Cafés & Dinners (12 January 2019)


Here you find the cafés, bars, dinners and restaurants where we really liked to be. They are listed in alphabetic order per town/city, so not in order of the best one *grins*.

Of course, most visited restaurants are in The Netherlands. To be precise in the province North Holland (where Patricia and Rob have their homes and the other of “The Group” often come to visit) and the area in the Eastern part of The Netherlands called Twente (where most “The Group” live and where Rob grew up).
Then there are quite some visited in Greece, especially Lesvos. Mel lives on Lesvos and the island is our favorite holiday location.

Marion travels a lot for her work through Europe and she doesn’t like to eat every day at a hotel, so when she eats at a restaurant she likes, it ends up on the list.
The farther away restaurants are on name of Patricia. As a flight attendant, she sees a lot of the world. And when there is time for it, she loves to visit a local restaurant at the place she is.

It is nice to see that the list is still growing nicely :-)

(Last update list: 12 January 2019 – Marion & Rob, Amsterdam)

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