A Journey of Memories – Part I

by Rob on

Some time ago someone said to me that my house is really a collection of memories. I just looked around and realized that this person was very correct.

Let me take you in a number of articles along on a journey of memories. These memories will not be synchronous with when they happened, but more with random jumps along the timeline of my life.

But it has to start here…

17 April 1963, a Wednesday in Amsterdam and the day that I was born. My birth card, which was quite unique because of the photo of my mother and me (yes, that little human being is me *SMILE* )

And from that day my existence in this world was a fact: The youngest of 3, born in the area of Amsterdam that is called “De Pijp”.

The toy rabbit in the photo was made by an aunt around the time I was born. I believe my mother told me once that she was living as a nun. Sadly, no more information about this aunt.
The missing ear of the rabbit was caused by a guinea pig that I had when I was a young boy.

And there is this “Spaarbankboekje” (Savings account booklet). This savings account was opened by my parents when I was born.
There is still some money on that account, in “Guldens” that is, which was the Dutch currency before the Euro was introduced.
I even could redraw that money from the saving account, but that would mean most likely that I have to turn in the booklet and that is something I don’t want.

The glasses on the photo are from the time I was a young lad.
As happy I am with my reading/computer glasses that I have nowadays, so I disliked the glasses over then. I even managed to drop it in the back of a truck that went to the other side of the country. Sadly, for me at that time, they were returned.

It is great to have these items from so long ago. And when I look around in my apartment, there are many items with memories, from long ago or not that long ago, good memories and maybe some not so good memories.

I think there will be quite some articles needed to write about all these memories. But it will be fun and I have all the time of the world to do so *SMILE*

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