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Out of order

I just discovered that the slide show with photo’s on top with widget-menu is not working any more. No idea what the problem is yet. If I cannot fix it fast I will be looking for another plugin. I was not very happy with configuration of the current one (way too complex to add new photo’s).

I will keep you posted.



(Credit photo: Public Domain, please read Creative Commons Zero (CC0) license)

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Two days ago (19 May 2017) a new issue in the series of “Suske en Wiske” (or “Spike and Suzy” as they are called in English) was released: “De Planetenvreter” (which freely translates to “The Devourer of Planets”.

De Planetenvreter

The story…

When Suske and Wiske discover a spacecraft that was frozen for millions of years in the pool ice, Professor Barabas is extremely enthusiastic. Specially when it turns out that the crew of the spacecraft is still alive. The two pilots appear to come from Mars and were on Earth for an investigation when their spacecraft crashed in a storm. When the professor tells them that the planet Mars has become uninhabitable, one of the pilots becomes rebellious. Very soon it shows that their mission to Earth was not as innocent as they claimed. The pilot is looking for a chest that they lost them during their crash.

With this new release there is something else new. Suske and Wiske (and some of the other characters in the comic) got a new look. Maybe “a new look” are some big words, their appearance is slightly modernized. I like it. But there are people crying a river claiming that the comics maybe by Willy Vandersteen are ruined now, but they don’t realized that the Willy Vandersteen already passed in 1976 the Suske and Wiske series to Paul Geerts and since then others have been working on it. As said, I think the change is good.

Suske & Wsike

And of course I have now something nice to read on a quiet moment this weekend.




Credit pictures: Standaard Uitgeverij)

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The meaning of the Greek flag

by Mel on

Greek flag
For my Greece loving friends, here some explanations why the Greek flag is blue and white *SMILE* .

The Greek flag is the symbol of national pride and patriotic virtue. In this Greece is nothing special compared with many other countries. I think for many countries around the world their national flag is an important symbol.

Greek Flag

The Greek flag goes by two names: ”The Blue and White” or ”The Azure and White. The official width-to-length ratio of Greece flag is 2:3.

It is said that the cross in the upper quadrant of the flag represents the major religion of Greece, which is the Greek Orthodox Church.

Other source tell that the stripes represent the nine syllables in the battle cry of Greek independence during the Hellenic Revolution against the Ottoman Empire, “Ελευθερία ή Θάνατος” (“Freedom or Death”)


Another theory which seems to believe that each of the nine stripes corresponds to each of the nine muses from the Greek Mythology.
As for the white and blue colours is said to represent the contrast between the sky and sea of Greece.

Most people don’t realize that the current Greek flag was just adopted since 22 December 1978. Before that there were several designs with few similarities but despite the changes of designs throughout the years, Greece never remained without a flag.
The Greek Flag Day is on October 27.

Below a video about the many flags Greece has know in its history. Yes, there were many. But as said before, Greece never remained without a flag!




(Credit photo Greek flag: Public Domain, see Public Domain Pictures
Credit picture layout Greek flag: Wikipedia
Credit Muse-picture: greekmythology.com)

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by Marion on

Europe has many wonderful cities, but some are really special. These are beautiful cities as our own Amsterdam, but also Vienna and Prague. And for me the city where I am right now, Leipzig.
I have been here now several times for my work and two times together with Rob (as extension of a working week here for me). And Rob has here been also once with a friend for an concert. But I have strong urge and desire to be here soon together with Rob again.


Leipzig is the largest city in the federal state of Saxony. Leipzig has been a trade city since at least the time of the Holy Roman Empire. The city sits at the intersection of the Via Regia and Via Imperii, two important medieval trade routes. Leipzig was once one of the major European centers of learning and culture in fields such as music and publishing.

Since the reunification of Germany, Leipzig has undergone significant change with the restoration of some historical buildings, the demolition of others, and the development of a modern transport infrastructure.
But still you can see in Leipzig a very modern new building next to an old dilapidated ones. It is an unique sight and I never have seen it as in Leipzig.

Trivia fact: The “Grote zaal van Het Concertgebouw Amsterdam” was based on the great concert hall of the Gewandhaus in Leipzig, destroyed during the Second World War. This in terms of design and materials used.


Leipzig is such a beautiful city to make long walks and enjoy the old and new buildings you can see all through the city. There are small architectural wonders.
There is a lovely, very modern zoo. This is still one of the places that I would love to show Rob.
There are some great shopping malls with shops for everyone. And lets not forget the many very nice shops at the Hauptbahnhof.
Also this is the city for concerts, for modern and classical music. But specially here I love to go to classical concerts, it is like the whole city is breathing it. One day I will be taking Rob to a piano convert here. He will be wearing a smoking and I a very nice gala-dress. And we will have a very special evening together. One of my own little silly dreams.


Leipzig is one the cities that owns a little part of my heart.




(Credit photo’s: Marion)

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