About us

About us
(Last update : 28 November 2016 – Marion).

About us and about this weblog

This weblog, called “A Fellowship of Friends”, is the place where my closest friends can share whatever they like. Thoughts or opinions they have, tell about places they have been or things that have done, things they have seen or read, sharing knowledge they have or giving useful advises.
Most of the comments on the published articles will be placed by other authors, but that doesn’t mean that comments from others are not welcome. Far from that, please write a comment if you have something to share. We all would really like that.

This weblog had been already quite some years around, but for the longest time was I (Rob) the only author. Later on Marion, my girlfriend, wrote some articles. Just recently I opened up the weblog to my closest friends (I refer to them as “The Group”, “The Gang” or something like that) and I must say I really like what I see happening. It was a good decision!

As said, this weblog has no fixed subject, but will touch anything that the authors (see below) want to write about.

“A Fellowship of Friends” is in English and not in Dutch. A number of our returning visitors are not from The Netherlands and most likely Dutch is no option for them. But also one of our authors is not living in The Netherlands (Hi Mel *SMILE* ). Please be aware that for none of “The Group” English is their main language, so there may be grammar and spelling mistakes (no, there will be for sure).



As some of the other people that write on this weblog, I am living in the Eastern part of The Netherlands. I work as a teacher at a primary public school.
I am single and very happy that way. My big buddy in my life is Django. Django is a “Drentse Patrijs”, a Dutch pointer breed. I did with him almost every training for obedience, agility and hunting available.
I am a 2nd Dan Taekwon-Do (and that is why my students often call me the “Kung Fu-Juf” *grins*). What I like about Taekwon-Do is that it is a defence art and not an attack art. It helps you to a more balanced life and better insight into your personality.
I go often running in the beautiful area close to the farm of my parents. Sun, rain, wind… I don’t mind it. Running helps me to make mind empty and my thoughts clear. And it is a great way to rid of unwanted energy.

Last update: 18 December 2018.

I’m living in the eastern part of The Netherlands, born there and grew up there. This year (2016) I will move on my own to a very nice apartment, also again in the eastern part of the country. A big step in my life.
Three years ago I met Richard. He is one of the most caring persons I ever met, good sense of humor. I feel very comfortable with him and that is very good sign.
Marion is my niece, she is the daughter of my fathers oldest brother. But somehow I always I see her as that trustful aunt that has always time for you.
It is through Marion that I got to know Rob. Rob and I share many opinions and interests, but there is one real passion we share: Gaming! We both like (online) computer gaming a lot. In the games where possible, we always team up. And that not with bad result I have to say.
I work at the reception of a law firm. Currently my tasks there involve helping our customers, answer their questions as far as possible by me. Apart from that I am doing some administrative work. I work as an assistant to a senior lawyer, this gives a lot of insight of everything a lawyer may find on his or her way during their work. Aside from my work I am studying laws in the evening. I get full support from my colleagues in every way I need it and that makes it a lot easier.
Others things I am interested in is human rights, religion (from the atheist point of view). Also I love to swim, jog, horseback riding. Listen to good music. Making long walks with Richard.

Last update: 4 February 2018.


I met all the people who write here during their vacations as group to Levbos, where I live. Sanne I know already for some years as we have the same passion for Taekwondo (we met on a competition and became friends). Marion and Rob has become, just as Sanne, very special friends to me.
I have a deep interest in the history of the island where I live. That history is very rich and can still in many ways experienced nowadays. Because of this interest I know way pretty well around the island.
My living I earn with a job that I think can best be described as a chartered accountant. A good job it is.
Apart from Teakwondo and Lesvos I like to swim and to jog. Love good food and not only Greek food!
Although I am not married, as a good Greek I care a lot for my family. Family is important. On the same level I care for my friends and the other writers on this blog I consider my friends!
I may add later more to this introduction.

Last update: 12 April 2018.

Born and grown up in the eastern part of The Netherlands that is called Twente. My home is still there, but nowadays I also spend quite some spare time in Heemskerk, where Rob lives. Rob is, as I always say with a smile, my partner in crime and love. We have a LAT relation (Living Apart Together, I will write soon an article about that here on the weblog).
I work for company that operates world wide and mainly I doing their large accounts in Europe. This means that I travelling all over Europe, which is a bless (seeing a lot of Europe) and a curse (taking me often away from the people I care about) at the same time.
I love good food, but I am a very bad cook. So it is great that Rob like to work in the kitchen. Going out for dinner is almost a hobby of us. I think I know something about wine and cognac.
Clothes and shoes are truly an hobby of mine…. wearing them and buying them. So it is good thing that I need to dress up for my work, I like it. And I also love to dress up for Rob, who really loves it when I do.
A good book, a enjoyable movie, nice music and I am already a happy camper.
Together with Rob we took up a great interest in Greece, specially Lesbos/Lesvos. We go there at least one time per year on a holiday.
In the past I often went horse-back riding. I really want to pick this up again, specially now Rob lives so close to the beach (but duh, I am already saying that for some years now. I really should do it).

Last update: 9 November 2018.


Well, first some facts… I was born in the beautiful year of 1963 (you may do the math yourself). I am living in a town called Haaksbergen, in the eastern part of The Netherlands and close to the German border.
But currently I spend more time in Amsterdam and Hoofddorp. I work for a company located in Hoofddorp and hire a room for during the week in Amsterdam.
I am living in the town of Heemskerk where I own a beautiful apartment. My profession is software engineer (yes, in the past that was called a programmer :P).

I recently accepted this job This job is now permanent and it brought a good change in my life. But there was another very good change in my life…

The change happened when Marion and I discovered our mutual feelings for each other. Or better said, we made a step towards that on that day. And after some time of denying of what we both already felt, we admitted our feelings and emotions for each other.

Computer and related subjects are indeed a hobby of mine, but without being a nerd. I have enough other interests apart from that. Things as photography, horses, reading books, watching movies.

People say I have a good sense of humour and I believe them ;-).

Last update: 3 July 2018.