friend list any more? Sorry, but I care for my privacy.

So friend requests will not reach me. Same can be said for private messages from people that are not on my friend list.

I know this all sounds very harsh. But I want to stay in control of my privacy.

Here on my weblog I have full control over what happens and can I act directly when a threat appears, even when that means taken temporary my weblog down.

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by Rob on

This week I found the “Heemskring” in my postbox. The “Heemskring” is the magazine of the “Historische Kring Heemskerk” (Historical Circle Heemskerk).

I am getting this magazine because I am member of this society (obviously!). Now one can wonder why someone, who is just living for a few years in Heemskerk, is member of such a society. Well, that is simple. I am always interested in the history of the place where I am living. I think I know my share of the history of the towns where I have lived (Amsterdam, Haaksbergen, Borne Ov. and Heemskerk).

The stories in the magazine are great to read. Like in the last issue there is an article about a “hofje” (a small court) that sadly is not there any more, just as the windmill that used to be near to it. Or the interesting article about Gerrit van Assendelft.
I think that understanding the history of the area where you are living is important, it makes you feel more related to the area. And isn’t that important for the place that you want to call home?

But there is also another thing to it. Through the magazine and the website of the “Historische Kring Heemskerk I found quite some spots to make photo’s. I really like to make photo’s of historical locations, so the magazine and website are for this great resources.

Now I hope that I can make the time to join one of their meetings.



(Credit photo: Historische Kring Heemskerk)

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