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This week I found the “Heemskring” in my postbox. The “Heemskring” is the magazine of the “Historische Kring Heemskerk” (Historical Circle Heemskerk).

I am getting this magazine because I am member of this society (obviously!). Now one can wonder why someone, who is just living for a few years in Heemskerk, is member of such a society. Well, that is simple. I am always interested in the history of the place where I am living. I think I know my share of the history of the towns where I have lived (Amsterdam, Haaksbergen, Borne Ov. and Heemskerk).

The stories in the magazine are great to read. Like in the last issue there is an article about a “hofje” (a small court) that sadly is not there any more, just as the windmill that used to be near to it. Or the interesting article about Gerrit van Assendelft.
I think that understanding the history of the area where you are living is important, it makes you feel more related to the area. And isn’t that important for the place that you want to call home?

But there is also another thing to it. Through the magazine and the website of the “Historische Kring Heemskerk I found quite some spots to make photo’s. I really like to make photo’s of historical locations, so the magazine and website are for this great resources.

Now I hope that I can make the time to join one of their meetings.



(Credit photo: Historische Kring Heemskerk)

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