Marion in the US of the A…

Marion is in the USA

by Rob on

I am sure that many of our friends know that right now Marion is in the USA for her work. She has to stay there for about 3.5 week. She and her colleagues will discuss all that happened the last year, the good and the bad. See if it is possible to improve things, even that what is already going very well. There will be talk about the plans for the coming years. And there will be all kind of (product) trainings.
This all has slowly turned into a yearly happening as it shows that the company benefits a lot of these yearly meetings.

So yes, I do understand that this all is important for the company Marion is working for. But do I like it? No, 3.5 weeks is just too long. Sure, I am used to it that Marion is often away from home. But as said,  3.5 weeks is just too long for me. But don’t worry, I will survive.

This late afternoon Sanne, who is visiting me, and me were chatting with Marion. For her it is end of the morning (7 hours time difference). It was so good to see her face (I am so happy with fast internet connections and modern communication protocols which make real time face-to-face communication possible).

The hotel where Marion is staying in Tennessee is a good and luxury one. No simple hotel room, but a nice suite with a good big bed, a comfortable place to sit to read or watch television and a good desk to work on when needed. The bathroom is big and with a tub and a shower.
There are more nice things to this hotel as a indoor swimming pool, a gym and a sauna (a real one that is heated with coal). The bar of the hotel is very comfortable and a nice place to spend some time with other hotel guests.
So the hotel that was selected for Marion to stay is really okay.

While we were chatted with Marion we managed to locate the hotel on Bing…

Hotel Mario

I even know now the windows belonging to the room where stays, which is kinda nice to know.

On Google Maps, in street view, you can see the hotel, but sadly you cannot get anywhere near it. Funny are the differences in colour of the walls between the photo’s of Bing and Google. I assume the weather is the reason for this. The weather seems much better on the first picture.

Hotel Marion


Near by the hotel there is a McDonalds. Marion is no big fan of McDonalds, but she tried to be open minded and had there a snack. It seems not to be possible, but according Marion it is even worse as over here in The Netherlands.
But the kitchen of the hotel is good and there are some nice restaurants around. Marion said she will not die of hunger :-)

It is good to see that they did everything to make her stay of in Tennessee some comfortable as possible. I am happy about that, but to be honest, I cannot wait on the day to pick her up at Schiphol Airport again!




(Credit pictures: Microsoft Bing & Google Maps)

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Evert Boar steak

by Rob on

We had here a wonderful Christmas Eve. The first part with Marion’s parents and later on with three of us.
Marion just went to bed. She was still tired of the travelling and the time difference. And Sanne also went to bed.
And I am still here pondering a bit about the evening. We had a great time. I really enjoyed it.

Anyway, I promised to tell about the dinner I prepared. Marion really loves a good steak. Soooo…..

The steak I did go for was a Evert Boar steak, which is in my opinion even more gentle as a normal steak. The steak itself did get nothing more as a bit of salt and pepper. The steaks were medium done. I know that is way Marion likes it and I prefer it that way as well.

A nice sauce based on flour, corn meal, a meat fond, garlic, paprika, curry, pepper, parsley and laurel. This sauce was enriched with all kind rough sliced mushrooms.

There were mashed potato mashed with small pieces of almond and hazelnut. Also a beef based hash was added. Do I normally like larger piece of beef in my hash. Now I did go for very small pieces.

As extra mushrooms filled with sun-dried tomatoes, mozzarella, olive oil and some herbs as dill.

I am happy dat Marion really liked it. And so did Sanne and I. But tomorrow Marion has to work in the kitchen as well :)

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She is back….

by Rob on

Marion is back in The Netherlands and I am a happy person. It was so great to see her coming through the arrival gate of the Dortmund airport. I thought exploded when I hold her in my arms and kissed her. I will not even try to describe all the emotions I felt on that moment.

Our journey back to Haaksbergen went fast and without any problems. It was funny how she wanted the drive a little herself, because she wanted to drive a “real car” again. Which makes her opinion about American cars :).

Tonight will have Christmas Eve with the three of us (of course Sanne will be there too).

Marion is right now taking a shower and then she will take a nap. 6 Hours time difference is not funny. In an hour I will wake her up, as she asked me to do, and then I will have a dinner for her ready she really will like. I will write about that later.

For now I am just very happy person…

(Typed on my Nokia Smartphone)

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Home with Christmas!

by Marion on

I am very happy that I will be home with Christmas and be close to the people I care about.

No, I am not complaining. I have a good time here in America. The accommodations are far better then I could have wished for. The people here have done everything to make feel welcome and comfortable.
The people I am working with are kind. And the work itself is interesting and shows me a complete different side of the company. So time flies by.

My manager here was right when she said that with Christmas you should be with the people you really are close to. And I am very happy I can do so now!

As said, everything is wonderful here. But yes, I do miss my dear ones….


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Bon voyage, Marion…

by Rob on

Today Sanne and I traveled with Marion along to the airport Schiphol, because at last the day had arrived that Marion would travel for her work to the USA. There she will get an special training in commercial and communication area’s and she will learn to use that what she learned by working some time for the company in the USA.

After having breakfast and showering we both added the last things to our luggage. Yes, me too, because I would stay in Amsterdam after we said goodbye at the airport. Not much use in traveling back to Haaksbergen, specially not because on Sunday I would have a team event with some people from the company I work for in Amsterdam.
The taxi arrived perfect in time. And after picking up Sanne, he brought us to the railroad station of Hengelo. We had decided that traveling by train in this case would be the best and most comfortable way to get at the airport.
The journey by train went fast and without any problems. We were before we knew it at the airport. Always when you don’t want it time goes very fast.

Anyway, we were way in time at the airport, so the three of us had lunch together at a sandwich bar. After that we made a walk over the airport and bought the last things Marion needed.
Because we still had enough time we went to the promenade deck and in a soft rain we determined which runway would be used by the plane Marion would travel with. After standing there some time we realized that the time had arrived for Marion to check in and with that getting out of our reach.
A last hug… a last kiss… some soft words… And I must admit that I was biting my lips hard when I saw her disappear. As we promised each other, no phone calls or SMS’s that would make it harder for anyone of us.

Sanne and I went back to drink coffee. Neither of us was really in the mood to say something, so it stayed silent. Then the time arrived that we knew that Marion’s plane would take off, so we went back to the promenade deck and there we watched the plane maneuver to the right runway and we saw it take off smoothly.

Somehow I think Sanne and I now both had the need to talk a bit. So we sat down again for another cup of coffee. And I think that was a good thing. After some time we both felt a bit better again. I brought Sanne back to the railroad station of Schiphol and waved her out on her way back home.

I went back to the shops of the airport and bought me a movie to watch tonight. I bought “X-Men Origins: Wolverine”, a new movie that I wanted to see anyway. I also bought a new 8Gb USB stick, because I lost my old one somewhere. After that I made me on my way to Amsterdam Old South where I normally stay throughout the week.

Marion, today was a day of many emotions, for all of us. And I saw the tear on your cheek when we said goodbye. I felt just the same and so did Sanne. Even with all these emotions, we want you to grab this great opportunity for you. You deserve this so much!!!!!!

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